Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC? - ASUS Zephyrus GM501 Review

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The last Zephyrus was interesting, but you might actually want to buy the new one.

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  • MCUniversPlaysMC

    Its a good Gaming PC and all, but is it really worth 3100 dollars. That was the price of the same pc but with a 1060 6gb. These prices are in Norway

  • Mikael Snygg

    I was pretty much onboard until Linus showed the battery, which is a dealbreaker to me. Also, what if they put two cpus in there instead. One for work and one for gaming? That would be a really good solution. Also whats up with that bezel, its like its made 2010..

  • ropoqi

    any review for dell G7 on this channel?

  • William ash

    It's a 2,000$ laptop

  • Virtual_realitY

    only problem is: you can't upgrade it, and that's the sole reason why I'm finally ditching gaming laptops

  • cosmicalian

    What's linus' backpack? Looks so good with the red trim

  • Zephyr Smith

    I need to buy this laptop purely for the name.

  • Apple Inc.

    you can see how much flex the screen has even as he is opening it 0:38

  • Alfred Chen

    Why the trackpad isn't on the right-hand side anymore??? On the right is definitely better is it not?

  • Nousenesp

    And how many money difference with the i7-7700K+1070?

  • Peyton Films

    I found this same laptop at my local Best Buy for $1399. The only difference is the 1060GTX instead of 1070GTX. I'm not the biggest gamer in the world so worth the saving $900 for a less powerful graphic card. :)

  • kanwar jatt

    Sexy machine with sexy price

  • yankee196575

    i get headaches when i see people not typing on the keyboard the right way especially with awesome butt scratching nails like that. how the fuck does she wipe her ass with those without leaving some fickle matter under those things. lmao

  • Fatassbitchass

    I like the trackpad being on the right of the keyboard more, it makes more sense. No one has their mouse under their keyboard when using a desktop.

  • Vlogger's Power

    Watching Linus Tech Tips makes me hate hate my PC, but I watch it anyways! HAHAHA

  • Yuriy Postrekhin

    Linus, are hard drives in this laptop in raid0 configuration with no way of turning it off (i.e. no linux)?

  • Isabella Collins

    Rape survival stroke from own somehow season reputation just neck.

  • Cabalistic

    This hasn’t even been released yet (pre 25th May)... I watch this video religiously. Can’t wait to cop this.

  • Joy Goldar

    I didn't consider the previous gen Zephyrus due to the fact that it didn't have the SATA drive bay. This is a great addition and wrt the power crammed in this machine, well, I can do with 2:30 hrs backup

  • Vinny LT

    I give this thing 2 years TOPS for longevity.. I can't see this thing lasting long for performance users.

  • Daniel Gatt

    why does it go slower than my dual core i7 7th gen? (i7-7500u)

  • Rohan Singh

    10/10 for showing Rainbow Six clip

  • Shihab Soft

    But.. but..where's tunnel bear?

  • Mr Devolver

    1:59I wonder how many students will throw this $2000+ laptop to their bags and get to class...

  • Im Willl

    Wish I had enough to buy this.

  • Elijah Rodriguez

    this vs blade pro 4k?

  • VyperVPN

    @Linus: Is there backlight bleeding?

  • wajahat ali

    linus bro what about 1060 model hows its gonna work

  • Darcy O'Queef

    Asus notebook keyboard and trackpads are so bad. They need to look at what HP does to their kb/trackpads. Also, ASUS needs to stop that stupid palm cool bullshit, because that shit doesn't work at all.

  • johnny durias

    i like your watch... i'm a watch person

  • Anbiya Shafaat

    But can you run C R Y S I S in 60 or 120+ fps?

  • Pejman Gamer

    How much does this laptop cost?

  • Rezky Gunawan

    battery life is very important

  • Adam Graham

    my asus G751 is still going strong

  • Marion Dela Cruz

    wow i need this for my school wish to have this your videos sir linus.

  • Periphery Lover

    So is this recommended for video editing?

  • Apple Inc.

    3:08 why does the fps look so low?

  • TheHolydruid

    make it twice as thick and add a laptop sized battery? Profit?

  • Christopher Buller

    It was looking pretty good until I saw the battery life. Feelsbadman

  • Isaiah Olson

    This is the kind of laptop that would benefit from two models. One with as big a battery as they can fit, and the other with the drive bay. Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't imagine it would be that hard to design it as such?

  • Mirektusheaux

    is it just me or he speak too slowwwww!!!! this vídeo could be done in 5 minutes if you speak a little faster.

  • Arcade Alchemist

    They didn't rip it off from Aser they ripped it off from the movie HACKers


    you look like you have epilepsy in your thumbnail

  • Ajay Vailaya

    I miss tunnnnnelllbeaaarr..

  • Finlay Mitchell

    2:30: why would you need a displayport adapter when there's hdmi?

  • Daniel Chew

    Anyone noticed the 'VR READY' sticker or is it just me?

  • Fikri Alfath

    ASUS Zephyrus GM501 vs Razer Blade 15.6' 2018Which one is better? Can't wait for the Razer Blade 15.6' 2018 review!

  • Alfonso Garcia Pappaterra

    Please make review of the new razer blade 2018 special from the perspective of the Asus zephyrus 2nd Gen, please men

  • Yasilicious

    Would you all go for the ASUS Zephyrus or would you use a HP Omen?

  • HuskyPlayzGames

    I have no gaming pc.

  • João Drapala

    are there any laptops with 144hz 1ms monitor?

  • goku

    ill go with my desk top

  • azzam aji abizar

    Yeah, like the new of it

  • Richard WILSON

    A 2k+ laptop with no SDXC slot? I pass.

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