Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro vs. $500 PC

Is console gaming FINALLY a viable option with the new One X? Xbox thinks so...

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  • Renzo Kollauzz

    Uhm no there are 3 models for the ps4 the original ps4 the ps4 slim and the the ps4 pro

  • Aj Daniel

    Obviously the 500 Dollar PC is garbage if ur playing at 1800p or 4k

  • Thanny

    1:50 Did you mispronounce Jaguar like the Brits do? For shame!

  • silvano Anderson

    For me 1080p is fine, I’d rather have high frame rate then more pixels tbh

  • Thang Nguyen

    These $500 PC vs console videos are stupid. Most of these builds don't even include things like OS, peripherals, monitors, case etc. Why would you wanna build a $500 PC anyway ? Just spend $200-300 more, you will have far better performance than any console, and you won't have to upgrade anytime soon. You're gonna save a lot of money on games anyways, it's 2x cheaper on PC and there are always super great deals.

  • McJota Plays

    just stop, play what you want and let others do the same ffs


    It’s fun watching these console peasants fight. I used to be like you but I’ve evolved.

  • Urban Kitsune

    It balances out when making a pc because you have steam constantly running sales so games are waaaayyy cheaper and you don't have to pay a monthly/yearly subscription just to use your Internet to play online.

  • Davis

    This is why it makes not sense to buy an X over a pro to me. If Microsoft had exclusives to play and show off the power of the X over the ps4 pro than I would probably be a believer. I would rather pay 100 bucks less, get more and better quality exclusives and a similar game play experience on ps4 pro.

  • Lord Ratatosk

    shadow of war is only playable on low settings with a 1050ti? i call bullshit, im playing with a 950 on medium settings and it runes smoth as lotion

  • GIᗩ

    It's 2018 might as well get the new i9 8th gen and the new gpu's that are coming out. PC is better in term of gaming and daily use. Also you can do video editing and etc.

  • Apostolis_368

    No case no power supply no motherboard in the price...nice 500$ pc build

  • Erick Rosa

    I hope the Xbox Two (whatever it will be called) is smaller than the Xbox One (I have one).

  • Jamezy

    PC Benifits1. Upgradable2. Game Sales3. Pirate Games4. Easier To Mod5. You can get Early Access GamesThat's about it

  • Samaran D,souza

    Hay xbox 1 x vs pa4 pro please

  • Jesper Sjöstedt

    3:39 The conntroler is not on

  • Random Gaming

    PeasantStation4 hahaha

  • bmx51nx2

    yeah $500 computer cant compete with consoles because of their amazing price-to-performance BUT pc's are more expensive. a $1000 pc should be able to compete and the good thing about a pc is that you dont have to buy the WHOLE unit at a time. you can buy in parts or get cheaper parts that you can sell off to upgrade

  • V WorldWide

    If your going to point out the good about the Xbox one x you have to point the obvious which is a major factor and that is exclusives, gotta be fair man not once did I hear anything about exclusives.

  • toxicyoutuber

    The one x came out a year after the pro. Ofcourse its gonna be more powerful

  • Rayner Escobar

    Master race can not be compared to anything from this peasents...adccdawieiawygeaibshdbamsnblvckjhoqiyew kms.

  • Sl1z3r

    Damn salty community down here... almost all are saying "console peasants", "PC is way better than console"... and here I am laughing at these morons.You think that makes you better? Why can't you enjoy both? Just enjoy both worlds and not limit to one of them... I've got a pc with htc vive but also PS4 Pro which I can run games at 60fps at 1080p and hdr. PC is no better than console in terms of games, just look at the library of PS4. It's so much better than Steam. I mostly have PC for VR but the games are still better on PS4, you won't get games on PC like The Last of Us, God Of War, Uncharted series, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, etc etc, I can keep going but you've got my point I hope. And btw stable 30fps is way better than 30-60 unstable like on older PC's which most of people have. Just Saying. There's no point of being arrogant because someone made a different choice of buying something. You could say someone's stupid for buying PS4/XBOX One for photoshop but not for gaming. Most of you just prefer to make fool of yourself and not enjoy these gems too.

  • TeD van Loon

    Wait so the Xbox One X has a gpu which is comparable to the RX580 which is also from AMD. combine that with how much cryptocurrency miners love the rx580 and 570 for crypto mining. It seems like Microsoft is targeting a new customer group.

  • Angry Thumb Thumb

    Also the pc u built for this was ass

  • Syed Ahmed Faruque

    Ram and gpu price is unrealistic these days..... Few months back, you could get 1060 or rx580 + 8 gb ram with g4560 for 500$. I guess that setup should be able to handle these games easily.... But now 1050ti costs 250$ ... WTF....

  • Douglas Deane

    pop the Witcher 3 into the one x and play on performance mode. that to the 500PC. plus you can go 4k...

  • Fogell_Adventures

    Just a note to all the PlayStation fans... y'all had the ps3 so you can't talk Shit! XD

  • Ghost L

    I only like Xbox because I grew up with it and I have not even played ps4 but I’m sure ps4 is better


    Who needs 4K support when you can't afford a 1080p monitor? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahWant to kms

  • - RedZoneGameplay -

    Um the pro and x arent 500 dollars theyre closer to 700

  • Chrisi W.

    I paid 10€ for win 10 pro on Amazon...

  • Smokey42

    Is that a Dutch bush craft knives shirt?

  • desert storm

    I have the xbox one x : a very strong machine with a shitty exclusive games ,therefore i stick to my ps4 pro most of the time.

  • Iron Layth

    Thanks for the informative video. I've never been one to discriminate, I'm a gamer. I have a 1080, Vive, PS4 Pro, XB1X, Switch, Wii/U, PS3/2, XB360, Gamecube, 3DS XL, Vita, you name it. Gamecube still the best console though. :)

  • Austin Sherrer

    Hahahahahaha 2.3ghz are you kidding me 😂 I have a tablet that runs at 2.2ghz and a laptop at 3.5ghz 😂😂 how adorable.

  • Angry Thumb Thumb

    4:30 you didnt talk about the car reflections. Ez clap for pc, but watever

  • Random Gaming

    Hahah still you have to pay 10 euro per month if you want online shit on consoles, so no, a smart PC build still better

  • Victor B

    At what size screen does 4k become necessary?

  • GRiLaKa

    Weird... I'm using a Vizio m60- c3 that doesn't have UHD option for my PS4 pro, but I getting more than 30fps with my "game latency low" turned off.

  • David Goliath

    Im a ps4 pro guy but I must say this video was very fair and informative.

  • Austin L

    There is more of a reason to get a PlayStation than an Xbox, especially if you have a PC. PlayStation 4 Pro is a hundred dollars cheaper (yet it looks worse, but speaking from experience, not by a long shot) and it’s the only way to play PlayStation exclusives. We all play video games not because of how good they look, but because of how fun they are to play. TLDR: if you have a PC, get a PS4 Pro over an Xbox because you already have Xbox “exclusives” if you’re on a budget but want a “premium console” get a PS4 Pro. You’ll be getting close to the same experience as the Xbox One X in a lot of cases and it’s 100 dollars cheaper. If you want the best in the industry available for consoles with no expense and the PENTACLE of console gaming, choose the Xbox One X. drops micconsole wars over

  • Angelo Cella

    PC + Switch is the best way to go.

  • Straight Six

    So many inbred mongoloids screeching their platform preferences in this comment section.

  • ye

    reason why the One X is possible is because micropenis cheaped out on the CPU, it's not that special. also, most games run at 3200x1800 on the One X, not full native 4K 3840x2160

  • Sassy The Sasquatch

    Still prefer Gamecube

  • Sergei M.

    A $500 PC trying to render 4k resolution on game "ports" instead of game "versions"? Yeah, totally fair comparison (not)I agree that if all you're going to do is sit on a couch and play games, then yeah, consoles are kings. But if you're going to stream, save sessions, join Discord servers or play heavily populated multiplayer games stay away from them. In regards to consoles, I would still stay with a PS4 Pro though, they have a ton more first party and exclusives than Xbox. I mean, SONY has God of War, The last of us (the last of us 2 coming up), Xbox has State of decay 2....let me lol for a minute.

  • Victor Wirtz

    So I’m working on building my first PC by the time watching this but I’ll just say if I had $500 laying around doing nothing I wouldn’t be spending it on an xbox I’d be buying myself a better graphics card and possibly better monitors lmao.

  • Pim Dorsman

    4K is literally the most unimportant feature of any platforme

  • Christopher Maradiaga

    I’m getting a console soon and I don’t know what console to get a ps4 pro or a Xbox one x

  • Komrade BigTex sucks

    My money is on the $500 PC.

  • OJ Zajac

    i use ps4 and a gaming laptop. have at me, youtube.

  • Isaac B

    Ok so 4k is better on a console but if you get a pc for example you can run Fortnite at 100+ FPS(epic /high) on a gtx 1050ti i7 8gb ram where as a Xbox makes fortnite look rubbish

  • B35TSH00T3R

    i hope next year we can expect what weve seen in the last few xbox consoles brought into one. size, quality, power, but also build off of the X a bit. cause the last few consoles have just been build offs of the last. sometimes only on one part like the One S didnt sound like an old AC turning on. I think Xbox has been building up their product to something great, but with those advances also providing their consumer with something new. I cant wait to see the Xbox One Y haha

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