Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. $500 PC

Is console gaming FINALLY a viable option with the new One X? Xbox thinks so...

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  • Thijs Kersten

    But 500 dollar pc 4K? I mean just already running that for only 50p doller on pc

  • Trev's Gaming

    Linus running out of tips

  • KeonXD

    Nokia 3310 masterrace

  • Postmen post

    ps4 pro has upscale when pc has native resolution. So this video is instant trash.

  • Adam Conn

    PC is always better at graphics and perfomance but consoles are always better at price minus subscription fees.

  • Guts, The Banned Swordsman

    I don't understand the hype for 4k for playing games. I'd much rather be using that power to run the game on a 144 or 240 hz monitor.

  • The Muffin

    I still prefer the nitendo DS

  • darthdude

    chose a weak cpu for the pc comparison

  • James W

    PlayStation will never be able to keep up with Xbox.

  • Don Omar Ramiro

    4k is overrated. I have i3-7100, 12Gb DDR4, and a GTX1060 3Gb, a case with many fans and with both a 1080p and a 1366x768 monitors. Whichever I choose to play with, its ultra settings. AC Origins looks amazing, way better than PS4 Pro...

  • Thot Killer

    "Deeper blacks" No? Ok, Imma go now.

  • Kanishk Dhanker

    Totally Biased Video testing PC with gtx 1050ti for 4k Gaming atleast try Gtx 1070.

  • Gallinoid

    I have both a PC and a PS4 Pro, love them both, one X ain't got shit on an RTX 2080 TI lol

  • J D

    I don't understand why comparison videos like this one purposely deceive the viewers. I don't believe that your intent is to be malicious, but more so to give the appearance of fairness. By doing so you are actually accomplishing the opposite. I'll elaborate-When it comes to price and performance there is no current console that can beat a $500 gaming pc. PERIOD. One of the biggest assets with pc gaming is how open and customizable you can be with your hardware, which can drastically improve performance. where as a console you can't, it is locked. With a PC you have so many options when it comes to the hardware that's in it and how it will perform each individual task. Not only that, but you have endless amounts of software out there to further enhance the performance of the PC. By not using these advantages for PC's before doing these comparisons is such a disservice to every gamer and is deceitful. Take that $500 pc and fully optimize it to its full potential and run the comparisons again. The PC will give you better performance for your money. The list of pros for PC's is endless, where as a console only has one, it's plug and play user friendly. Sheep by consoles. Don't be a sheep. Buy a PC and be an elite.

  • Paul win

    Dutch bushcraft knives

  • McDondalds

    I'd like console if it has Cs and Isaac

  • Darren Munsell

    Red Dead Redemption is the reason to buy the Xbox One X - PC users will have to wait and buy then, it wouldn't be so cool

  • Roger Alston

    Comparing a 500 Xbox/ps4 to a 500 pc is like. Comparing a $100k Nissan GTR and a 100k SRT8 Jeep.

  • Robert Duck

    Well fuck it Consoles are for pesants and only the Masters have a Computer also we have enough money to pay for power

  • Sam Peixoto

    Thanks for the video!

  • Desmond Bradford

    I already own a banging PC, so I can run laps around an xbone playing all the same games it can. So I would still grab a ps4 pro before anything else, cause the playstation exclusives are really great and the games are what it's all about.


    all they says pc wow steam download, honestly?download version is just for fat nerds that just want play play play 24 hours/24idiots, sucks steam version, I prefer physical copy to real gamer collector, this generation is a big your mom on steam

  • michael wielenga

    "FORTZA 7"

  • Psifour

    That part list for the $500 PC is comical. It has blown my mind to see them slowly lose touch with what budget builds actually look like.

  • The dude

    No comparison. The Pro wins. Exclusives exclusives exclusives. Everything one does the other can. Not sure about the 4K on Xbox or even if it’s necessary.

  • 123 gaming

    3:39 he’s not playing cuz the controller light isn’t on....

  • Gavin The Bandit Main

    You want us to spend almost 1,000 dollars in a head set....

  • ThicGrandpa

    Guys I'm new to pc's is 2 RTX 2080 TI'S A MOTHER FUCKING RYZEN THREADRIPPER 2990WX 32 CORE, 64 DDR4 RAM good?

  • Cptn Rogers

    $500 PC all day every single day!!It's not even a competition at that point. You're spending $500 on the console PLUS $10 each and every month ($20 with game pass). $500 for a PC where you can save that $10-$20 for upgrades.

  • Carlos Diaz

    I have xbox one s, pc and ps4 pro. Love them all for different reasons.

  • AnimateOut

    Oh yea console peasant can you play any hentai games that is available on steam

  • WickedOne

    I have Ps4 and PC, Play Ps4 for exclusive and PC for everything else. there is no point in buying Xbox Onee since all the major "Exclusive" is on PC

  • Grahamhg

    Peasantstation master race. Spent the £1000 price difference on hookers.

  • Harshdeep Singh

    I forgot this was a linus video till the ad came😅

  • Spook84

    Forza 7 was horrible with pc performance and all the Xbox games use checker board or dsr. That vs a 1060 sure it wins. Mining magically pushed the cost up of gpu and ram prices right before the one x came out, 3 months before it dropped that same setup would of cost you about 400 for a cheap build. Windows 10 is free as long as you can live with the activate user splash that disappears for almost all games.

  • Brett Sharbono

    Or if you're a grown up you can afford all 3 and talk shit in any direction...

  • Jason Victor

    I keep telling ppl xbox ain't gunna die it's only gunna multiple 👾

  • Frogman 4

    There is no fucking T in forza it’s not fucking fortza

  • Alex Rangel

    We can all agree mobile is the worst so let's bully mobile player instead of fighting over PC and console

  • dradamov

    There is one important issue: can you spend more than 500 bucks on a console to run it games even better? Yeah. That's the difference.


    Is xbox 1s even good

  • epic_raisin

    Still prefer my toasterWeird flex but ok

  • Jason Plummer

    But somehow Sony PlayStation games look better on them an Xbox games looks terrible like State of Decay maybe the reason why Crackdown 3 is taking so long


    Alot of the comments seem to be a bunch of pissed off pc players but why are they mad they have the better system by a long shot he wasent saying Xbox was better then a $2000 pc just chill guys

  • Linda Hayes

    So what does this have to do with a Atari 2600? Just Joking. I wanted the know if the Xbox One X is that much better then a Xbox One S and from this review it is.

  • David Wilson

    You just cant build a console killer pc anymore all thanks to Bitcoin and crypto mining. Im hoping things will change soon.

  • 2muchjpop

    But I can play Doom on my printer what else do I need? Also follow up Black Friday 2018

  • justchillandenjoy

    This video confirms my choice to get a 1070 as a good decision.

  • Kanivakil

    No reason to own an Xbox; not enough exclusives games and most of their games can be played on PC. Hopefully, Microsoft will change that with the next generation consoles.

  • J2 digital

    8:21 looks like RIP Scalebound.

  • Tomy Poulin

    Im sad to say i can't have only one or the other :(

  • ivan rivas

    But but but but but ............. The exclusives from the PS4 !!!!! I will be back after I insert a PS4 controller up in my ass while playing an exclusive.

  • James Twining

    And unlike console you can save up for 2 months and up grade your PC LOL! Console just cannot compare

  • K1TK4T

    If the Xbox One X starts supporting 120FPS, then I'll buy it

  • Anand Sebastian

    "What a Segway...", just that alone, was worth giving this video a like... Too bad I'm almost a year late...

  • jossie brady

    just other hater of xbox one x

  • TheHeroMario

    I have been playing play station since the ps2 and all the way up to ps4 but recently i have started playing pc as well as the ps4 and they are both amazing but i would recommend to buy a pc rather then a ps4 if you have the funds to do so but if you don't the ps4 is still a great gaming console and i will still always love all the play stations as they made up my childhood.

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