Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC? - ASUS Zephyrus GM501 Review

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The last Zephyrus was interesting, but you might actually want to buy the new one.

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  • RadioActiV

    Lol 3:10 he wasn't even playing he was watching a streamer who was spectating someone

  • Cliff Gamer

    THe battery is a joke.

  • Danieall Mahani

    lmao I still remember that obnoxious start up sound. One of my group member for a college assignment has one of those RoG laptop,. During one of our final presentation, the start up sound was so loud that it literally scares the crap out of my professor. We're at the edge of getting a F that day.

  • cinnamon poo

    The people look like there gaming but there just watching a video

  • tasos at

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  • Jaelon Hurst

    My Birthday was this day and I'm just now seeing this.

  • Ziffyy

    Clearly students can afford this and bring it to class... obviously

  • Apt Assemblage

    I was considering getting PIA just now, and I thought (Well maybe I could just watch a few Linus videos and get the discount) And first video I clicked on. Grats LTT

  • Bossman35

    He was not actually playing siege lel he was just spectating

  • Bsc information Technology

    consider reviewing sub 500 USD laptop,too expensive linus

  • Ultimate 007

    I have bought the ROG gaming laptop but getting confused which headphones have to buy (Fusion 700 or centurium 7.1) Please help me from this situation.

  • Nazim Uddin Rahi

    Hi Linus, How are you? I need your suggestion to buy a budget laptop under 1000/1200 usd. I am a civil engineer and my need of PC is mostly for using computational modeling softwares in structural engineering (like Etabs, Staad pro etc.) and Hydrodynamic Modeling simulation softwares (like Delft 3D, MIKE etc.). Which will be the best budget laptop in the price range 1000/1200usd with best performance? Thanks in Advance linus. Make great and helpful videos as you do always.- Rahi

  • Joseph Good

    If you turn off G-sync and turn the fps from 144 to 60, lower the screen brightness, and go on airplane mode. (for instance if you're actually on a airplane and want to watch a movie or play a game that integrated graphics can play like old school RTS for me.Make all global setting use the integrated graphics. And lower the FPS from 144 to 60, (they'll be automatically 144 when G-sync keeps it lower which is why you're not seeing much difference, yes G-sync is off but now you're running so many more frames.And if you simply want to stream netflix or something i've easily gotten over 2 and a half hours which is not great but far better than these reviewers.. Anyways the only time I'd really not have an option to plug it in is... well never saying for about 50 bucks you can get a 90WH external and suddenly you have a massive battery supply and you can play a whole 5 hour flight.Especially with some undervolting.

  • Md Shahadat Hosen

    what mini gaming pcs do you recommend thatis similar to asus rog or msi trident? im lookingfor one that is around 500 to 600 dollars?

  • Evelyn Alvarez

    Is the keyboard programmable?

  • BuyOneGetOne

    Cost $2100, roughly $1700 worth of tech over priced but still a very impressive machine

  • Ismail Adiputra

    I would prefer bigger battery, ditch the SATA HDD/SSD, add an extra M.2 slot for extra SSD. That would make it perfect imo.

  • Brian Williams

    Keyboard review at 5:50 male hands typing then at 5:56 female hands typing?? Lol

  • Adam Mujtaba


  • aMaZe Anrap

    Well shit. My computer is a ASUS mb11b or something I thought it would be bether to run fortnite br with a cerberus gtx 1050ti. Im done with ASUS.

  • Heuristic Audio

    Hi.I am considering buying one of these. Is this laptop suitable for music production? Does it suffer from DPC latency issues?Thanks

  • /pol/ /x/

    Battery explodes/expands on amost every single 1st gen notebook (i speak from experience and 3 RMA's)

  • DomDetex

    1:59, What type of a flap of a laptop dosen't close? xD

  • Raed Zameer

    Can you please compare ASUS Zephyrus GM501 with MSI GS65 SLEATH THIN

  • TheReal Flash

    is it the Gm501 gm or gm501 gs

  • Angel Dubon

    Every time he says but you take a shot

  • Whatever

    What if you make a laptop with removable bottom and little legs that can be extended so it can stand on them when you need extra cooling?


    2:06 i guess most of us would prefer zipping the backpack up before leaving for school...

  • T2s ballsack in Rockstars Ass

    I9 2 1080tis 1tb hard drive and 64gb ram in my laptop is all I need

  • Rejor111

    Man. Seeing something like this keeps me thinking about what I should do. Get a Lenovo thinkpad for my work related tasks and build a desktop pc for gaming? Or just buy a gaming laptop (like the Asus, or an MSI Stealth) and use that for both work and play?So hard to decide.

  • sabage cabage123

    1:52 I didn't know linus has long finger nails :)

  • Matana Katana

    I dont even have money for gaming mouse

  • Nikola Rajčević

    How you compare this laptop to gl703gs wich have te exact same performance also 144hz display exept IT is 17” ^_^ does 703 have Full fat GUP? How this model have higher fps if it have same specs RAM cpu GUP ssd same and hdd... planing to buy this gl703gs so That’s why i ask:) as always great video Review there is no need to comment that ^_^ thx

  • kingabidal X

    I decided to buy this laptop. Thank you for making such detailed and unbias videos

  • Chethan Vadassery

    Can u review MSI GL63 i7Series with GTX1050Ti?

  • Da Huumain

    The bezzels are so small wow

  • Blitz Debunk

    at 3:07 the guy was spectating a player, not playing the game lol

  • Nihal Ubale

    Desktop is faster than laptops

  • finnish boi

    I dont have a gaming pc or a pc so kinda hard to say i have an ugly old imac

  • Pruzeim X

    Would you recommend for twitch streaming without having to buy a bunch of other components/equipment with it?

  • Captain Apex

    There’s this laptop with a gtx1060 and it’s only 1,400

  • Mahant Agrawal

    I was like wait, they still haven't done the sponsor, oh wait its happening now, I thought something was wrong

  • Paul Vu

    the steam at around 2:30 was just a vid

  • white carrot

    boom penis in a cunt

  • Andre Budinarta

    Dude your review is so annoying

  • tehretro

    and then there’s just the higher-end Dell G7’s that are just sub-one inch thick with 1060 max-q’s

  • Hamza Abdi

    Is two core 2.53 ghz processor good

  • baran Donmez

    Is the gtx 1070 a Max Q design or not?

  • v e

    Everything in this laptop is better than my PC

  • BuyOneGetOne

    This laptop is insane😐

  • JackRight

    So this vs the strike scar 2?

  • XmojotronX

    i like how you did your nails man

  • vtnwesley

    What is a laptop that does have a pro grade screen?

  • Fun

    fucking bezels, it s a fucking turn off.

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