How To Run Far Cry 5 On Low Spec PC - 100% WORKING METHOD

In This Video I Am Going To Show You How To Run Far Cry 5 On Low End PC. How to run far cry 5 on low spec pc. How to run far cry 5 in 2gb RAM. How to get more fps in far cry 5. How to boost fps in far cry 5. This video will provide you all the information about running far cry 5 on low end pc and you will know all about the tips that will increase fps in far cry 5 and make far cry 5 run smoothly on your low end./spec PC. This tutorial will teach you the methods about reducing far cry 5 fps drop and lagging problems. This tutorial will works for all low end computers and make far cry 5 smoother on your PC.

Enjoy Full Video And Get 100% Result. If You Face Any Problem Then Comment Below.

Important Information:-
1. Always keep your game graphics quality to custom
2.please rechek your gamerprofile.XML file after doing all the steps shown in this video to confirm the changes we made in this file at the starting of video.

Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is an entry in the Far Cry series, and was released on March 27, 2018.

The game takes place in the fictional Hope County, Montana, where charismatic preacher Joseph Seed and his cult The Project at Eden's Gate holds a dictatorial rule over the area. The story follows an unnamed Junior Deputy, who becomes trapped with their task force in Hope County and works alongside factions of a Resistance to liberate the county from Eden's Gate.

The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto with Ubisoft Kiev, Ubisoft Shanghai, and Ubisoft Reflections offering assistance.[17] Dan Hay, who served as lead producer for Far Cry 3, was the lead director, with writing led by Drew Holmes, who had previously worked on BioShock Infinite and its downloadable content.[18] The game continue the series' practice of using the Dunia Engine, a modified version of the CryEngine.[19] The team chose Montana as the game's setting, as the state lies on the frontier of the United States. To create a realistic environment, the development team visited Montana for fourteen days to collect information regarding its biomes, environment, and the "self-reliant" nature of the locals, who do not want any authority or outsider to intervene in their life. The development team had previously carried out a similar research excursion to Nepal during development of Far Cry 4.[20] As the development team was no longer satisfied with having one core antagonist in each game, the cast of antagonists was significantly expanded.[21]

After the release of Far Cry Primal in 2016, Ubisoft stated that the next Far Cry title will take more development time and would not be released in 2017.[22] Far Cry 5 was announced by Ubisoft during the company's financial call, alongside two other major titles, The Crew 2 and Assassin's Creed Origins, which were released in fiscal year 2018.[23] Ubisoft released several teaser trailers and the game's cover art ahead of the game's official reveal on May 26, 2017.[24][25] The game was released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with support for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. Free skin packs were made available for PlayStation 4 players at launch due to a marketing deal between Sony Interactive Entertainment and Ubisoft.[17] Though the game was initially set for release on February 27, 2018, Ubisoft pushed the date back a month to March 27, 2018.
  • Shubham Sneh Suman

    Its not working on my pc .. After clicking on game icon . It pause and closes automaically My pc specs Win 10 8gb ram 4gb 940mx nvidia

  • isuru sampath

    i cant play it on my win 7 it is not lording plz😢

  • Remo Ez Gaming

    4gb ram intel hd 4000(1792MB) AND I3 3RD GEN??? I GUESS NO

  • dipesh padelkar

    Intel i3 1.7ghz,4gb ram,intel HD graphics.....can I ?

  • Artem Murashkp

    I can play with:CPU - G2120 3.1 gHzGPU - GTX 650 2GBRAM - 4 GB?

  • Castillo Elrey

    i have everything ok...only my processor is i3..any tips to improve it on i3

  • DarKik27

    My specs 8gb ram, vga nvidia 920mx, i5 7th, how much fps I get??

  • GX Gamer

    Didnt work i think i need to give it admin permissions cuz when i try to set it's priority to low then high it tells me that access is denied and i dont know how to give it admin permissions anyone help

  • Dipto Baroi

    ram 4gb...core I 2..amd redwon5054...plz help...I can't this play...

  • Technical India

    Kitne gb ram me chal jayega

  • Rajput Gaming

    Bro I have Intel i7 512mb ram can this work no graphics

  • Jony Fett

    why did u delete prefetch files ?/

  • Tech Crew Bangladesh

    I have a laptop Intel core i3 7100u 4gb ram 1 TB harddisk 2.4gh and Intel HD graphics 620 can I run this game and how much fps will I get please reply I will subscribe you.

  • sidh anth

    will it works in farcry 3

  • Priyanku Barik PRB

    2gb graphics amd r5 m3304gb ram ddr4 how will i run it ..presently its lagging to the fullest ..n shuts itself down in athe very beggining ..what should i do now to play

  • Parveen Saini

    Bro now I have integrated GPU (same power as it 210) but it is dx 12 compatible . Rest is same expect the cpu. It is not that good.... Can I play it now??? Great vid now it's running


    Can I play it on 4gb ram and gt610 graphics card

  • Yoo Hye Jung

    tnx for the vids man very helpful (subs and liked

  • André Santos

    Will it run on Gt720m 2gb6gb rami5 1.80Ghz

  • GTAtube

    2 questions 1)Can 8gb ram+gt 1030 run it without changing any codes 2)What is the song name?


    My pc have i5 7th gen prosesser 8gb ddr4 ram readon r5 m430 2gb graphic... when i play this game at very low setting it getting me only 10 to 12 fps.. wht can i do?? I need help.. plz help me...

  • Ziemen

    It's kinda amazing how the games seem to have the same system requirements after all those years and a shitty GPU can still run it with the right mods.

  • Vj Mani

    I have 8 gb ram, 2gb nvidia graphics card, i5 7th gen but in my system have laging prblm fr this game what can i do

  • WhatTheGyx

    There is still shadows around..?? 5:17

  • Aymen Aziz

    Im getting error system doesnt meet minimum requirements ..i have core 2 quad ..gtx 750ti and 6 gb ram

  • Naraedha Wigar

    AMD Radeon HD 8500MIntel(R) Core(TM) i3-4030U CPU @ 1.90GHz8gb ram can i play with this settings?

  • Dr Strange

    Guys Pls Help me im getting Error 00001 System Does not meet the minimum requirementsMy specs4gb ramNvidia geforce gt 710Pentium r dual core

  • Kevin Nkunga

    far cry 5 doesn't show in my documents

  • Kadir Warriors

    im already follow your setting but still lag everywhere;_;, im using lenovo ideapad 100, 4gb ram, nvidia gt920 i3 5th gen please help

  • Arjun Thapa

    I Have I3 Intel processor 4Gb ram32Bit os Intel HD graphics Can I play far cry 5


    Dude I want to buy a laptop named Asus X454YI, the specs are below:Amd a8 7410 quad core Radeon r5 2gb 8gb ddr3 ramAfter using your tweaks, can I get 30 fps on this laptop I want to buy ?

  • Ali Asger

    Can i play this game in low setting4gb ram Quad core processor2gb graphic gard gtx 760Plz rply fast...

  • Yoo Hye Jung

    i run this game with this specs:intel i5 7200u 2.7ghz - 3.0ghzgt 940mx 2gb DDR56 gb DDR4

  • notJAY

    You cut all the driving sequences (just wanna know what was the fps while driving?)

  • Dr Strange

    Can it Run Smoothly in4gb RAMNvidia gt 710 2 gbDual core???Please Answer Me

  • Nimbs Garden

    Will it work on windows 10?

  • Razor Rush

    Will my pc run it?Processor- Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3240 @ 3.10GHz Memory (RAM)- 4.00 GB Graphics- NVIDIA GeForce GT 710

  • Soumalya Bera

    Can I run this game with i3 6th generation 4 GB RAM and Nvidia 710 2gb graphics card? And if I can so what setting I have to change to play this game,?!

  • Cj Blaze

    Can I play it on high settings my specs areI3 7100 3.9 GHz8gb ddr4 ramNividia gtx 1050ti 4gb gddr5 graphic card.please reply

  • Mauro Leonardo Mondal

    AMD Athlon X2 4450 2.8 ghz (2 core)RAM ddr3 10GBGPU AMD R5 230 2GBCan I play it??

  • Joaj Jabal

    Intel i3 3110M 2.4 Ghz4 GB RAMIntel hd graphics 4000Ummm? Atleast playable with those settings? Or tweaks?🤣😜

  • Techygame

    Guys My Giveaway Video is finally came out... Go and checkout my recent video on How to download Far Cry 5 ! Giveaway Special.Do you guys want a video on the topic of download Far Cry 5 ,then comment below .....Guys! Don't Forget To Read The Description as shown in video . The part of discription you have to read is named as a title of important information and don't forget to keep your game graphics settings to custom And All Video Settings To Low Before Making Changes In gamerprofile.xml file and after make changes in gamerprofile. xml do not make any change in game video settings... Ok...Did you guys like this how to run far cry 5 on low end/spec PC video. Try this and your fps will increase to very up... Enjoy!

  • DarkEvoit

    Thank you very much now i can play at medium setting 60+ fps before only got 40-55 now i got 60-70 fps. I only change the gameprofile and its works

  • Loai Ahmed

    it can work with 4 ram ?

  • B2B~GamingCenter

    will this method work for far cry 4 and other games

  • mahdi megdich

    Thanks bro it's working at a solid 35-40 fps

  • Syarz Asterisk

    Follow up : On Windows 10 set "motion blur" off. Disable anitivirus protection (if any). Set compatibility mode to previous windows. Set default graphic processor to Nvidia or Amd ( if you have both integrated and dedicated graphics) And run as administrator. Thanks

  • Ankit Kashyap

    hlo bro my pc requrments i3 or 4gb ram 2 gb ghraphic card amd how to run my pc far cry 5 plz tell me

  • Payton Reed

    Can I play this with I7-8750 turbo boost of 4.5 ghz with genforce 1060 8GB

  • SAM #1

    Thanks it's work now I can run this game in medium settings

  • Andi Hidayat. AS

    Can I play low with these...?Procie : AMD A8-5550MRAM : 8GBVGA : AMD Radeon HD 8550G + 8570M Dual GraphicsMy device is a laptop, Lenovo G405s, and thanks for replying

  • Aswin ks

    Hey how to minimise the game

  • riteasrain

    It does look awful though on low specs. Unless of course your video isn't really HD and that's affecting what we see here as well.

  • Mom Dalila

    Can I run it r7 240 i3 540 6gb ram with applicatien of your settings?at low settings and 720p

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