Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered Walkthrough Part 18 - ENDING (4K Let's Play Commentary)

Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Shay Cormac (4K Let's Play Commentary)

Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 4K high definition. This Assassin's Creed Rogue Remastered walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.

Shay Patrick Cormac (Steven Piovesan) is a new recruit to the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins whose potential is offset by his insubordination. While training with the North Atlantic chapter under the Assassin Mentor Achilles Davenport , he encounters the Assassin Adéwalé (Tristan D. Lalla), who brings news that the Haitian city of Port-au-Prince has been devastated by an earthquake during the search for a Precursor temple containing a Piece of Eden. With his experience captaining ships—including the recently acquired Morrígan—Cormac is enlisted in an investigation into Templar interests in a Precursor artifact and manuscript that are linked to the temple.

Posing as a Templar courier, he delivers the artifact and manuscript to Benjamin Franklin (Rick Jones) whose experiments with electricity reveal the artifact generates a map showing the location of Precursor temples around the world. He identifies one in Lisbon, and is dispatched by Davenport to retrieve the Piece of Eden it contains. However, Cormac has begun questioning the Assassins' motives after seeing their refusal to engage in dialogue with the Templars, and after killing an already-dying Templar commander, Lawrence Washington. His convictions are destroyed in Lisbon when his efforts to retrieve the Piece of Eden trigger an earthquake, destroying the city. Correctly deducing that a similar sequence of events destroyed Port-au-Prince, Cormac is horrified to learn that Davenport intends to continue the search for Pieces of Eden despite the danger. He steals the manuscript and attempts to escape the Homestead, but is cornered by members of the Brotherhood. Intending to commit suicide by jumping off the Homestead's cliff, Shay is shot and left for dead before he can destroy the Manuscript.

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Developer: Ubisoft Sofia
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release: March 20, 2018
Genre: Action Adventure
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Echo

    Wanna create a time paradox?

  • Zufer 1

    Thank you for your time with playing this game! :)

  • Oxalot

    100th like, I’m so cool

  • Pema Horeau

    hahaaha i loved the huge sigh at the beginning of the video :P

  • The Sour Brained Gamers

    He never equipped the year outfit that's sad

  • Pnda7

    "Old...Conner and his Assassins" Oof so they do reference Conner. Everything comes back to a full circle.

  • Audio Wzy

    This is why i don’t watch u when ever a new game comes out. u play and beat it in like les than 10 days, also u put like 90% of ur life to youtube and upload more than 7 times a day, its like being spammed (example - episode 32 but the game came out 3 days ago) + u uploaded so much far-cry 5 before it came out, u need to give a game time and not spam ur audience with early stuff. Ya i understand some early content from a game but not a big portion of it, just like the first 3 missions would be enough (|no hate| just my point of view)


    This game is clearly pointing out that the assassins want order and not freedom in the entire game ...But it didn't say they where the bad guys neither. The templars was just trying to stop the assassins from destroying the world and not take over.

  • catherine peck

    why do you kill liam

  • James Garrington

    Could you actually kill young Arno?

  • Scott Rogers

    They should make a Assassin Creed 4 remastered

  • Echo

    What's funny about this is that it was made at the same time as unity but it has a better plot and it runs better

  • GamerForce Z

    Guys like his videos of ac rogue becase the game is the best love rogue if you don’t like his videos then you can’t play any ac games

  • Joey Kelarjian

    It makes me cry thinking bout Arno with no dad Arnos my fav assassin

  • shadow gamer

    22:26 farcry in the table

  • Salad Snake

    “I’m too stoned to deal with this right now”

  • Shyan Kothari

    Charles Dorian was father of Arno Dorian who was killed by shay Patrick cormac . Arno Dorian is the assassin of AC Unity

  • Diromur Canilures

    he sounds like yms sometimes

  • kingslayer 29131

    10:40 farcry 3 is in the picture

  • Atul Wadhwa

    what's the next part

  • Goran Yugi Dubravic

    How many missions and side quests are in this Assassins Creed Rogue

  • SANTOSH Moirangthem

    nice play ..n smoothly done on AC

  • ItsMeBroYow

    Arno is in the assassins creed unity

  • ravenbez

    TetraNinja will you do AC:Bloodlines one day?

  • hezer marquez

    Lol did you find the PDA in the bathroom in the helixfloor it’s a message from Melanie to Ajay from far cry 4 probably his sister or distant relative

  • Gerasimos Kanellopoulos

    Oh my god now i understand it jezus... Welp i was saying that this assasins creed was not a good one but now i see it all

  • Muhammad Mubashirullah

    The connections were confusing.

  • Shawn The Laker Fan

    Are u gonna play ezio collection since u did rouge remastered

  • The Videogamer0MG

    aaaaand Unity begins

  • Zach Walton

    You should replay Assassins creed 3 if you get the time to

  • Pema Horeau

    By the way, Subject 16's name is Kazcmarek so that wasn't him

  • SadGamer

    "Nee-sann~'" that broke the tense atmosphere immediately

  • assassin till death

    Thank you so much for doing this gameplay

  • Gray Dragion

    Ugh, I love ACR so much. This just brought back so many memories.

  • KageNoTenshi

    Seriously almost all the assassins are fucking retarded jackasses in America, Achilles knew he was wrong still manipulated a young boy who came to him seeking guidance wrongfully thinking his father raided his village into killing his own father,without telling him the truth even til his own death just because he wanted vengeance; Liam thinks their fucking brotherhood is more important than right or wrong and thousands of innocent lives, the rest are no better, pssssss feel sorry for Connor he had to pick up after these jackasses

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