Far Cry 5: How to Get Money Fast EARLY GAME - Special Money Farmer Build ($88,000/HOUR - NO BS)

Here's how to make a special money farmer build to get cash fast EARLY GAME in Far Cry 5. Includes a complete timed demo hunt!

Far Cry 5 is a brand new first person shooter video game recently released by Ubisoft on March 27, 2018. Major Slack is a huge fan of the Far Cry series having done real walkthroughs of every major installment in the franchise.

Far Cry 2 was the first walkthrough produced on this channel way back in 2009.

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  • Idan Chen

    1:00 Slack says "this is no bowl" and i say " well of corse it is a bison"

  • Crimson SV

    In my experience you won't get a damaged skin from killing animals with an lmg. If you use the the mounted machine guns on vehicles you will get damaged skins, though. Also if you kill an animal with a fire arrow you will also get damaged skins, obviously.

  • Quentin Foxworth

    Very helpful and thorough man thanks !!

  • Anthony Anciso

    VERY DETAILED , I wish the other YouTubers that I watch did what you do, thanks so much !!!

  • Juan Cruz Garcia

    Thanks man! I bought FC5 two weeks ago, and for reasons of losing missions because one important character died ( _ Porter, if you know what i mean) i restarted and this guide helped me a lot! Suscribed!PD: I'm from Argentina, sorry if my english is bad.

  • MajorSlackVideos

    Re: Cougar hunting.. I discovered during the making of this video that you may be able to start hunting cougar as soon as you jump over the fence into the pumpkin patch at 4:31. The cougar zone may actually start here. (Needs more testing.)

  • GoldHorn

    You'll make twice the amount with a bow in case people didn't know that

  • Phillip Lemmon

    I got a question.... What do you Need the money for exactly?

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