Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC Review - The Final Verdict

Lost on Mars' shallowness and repetitive structure are issues for sure, but the DLC isn't long enough for them to become too much of a problem. As such, in the end, it's a fairly enjoyable but ultimately forgettable experience.



  • olddogg eleventy2

    A very far cry from WENJA! They've lost their vision.

  • MrRogerjowens

    Not enjoying this at all, u don’t get powered up enough to deal with the enemy, the voice character is Annoying As Hell

  • Landarkai

    Everyone bothering with Fallout 76 and nobody speaking about this shit... why don't you complain about THIS crap, not about a game that is trying to bring something new?

  • dark knight

    It isn't that great I liked the first dlc better.

  • Matthew Getman

    I think the loss of stealth is fine since it was so heavy in the last dlc

  • ve6pte

    Its a DLC. For the money it was just fine! To compare it to a game with a vastly bigger budget was a little harsh.

  • DragonLord1103

    I played it and had fun..it was a different experience playing as Nick Rye instead of your own Character..overall..it was fun and I always look forward to DLC and Games from Ubisoft..looking forward to the Zombies DLC.

  • LifeOn2Wheels 96

    shit game and even worst dlc... and i actually pre ordered this crap

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