Ryzen 5 2400G Console?! - Gamecube, Wii U, & More! | OzTalksHW

I had a Ryzen 5 2400G laying around and curiosity got the best of me - how well can the APU perform in console emulation? Because of it's fantastic package, I decided to make the most out of it by making a SFF console centered PC. How did it turn out? Let's see!

Shoutout to TeamGroup and Seasonic for the clutch hook ups.

~Buy The Parts~
CPU & GPU: http://amzn.to/2GU1Y07
MOBO: http://amzn.to/2GhEcNx
RAM: http://amzn.to/2uaDbBY
CASE: http://amzn.to/2pyAbdW
PSU: http://amzn.to/2GfN864
STORAGE: http://amzn.to/2GR9B7m

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TeamGroup: https://goo.gl/PGtqhD

Seasonic: https://seasonic.com/focus-plus-gold

~Time Stamps~
0:00 Why We're Building + Intro
0:23 Disclaimer
0:52 CPU/GPU
1:33 RAM
2:15 MOBO
3:28 PSU
4:20 CASE
4:55 Build Montage!
5:41 Prepping For Benchmarks
6:40 Emulators
7:05 PS2 Games
7:54 Gamecube Games
8:50 Wii Games
9:40 Wii U Games
10:43 Temperatures
11:26 Gamepad
11:58 No Skyward Sword ):
12:19 Outro & Goodbye :)

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2x8 GB DDR4 @ 3200 MHz: http://amzn.to/2yO1JyN
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5 TB HDD + 120 GB SSD: http://amzn.to/2yNomDe
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Ryzen 5 2400G Console?! - Gamecube, Wii U, & More! | OzTalksHW

  • pilon castillo

    the last bios AGESA fixes the stutters and improves the graphics performance. I did it on mine and it really improves a lot and if u make your ram timings tighter it will improve performance too

  • SourceCodePhil

    This APU will even run almost any AAA titles at PS4 and Xbox One quality (1080p30). It's awesome, looking forward to more great APU's in the future.

  • TheEvilDindon

    Hey, thanks for the vid, I will probably build a htpc/emulation PC with a 2400 soon. Could you test dolphin, ppsspp, redream, pcsx2, and mame with hlsl enabled @4K resolution ? I have a 4K tv set and I'd love to play these games @4K, would be awesome. I know dolphin and ppsspp are very well optimized, and this should work, but I'm not sure for the others. Thx

  • movax20h

    This case is unecassary huge for this system.A case with no space for GPU / PCIe cards, and no 5.25 inch drive bay, or even 3.5 inch drives, would be so much smaller. All one needs is mobo, GPU, RAM, PSU, NVMe drives. And optional space for two 2.5 inch drives. And space for some fans. One can fit that in half the volume of this case.

  • Michael Angst

    This is a bad build for emualtion... You got the parts for free... good for you.. it doesn't help people who want to get the best value.. Everybody should know Intel is better for emulation anyways. You don't even say the resolution you're playng at. What a useless video.


    System + center = syster

  • Julin

    5:00 "já viu rico namorar pobre?" ver isso em um canal gringo...não tem preço!

  • Vasileios

    APUS are great but a bit of trap.To maximize them today you need to have dual channel 16gb ram at the fastest speed available plus a better motherboard that supports these fast rams.So its not that cheap compared to a budget standart setup with an i3 for example,cheapest motherboard and 8gb single slowest ram and a 1030 gpu which brings equal or better results.Still I love apus and I always prefer them over a cpu+discrete gpu.

  • andree1991

    I have 2 question please my man. Will the hiccups get better if i used an SSDAndDoes a 750ti card fit in that case?

  • Ty Brown

    For Cemu, it's only OpenGL compatible, which is god awful on any AMD GPU, unfortunately. Hopefully the Cemu team gets Vulkan compatibility.

  • joko49perez

    Damn, that's a huge smile!

  • Kam Hoos

    i want to start emulating but i don't know any safe websites to get ROMs any suggestions??

  • Otávio Módolo

    Great video. Dolphin and Cemu suffer from shader compilation causing heavy stutter. Dolphin have a setting to kinda solve that. It's called ubershaders (it's a interpreter that runs on GPU). Totally overkill but can help as shaders get compilated for your gpu driver.It is expected that every emulator that have the same problem implement ubershaders at some point in development.

  • Vitor Hugo

    "já viu rico namorar pobre?" KKKKKKKKKK

  • Byte Syze

    Nintendo gonna sue somebody.

  • Andy Harris

    did you ever test how smash 4 cemu runs on this build?

  • John Braman

    bump it up more, i see people playing battlefield v with this apu and looks good.

  • SlasheZ Tech

    Why is it barely getting so little FPS in older titles tf

  • jordan secrist

    You might just be the worst tony hawk pro skater player in the entire universe.

  • Rasheed Wade

    Start leaving a link in the descriptions for your shirts lol. You have a dope t shirt selection.

  • a random frog

    OZ are you in the military? those walls and that desk reminded me too much of the barracks i used to be in.anyways keep up the great content brother, peace.

  • SlasheZ Tech

    The Ryzen APUs are amazing. My 2200G I've had for a solid 2 months held up well, but there are only a couple games it didn't do so well on. OCed to 3.9 GHz stock cooler and GFX at 1650mhz performed like a 2400G. Just ordered a RX 580 8GB used for $160 can't wait to get it.

  • Kirisuma

    Breath of the Wild läuft Flüssig mit dem FPS++ Plugin speziell für das Spielen von Breath of the Wild auf Cemu.

  • sound mind underground

    Why testing on old ass games? Lol im playing rise of the tomb raider at 1080p 34 fps on low settings with v sync off. With the ryzen 2400g apu

  • brad jenkins

    As an owner of the Nvidia Shield I wonder how it compares to this build?

  • Daniel Flugt

    Is that Masayoshi Takanaka's "Sexy Dance" I hear in the background during the show off?

  • rean addy

    how about if you run them all at the console resolution and fps, most are 480i or 576p @30fps which is was how they were designed to run (that is only if you want to run them how they are supposed to run)

  • Aaron Sheng

    is there a link to the roms/isos used in the videos?

  • Viewer19

    So you THINK there would be no benefit in OCing the iGPU so rather than taking 15 minutes to try just skip it. The RAM link is to 2400/14 you said 3000/? which is much better. An OC to 1400 is doable on the stock cooler even with an OC on the CPU but that would take a few minutes more to work out so probably not worth it right? I do like your videos I just feel this was rushed.

  • Frito

    So... tell us more about this Entertainment sister of yours ;)

  • Asri

    How much does this build cost ?I think it is really interesting :)

  • Corvus Corax

    Dedicated GPUs like the GT 1030 and GTX 1050 Ti work better than Ryzen APU's. APU's do work if yiu have less room, though.

  • Nizam Miah

    I have a library of older PC Games on my Steam account and used to use a Haswell I3 laptop hooked up to my TV as a ghetto gaming rig. I remember playing COD MW2 at 35fps 720p. That was with The HD4000 Graphics. Emulation of old consoles was never a problem as well.A cheapo system like this made of used parts will be quite interesting to add to my living room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Kaius Cezar

    It goes in pair with 1050 !

  • Gershon Villamor

    I can see Nintendo raising their eyebrows to their intellectual property hmmm... Lol!

  • slimshaynee graphics

    The best game pad you can use in general is the Xbox 360 controller since their is a wireless adapter made by Microsoft. The adapter itself does not cost much at all and is very reliable. The adapter also supports multiple 360 controllers in case you have friends wanting to play any two-four player games. I like it since I can just plug it into any computer's USB port and be ready to play any game with a wireless Xbox 360 controller. :]

  • Raklödder

    73c is nothing when it comes to CPUs and I wouldn't worry about it before crossing the 80 degree threshold.

  • DarkRealmEnigma

    Is this build good as office machine, lil bit of photoshop ? or its an overkill?

  • jordan secrist

    Ya my hd8790m plays breath of the wild way better than that. And the apu should be better. It has to be drivers.

  • angel me

    Hello there. I've got a really important question to ask :3 Some Wii and Wii U games require gyro movement on the controller. Games like mario kart... I was never able to play that game on my PC, due to lack of gyro movement. How were you able to play that game? Did you use a normal PC controller? An Xbox controller? A PS3 controller? A PS4 controller? Some other? PS3/4 controllers have gyro functionality, but I can't find a way to use them at PC gaming.... Do you have any suggestions on that bro? Please reply when you got some time, I'd really love to know how you were able to play mario kart :)

  • Heneeis Gaming

    Oi I wonder how people build multiple builds without going broke like me

  • Adrian Arshad

    I'm subscribing to you. Because you speak clearly, slowly and clarify points instead of jumping between competitor and chipmunk.

  • kgonepostl

    Should have touched more emulators like sega saturn, dreamcast, etc. Other hardware intensive emulators. It's a shame because this is a very well put together video..................consider doing a followup??

  • Prabhjot Lidhar

    I swear I was subbed to u I've been watching for 2 years Wtf

  • Jozef Tomi

    why u not use ssd storage?mine dear friend

  • Lazy Bunny

    I crammed a mini-ITX amd apu (pre ryzen) computer into a dreamcast. Really wish i knew Ryzen APUs were just around the corner when i built it, i would have waited.

  • Dreamxd23

    Entertainment sister.......... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Catch

    Nigga ur mouth is HUGE

  • EastAngliaUK

    looks like a little Bluetooth speaker LOL.

  • MattTheMan8

    Where is he getting his iso files!! Plz tell me!

  • Lars Kraus

    hm not too sure about this board. looks like a goofy 3 + 2 phase vrm with extra inductors on the Vcore.

  • Anime Storm

    Btw the build starts at 5:00

  • Dothackjhe

    I believe you could get better in-game performance with PCSX2 when you use the latest nightly build.In another topic, which Ryzen build do you think offers the best value for money?

  • James Lewis

    Those CoolerMaster cases are pretty decent as mini-itx cases go. I used one a few years ago for my last PC which included a duel slot graphics card and an AIO 120mm water cooling loop. The down side of it is that it is not great for traditional CPU coolers as the space between the CPU and the PSU is really not much at all. Before I upgraded to the AIO cooler I was using a low profile HSF but the noise was an issue.

  • Matthew Cole

    anyone know any good sites to get roms from?

  • TheLiznaith

    great vid btw, but please in future tests use the development builds from now on. pcsx2 hasn't been updated in years, but the development versions get updated every day

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