Far Cry 5 - All Weapons Shown & Reloaded (Weapons Showcase)

Far Cry 5 - All Weapons Shown & Reloaded (Weapons Showcase)

All weapons in Far Cry 5 (except for the deluxe/gold edition weapons) in the base game. All these weapons can have attachments added to them such as silencers and new sights. You can only buy some of the weapons after advancing a certain way into the story.

This video does not cover the prestige weapons as they are identical to the base weapons, except for having a unique camo on them.

Far Cry 5 All Scopes / Sights Showcase - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrnQAjBHumo

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  • Eminite1123

    Why are all the sniper rifles bullpup models?

  • Hotsauce 42

    Fucking hate the Assault rifle reloads....this game could be so much better. I love the farcry series but jesus fuck, get your guns straight

  • Mohammad Burki

    What if one of his shots hit the pilot

  • Mr. 13

    No mountains were hurt during this video

  • #Hollyhood

    I’m really disappointed with the revolvers in this game. Ever since I 1st saw the awesome looking “Sixer” in the weapon menu I knew I had to have it... only to get it and discover the revolvers are vastly inferior to the other handguns in literally EVERY way. Not only are they severely limited in terms of ammo capacity and fire rate (which I understand) but they are also not even noticeably more powerful than even the starting pistol (which I don’t)... which btw is one of the best guns in the game. Running a big fuck off revolver is supposed to be a tradeoff in raw power vs versatility but it’s like Far Cry 5 didn’t get the memo and just slapped a six shooter body on the standard pistol template so you get M1911 power but only 6 shots and no suppressor option. GG Ubisoft

  • docmass15

    No AR? no m4a1? : (

  • Hem & Nese

    Dear Ubisoft, Can you add a weapon heating feature. Like in the division.

  • lifelong Crusader

    I love how most of them are just reskinned versions of thesame gun. they litteraly didn't gave a fuck when they made this piece of crap.

  • Jamie H

    4:32 a plane appears

  • Jahzeal JR

    The SA-50 was the best sniper in Far Cry 4. I wonder if its still the best in Far Cry 5.

  • Fotachi george constantin

    the Machine guns are amazingly done

  • Lee CA

    Spas 12 gaugeSig Sauer P226 M249 MBP. 50On top these are my favorite guns in the game, despite holding 3 weapons in my inventory.

  • Toxicity ofOurCity

    This game needs more weapons! I hope there will be with upcoming dlcs.

  • x predator 99

    Is that feature included in the rat4 rocket launcher where we set up a sight to fire it like a mortar? It was included in far cry 4And the flare gun is missing too... Had a lot fun with that in coop burning my partner alive in far cry 4😐

  • Tim O'Tay

    80 Trees3 Cows6 Rabbits2 Innocent Bystanders7 Crows1 Bald Eagle4 Car Tyres 1 Barn doorAll dead.

  • HarryNinetyFour

    Whats your favorite weapon? Also, the prestige weapons are exactly the same as the standard weapons except for them having a unique camo which is why I decided not to show them.

  • Ghost That hates Captain price

    One stupid thing about far cry 5 Why didn't they add the Desert Eagle The Desert Eagle was in far cry 3 and far cry 4 how come it is not in far cry 5 That sucks

  • Khristian Adams

    Is the AR-CL automatic?

  • UltraGaming 49

    Guy: why is that guy just shooting guns up there?Guy 2: idk Guy: now he shooting a thumper-[explosion]

  • Jay Snow

    Why didn't you shoot down the airplane?

  • That Guy

    I wish that the FN FAL from Far Cry 2 would return

  • UltraAlphaWolf

    They should add a 50 AE Desert Eagle

  • Bobby Yon

    Are the MP5 and its variants all burst fire? That’s weird

  • Rob Labonte

    it bothers the hell out of me that the SPAS12 and the M1A have the charging handles on the wrong side..

  • Takeshi

    That weapons are too damn low on the screen, I still prefer the FC4 ones, much more realistic.

  • hasa qisha

    What did the mountain do to deserve this?

  • R&N RailProductions

    At least the AK-47 in the game is closer to the original or AKM models and not that damn modern model from 3 and 4.

  • Ionian Pennington

    I miss my deagle...weres all the other weapons!? Fc4 had way more guns then any of the others!

  • Milian Melangen

    Were the fuck are you

  • Anonymous

    15:37 The M60 reloads like it had an ammo box.

  • VlogSter 37

    This game shows why consoles need an fov slider...(I don’t know if this game has it on pc or not...)

  • Alduizard

    So Magnopulser is basically Fus-Ro-Dah.

  • Raiden

    Are no one gonna say anything about the m14 extractor not opening up when firing?

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