Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC? - ASUS Zephyrus GM501 Review

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The last Zephyrus was interesting, but you might actually want to buy the new one.

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  • joo jett yee

    Anyone whose poor here?

  • anton jeevaraj kisho kanth

    1st gen is well known for bloating battery issue which could push the keyboard of of the bezel is it fixed in the 2nd gen ...? Any body have the same issue with 2nd gen...? Asus Laptop models are prone to battery issues

  • Hexicon

    I bought my ROG gaming laptop from costco brand new. And its a ROG singnature edition? Ive looked all over the internet for the name and ive even looked at all ROG laptops and mine doesnt show up. I been looking for months if you find it send me the link. Its an 8th gen laptop. (i7)

  • Skookum Furball

    Who else pronounce asus as (Ays. Sus) I pronounce it as (Aysus)

  • The Cobblecracker

    Why the hell are your fingernails so long? :I

  • CALL911again

    No my 1070ti 1600x 16gb ddr4 ssd memory is defo better than this crap

  • FB Harry

    How about razer blade 15

  • B1SQ1T

    But with the GX501 you can brag that you have a 1080 😂😂

  • Fun

    I ll definitely not buy just because of the screen bezel

  • Neill Jan Agustino

    rog zephyrus m gm501 and predator 17 which is batter ?

  • Music kind

    That vpn doesn't work at all

  • Chris Utt

    When you try to play siege but you're watching someone who's streaming spectating someone who's playing siege....

  • Raghubanshi

    Just want to know, which of these two laptop has better gaming performance, and cooling? Zephyrus GM501 or scar II GL504??

  • BetonBenni

    Bit the gtx is max q right?

  • Charles Hosford

    Hmm coffe spills on table, end of laptop apparently... trouble with clever ass designs

  • vid jancar

    Just like an uglyer razer blade

  • A Channel With 7 Subs

    Can’t be faster if you don’t have one.

  • Stephen Barnett

    I am typing this on my 2nd Gen Zephyrus. Absolute beast. Bezels dont bother me, color accuracy is great, it runs every game on ultra at 60+ fps with rarely any stutter.

  • MightyElemental

    Why are trackpads to the left of the laptop. I'd rather have them to the far right of the laptop since I'm right-handed. As are most people.

  • jude villasis

    I hope u give me that

  • Can we get 1000 subs with no vids?

    Should I get this one or Acer Predator Helios 300 2018

  • Ronald Valles

    hi. the gaming laptop like this can also use for editing videos, using Ai, PS, and even the PROE or any 3d modelling software? thanks dude!

  • The Playstation Gamer

    Do a review of the Alienware 17 i9

  • your comment might not work so please

    Them FAT BEZZELS, REALLY REALLY FAT BEZZELS.ANd just looking at it,I leave the video,CZ I know the rest,as usual stuff.

  • Aquacelot

  • camp Axe

    man now they sell the gx501 with 8750h and a 1080 LOLOLOL A new king is born!

  • Sidhant Chaudhary

    asus lists 5.5 hours on the website?

  • TheMasterPiece

    i think i whould buy a pc...wait lol ma beg my big bro for his razer.jk.

  • Donalyn Alon

    "Bezels" :-(

  • NewamapenW

    I would buy a pc with that 2k money

  • Firnekburg

    The monitor colors are horrible ...

  • Joeri Dijkstra

    Would've bought it if it had a better battery, I'll reconsider the Razer blade or GS65 then

  • Rich Brain

    can you send at my home

  • D J

    Just got mine (GM501GS-XS74) for only $1760 open-box from Amazon.  I have a full size 17.3" gaming laptop with an Intel 7820HK, GTX1080, 120Hz G-Sync screen - but weighs in at 8.5 lbs.  I wanted something lighter and easier to travel with on business trips, and the Zephyrus fits that need nicely ;-)

  • ScouVric

    i got the slowest laptop how bout dat

  • Death675 5

    Over 3,200 Canadian, no thanks.

  • Harshit Verma

    HIM: i think they should ditch that 2.5 inch drive ME: shove this up your ass.:ITERALLY HE THINKS HE IS BETTER THAN THE ENGG> OUT THERE.

  • Lynard

    "CryCry some moreYay! Weekend"Lmfao

  • TheMasterPiece

    give me an affordable laptop that can run fallout 4 and i'm done.

  • Zsombor V

    "Some overheating.." you don't say. If it's that thin it's clear they cheaped out on material. Also, no ethernet socket on a gaming unit.. Really? :/ My place is somewhat dusty, I wipe the dust but it's back in an hour or so. I wouldn't want my unit's cover to constantly open up every time I flip the screen open, it just creates more places dust can get in. It seems more an overpriced money grab than a useful product.

  • Chan Bros

    Who games with a laptop that can fry an egg?

  • Ayumi

    Pull it apart, get better thermal paste for it, and if at all possible ( probably not ) give it some water cooling for the GPU and CPU then there you go, still cheaper than that new icrap that can barely run the calculator app without getting so hot you can cook some eggs&cheese on it, now thats one exspensive fryer but jokes aside after all that included on top of buying this laptop its still cheaper than Apples hot trash.

  • ice ice baby

    thats way faster than my laptop so i subscribe and you have to give me one of those

  • Slayer

    This is not even even close to the best gaming laptop. For your information the Acer Predator 21x is the best!

  • Rich Aliff

    Those who disliked this video are those who bought the ASUS Zephyrus I guess.

  • calilifestyle151

    Dang i want something like this. But with Active Pen.

  • Miguel Relvas

    How would you compare this laptop (with the 1060) vs the new Razer Blade 15 (with the 1060 as well)? The Razer is way more expensive, but is it worth the extra cost over the Zephyrus M GM501GM?

  • Jordan Demars

    lol lol that is not even close to my PC

  • 卐ϟ hiwazupman ϟ 卍

    how does the gtx 1060 on the laptop beat a gtx 1070??????? i thnk its cuz its using the 17 8th gen cuz dats impossible

  • 7mrp

    How many fps on Dota 2?

  • Barbatio

    Yeah it is faster than mine, I still have an FX-8350 and GTX 770

  • Hersh Tripathi

    It also comes at the low price of $2,399.99😀

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