Far Cry 5 - stealth Outpost Liberations 4k/60Fps

The deputy playfully liberates several cult outposts across hope county. As always, have fun watching.
  • Hendry Juwono

    Nice.. This is what they always say.. "Creativity with no boundary"

  • Dillan Backman

    What the actual f*ck?😂

  • Amerikan Penis

    fc5 sucks.. i wish they'll make a cool fc game in the medieval ages with all those medieval weapons and spiky bats and a tiny sword as a machete OH and more outposts to liberate

  • Kaiden Filmore 3rd

    “Stealth” shows him throwing bomb on dog and throwing a doggy treat at a enemy and activates explosion

  • 王晨安


  • Khiem Luong

    "what are guns" - clockner

  • Well, go kill Yourself

    You are fast thinking and you know every move.

  • Ashok Ninave

    You cleared that outposts with in 10 mins it would take me like a hour to do that in stealth.....

  • DoomGuy Doom marine

    Intro song name please?

  • Kuvel_ 49

    what's a music in 0:00? )

  • Papkin

    Great video mate! I have a question, how many times u need to replay one outpost before do this perfectly? :D

  • The Bosnian dude

    Bro what is your problem...... XD

  • FruitFaucet9

    164 cultists disliked

  • generalcontrol

    These lame bastards removed dragging bodies after a takedown in FC5. Now you cannot drag to perform a flashy pistol takedown. I learned this and many other techniques from clockner's videos and I have not played FC games any other way ever since. Now these fun stealth elements are gone. What a shame!

  • Kenzo Hernandez

    <3 <3 <3 hahahahaha OMG C4 dogHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA fu*k nice 2:30 8:00 this is so good

  • McSkeeto

    OK it's actually silly how good you are at this!

  • Long Range Close Combat Ghost

    The most overqualified us marshal on the planet.

  • Doggy style Wolf

    One question why is there no detection meter I’ve been a long time subscriber by the way

  • Zahin

    clockner vs stealth gamer

  • toon._. otaku

    I'm not getting far cry 5 because they took out the khukri knife

  • TheRake Games

    Who is Russian like 👍

  • Vlad Kubasov

    1:23 Here's Johny!

  • Ker Thao

    Your the best pro ever ur good at farcry game

  • infamxus


  • Mr. Pody

    Wtf this guy is amazing

  • Alpha - Vader1

    Shame you can't equip a knife or machete

  • Vladimir Bogdevich

    Idea with flying car really cool and unordinary. Thanks man for your effort


    2:27 wtf u so fking insane ??

  • 이방인

    2:56 'one punch man'

  • Bunny Sai

    You don't know how much I missed and loved these

  • clockner

    Hi peeps, back with another video for you. This time around with my first far cry 5 video and at the same time also maybe my last. Unfortunately i really can't say that i like the game much. Now don't get me wrong, from a casual perspective it is obviously a super fun game to play through, explore and so on. However, when it comes down to the core gameplay mechanics, holy fucking balls.... It feels like they have traded every well functioning, every well established core gameplay mechanic against, well, absolute dogshit. Mechanically speaking there is so much wrong about this game in direct comparison to the previous far cry games if you ask me. I really can't be arsed to elaborate on all the mess though, at least not here. If you're interested in that sort of stuff you can always keep an eye on the community tab of my channel. Anyway, of course i have obviously played the game and messed around a little bit with it and i managed to come up with a bunch of somewhat decent outpost liberations, at least. I hope you guys like the video and i see you on the next one and also, thank you guys a lot for 100k subscriptions. Always get's me seeing how many people across the entire world are interested in my shit so again, thanks a lot peeps.Appears that Stealth just uploaded his new FC5 video on pretty much the same minute i've uploaded mine, what a funny coincidence. Anyway, definitely something you shouldn't miss out on :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9exgLrsRno

  • Elijah Mastin

    2:35 Welp. My mind is blown

  • Zahin

    clockner vs stealth gamer br

  • Musa_PvP :P


  • Jumpy20

    1:20 that was unexpected 0_0

  • Kaiden Filmore 3rd

    2:24 same thing happened to me while I was doing stealth I was walking up to a guard he turnt around and I went around him his dumbass didn’t even see me

  • Absence

    Not bad, but i seen better.

  • Hernan 7u7

    Esto es tan perfecto que da asco xd

  • Valentino Zloić

    Best far cry chanell...i like your videos a lot...my computer can only play far cry 3...but ultra graphic...i didnt try far cry 4



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