Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. $500 PC

Is console gaming FINALLY a viable option with the new One X? Xbox thinks so...

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  • Harry Voutour

    PS4 only pc over priced obsolete tech xbone no games no thanks

  • XDafIRE

    Microsoft should have just stayed away from the gaming console industry. I have had both the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X and I have had by far the least problems with the Ps4 Pro. It is more reliable and the quality is top notch. Who cares about the small performance differences. Realistically you are not gonna tell much of a difference if at all unless you are obsessed. Choose whatever console you want I guess but I have my own opinion and from experience I know what is best for me! Also the menu is by far the best on the PS4, you can have 4k dynamic themes which look amazing compared to the boring menu on the xbox with solid colors and a image background you can barely see! I am probably gonna get hate for this comment but who the F*ck cares. I got the Ps4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition and is probably the best looking gaming console ever and is very unique. So any haters can go f*ck themselves.

  • Mrkindalegal TheBagopaniest

    The one X is a beautiful machine.

  • The Ultimate Irishman

    KMS Patcher masterrace

  • Darkkingofsouls

    It funny how most pc gamer got a Microsoft computer and still trash on Xbox lol

  • Thomas Byczko

    "Sell your Xbox one X for a PC" they said, "PC has better graphics" they said, "It's faster and better" they said. THEY WERE WRONG

  • joshua alexander

    My opinion, it’s best to have both an Xbox one x and a PS4 pro. They’re both amazing, and you’ll need each to be able to play certain games [there’s no doubt about that] 🤷‍♂️👍

  • 1000 subscribers no videos challenge

    stop the war for console vs pc consoles are ment to play games but on pc on the other hand its ok for games but its really ment for reasearch on the time the pc was released

  • Gunter Alan

    500mb on the trial? I cant torrent anything with that! pass! /s

  • Wael El-Ahmady

    Why include the Xbox One S and not the PS4 Slim?I think it would have been more objective to just leave it out, and make it the X vs the Pro vs the $500-PC?

  • Leeroy

    4:57 why the hell would you interrogate a worm?

  • Acio Lord

    Before I watch the video I would say the pc is the best

  • diache

    My hands are small so I seem to get a lot of aches using the Xbox controller. Would the smaller PlayStation controller help?

  • Hamdan Ali

    one s is fine for me especially cos my tv is 720p lol


    I agree with the Xbox One X being way more powerful than PlayStation plus XBOX has every great add ons like the “ Play anywhere” but I will admit that PlayStation has better exclusives. The point is I play my Xbox games at school which is amazing because my school has windows installed

  • TheMustangForce

    Honestly i have 23" monitor and play in 1080p 60fps or above with a PC i payed around 1000$ sure 4K is nice but i really dont have the need to play on it. btw arent consoles upscaling to 4K instead of having native 4K res? btw consoles are just that, for gaming, right? sure its great to sit in couch and play and chill but srsly for me thats where it ends. besides on the long run i did the math kinda and PC is cheaper

  • Majd Halumi

    keep in mind guys, its 500USD in the US or (eruope,,asia,,middle east..etc) this PC will cost 900$ (at least here in isreal) ...

  • Mark England

    I would buy a console if games had mouse support. Playing FPS games with a controller SUCKS! Even GTA sucks with a controller. When I play GTA on my PC, I do use a controller when I'm driving but I grab my mouse when I'm on foot.

  • Rokas Bloznelis

    Is it worth buying xbox just for HALO if i dont have a 4k scree/tv yet and my pc with 16 gb ram and rx580 can run anything 1080p high 120's - 144fps on high settings?

  • MiguelPpM

    Well, I like both consoles and PCs.

  • Michael Hill

    I own both, but i find the chat and guide interface easier to use for multiplayer on console than pc. Its just easier to use and alot less work, a lot less tweaking and messing around with graphics settings, windows services, etc. It just works. Just my preference

  • QueenFanIII

    I'm just waiting for AMD to make a custom motherboard that allows mesh access to a separate CPU socket just for a GPU chip with hmd built in that way I can get heterogeneous memory access across an entire CPU and GPU memory bus. Basically that's what I would call a brand new Amiga.

  • EzyHorizon // EH

    PS4- Exclusives/Entertainment MEHXbox- Entertainment/Exclusives for everyone/More friendly games for families/More Durable/Many PC games

  • Pablo Montoya

    can i install windows on an xbox?, its better more friendly planet (recycle), economic etc.. ? and its possible or optimal?

  • Maddcat1979

    lol, $500 PC is a no go unless that features an SLI bridge with 2 1080TI.

  • It's 2018 just do it

    pc is just waste of money

  • Claudini Varguez

    What I prefer about consoles is that you don't need to spend $1000 in licenses and peripherals to get thinks going from day one.

  • erudis morningstar12

    I like pc gaming and my xbox one x hooked up to my 4k hdr TV. I get more out of the xbox though as I like local multilayer with mates and the misses and it's just easier on the xbox. Damn it looks good on the TV too.If you can afford a good pc rig that is also highly recommended as steam is awesome and my son likes vr which hasn't been implemented on xbox.

  • Blackhorse

    Forza seem more like an arcade game to me with features being pulled pass realistic standards. And no way to change it. That why when I played project cars 2 it was like a racing like no other for real. Holy shit the details to the game features and controllable settings. I uninstall all forza games from my pc because if im playing a racing game im playing Project Cars 2.

  • Hit Merker

    I’ll save you some time; pc by far

  • sagar singh

    adobe flash player super highbreed master race

  • Sendijs Klevinskis

    How about this. Coming from someone that went from ps1 to ps2 to xbox 360 to xbox one and only after xbox one to PC, hear me out. For a 4k high settings pc you pay 700 (being the most practical) or you can pay 1000 for a super high end PC (with premium parts and fancy things) that will keep up with latest games for 10+ years and never have to pay any memberships (if maintained properly + not including 4k display prices)While for console you pay 500 + 30-40 every year for a membership and limited lifespan as cleaning dust from it means voiding warranty meaning there will be inevitable overheating from dust build up (10 years 300-400 spent already to just play online) makes pc look a lot cheaper when put in that perspective. Also fixing is a lot cheaper as you can replace a damaged part costing a lot less than having to buy another console every time something goes wrong.

  • Mario Riveras

    PC, actually, a functional computer that can run many other applications for work or school or even entertainment. PS4 and XBOX are just what they are, plain simple, video game and maybe entertainment occasionally.

  • Tech-WonDo

    They should re-do this video with the 8th gen i3, newer and more games that don't have DRM issues..

  • Peter Pan

    He is not as annoying as Linus

  • Josh Blevins


  • That American Sailor

    This makes me want a Xbox One X more than a PC lol

  • Dross M

    I just bought an Xbox 360... How does that compare? Quite nicely actually. Okay, so I get native 720p, and yeah everything does look better on my PC. But, its a win as a console you can find for less than $40, add a 2tb sshd, rgh chip, and pre-owned games are usually less than 5 bucks.

  • Chemist Knight

    The stupid fucking look on your face and the way you are holding that xbox in the thumbnail make me fucking cringe so hard.

  • Cam s

    It states right on the MS website that the 1X does I'm fact use upscaling, the checkerboard technique or dynamic will display content in 4K if the content is actually native encode in 4K .things like games that are encoded at 1080p (which is currently all of them) are upscaling the same as the Pro. The 4K stamp on the games means it's either upscaled or can be native of the game was encoded that way (which none are). The "Xbox enhanced" stamp just means devs have upgraded it in some way, most of the time it's boosting its base resolution from 720/940 to 1080p and results vary from game to game. Congrats xbots you've been had👍😂 the only 4K games you're gonna get are MS exclusives.....which are none

  • The Ultimate Irishman

    You cannot play Counter-Strike with salty Russians on console can you?

  • goldtitan 337

    Thats kinda the point of consoles because yes pcs can be better but you'll spend more money on it than a console that can do the same exact thing also this video doesn't really make sense because your comparing a 3rd generation xbox to a 2nd generation ps4

  • Paul Mader

    I have both Xbox One X and PS4 pro

  • Rick Barker

    Console all the way for gaming. Cryptominers are killing the GPU market. Don't care what console you get, just PC is too damn expensive right now and in this economy, I can't justify spend that much on entertainment.

  • NewAgeMan

    Can you produce YouTube content and record with a console? If you've gone all in with the gaming PC, why would anyone need a console? I guess for exclusives. Does the Xbox in Windows work just as well as a console? I want to record and make content with potential access to all games or most (except PS4) - what should I do?

  • Lee Cason

    The pc could have have had a 1050ti and that would have done much better (if you cut down on price in other places

  • Snukkieboy

    You need to pay for online gaming on consoles and games on pc are cheapers so pc wins in my opinion

  • Hamdan Ali

    why cant Americans pronounce foreign words? it isn't 'fort-sa', it is 'four-za'

  • bigearedmouse17

    I have a PS1 but am hoping to upgrade to a PS2 in the near future...

  • Ηλιας Πετριδης

    Hello doctor. How am I ? Well...I am fine. When I wake up I am playing ps4 pro,aaaa after launch I play forza horizon on Xbox and the midnight with my pc monster. Is that right doc? Oooo thank you doc. See you again when I will get the ps5....☣️☣️🔎🔎🌡🌡💵📡🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮

  • Consiglori25

    Great vid, I'm not a pc gamer i hated it for the longest time. I own the original ps4 very happy with it I'm pro Sony products always have been. That said I want to play Forza only xbox title i like, wondering if i should invest in the 1x or just get the 1/ 1s?

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