Far Cry 5: How to Get Money Fast EARLY GAME - Special Money Farmer Build ($88,000/HOUR - NO BS)

Here's how to make a special money farmer build to get cash fast EARLY GAME in Far Cry 5. Includes a complete timed demo hunt!

Far Cry 5 is a brand new first person shooter video game recently released by Ubisoft on March 27, 2018. Major Slack is a huge fan of the Far Cry series having done real walkthroughs of every major installment in the franchise.

Far Cry 2 was the first walkthrough produced on this channel way back in 2009.

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  • Juan Cruz Garcia

    Thanks man! I bought FC5 two weeks ago, and for reasons of losing missions because one important character died ( _ Porter, if you know what i mean) i restarted and this guide helped me a lot! Suscribed!PD: I'm from Argentina, sorry if my english is bad.

  • Cody Frost

    for undamaged skin you get 4 damaged skins give you 2

  • Clickbait37

    It's so weird hearing him say to get wolf foreskins...

  • Vela van laack

    Does it still work with version 1.11?

  • Phillip Lemmon

    I got a question.... What do you Need the money for exactly?

  • Zygimantas Krupskis

    Just go to Raptors peak. There are alot of mooses and bisons also cougars,black bears,grizzly bears,alpha moose,wolves,wolf leaders,👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌ALWAYS HAVE JESS BLACK

  • MajorSlackVideos

    Re: Cougar hunting.. I discovered during the making of this video that you may be able to start hunting cougar as soon as you jump over the fence into the pumpkin patch at 4:31. The cougar zone may actually start here. (Needs more testing.)

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