Far Cry 5 - stealth Outpost Liberations 4k/60Fps

The deputy playfully liberates several cult outposts across hope county. As always, have fun watching.
  • clockner

    Hi peeps, back with another video for you. This time around with my first far cry 5 video and at the same time also maybe my last. Unfortunately i really can't say that i like the game much. Now don't get me wrong, from a casual perspective it is obviously a super fun game to play through, explore and so on. However, when it comes down to the core gameplay mechanics, holy fucking balls.... It feels like they have traded every well functioning, every well established core gameplay mechanic against, well, absolute dogshit. Mechanically speaking there is so much wrong about this game in direct comparison to the previous far cry games if you ask me. I really can't be arsed to elaborate on all the mess though, at least not here. If you're interested in that sort of stuff you can always keep an eye on the community tab of my channel. Anyway, of course i have obviously played the game and messed around a little bit with it and i managed to come up with a bunch of somewhat decent outpost liberations, at least. I hope you guys like the video and i see you on the next one and also, thank you guys a lot for 100k subscriptions. Always get's me seeing how many people across the entire world are interested in my shit so again, thanks a lot peeps.Appears that Stealth just uploaded his new FC5 video on pretty much the same minute i've uploaded mine, what a funny coincidence. Anyway, definitely something you shouldn't miss out on :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9exgLrsRno

  • sparta salto

    i think this is more badass than stealth gamer br


    @ClocknerHow do you turn off all notifications, prompts and generally everything related to the card and hp!I will be very happy if you answer :)

  • shmat shmatik

    Чувак у меня нет слов, классно!!!✌👍👍👍

  • The7thPhonix846

    guys , does fc5 have Inappropriate scenes ? cus if it does i am not going to buy it [pls someone answer me]

  • Sri †eja

    6:04 the vehicle bounced off his head xD GG

  • Enterisch

    I don‘t anderstand nur i Love the music from the Game 😂😂

  • Prateeth HS

    far cry 4 is better than 5


    Does anyone else think that Ubisoft didn't do a very good job with this game in general? Don't get me wrong, this game is cool, it had a lot of sales and popularity shortly after launch, but in my opinion it can't compete with Far cry 3 and Far cry 4. Far cry 5 has the best graphics out of all games in the franchise, no doubt on that, but I am a little suprised why Ubisoft removed some key Far cry symbols from previous games? For example, takedowns in this game are poor. Hitting a player vs stabbing him with a knife, I think most of real Far cry fans agree with me on that one... Liberating outposts doesn't feel fresh and I don't know how to describe it, like in 3 and 4. And I was wondering the whole time, where are interaction animations like looting a body, opening loot boxes, doors, activating switches etc. (the ONLY animations in the whole game are opening a bunker door and reviving guns for hire, am I the only one that pays attention to this?). The unnamed deputy, our fully customizible, mute protagonist... I don't see a point of this. I probably forgot some of the stuff this game has dissapointed me about, but there are also things that are cool such as gun combat, aerial traveling etc. (I don't want to mention thsese things now since that's not the point here). But maybe something that pisses me off the most, is how there is literally no normal ending of this game. You fight against the Cult so hard, where : if you choose the "resist" ending, you get trapped by Joseph and all your friends are dead due to a freaking nuke?! And of course, the "walk away" ending, where you get hypnotized in a car due to radio, and probably klll all your colleagues in a vehicle, before your final death... If this is the way a good video game should end, then I don't know anything about gaming... Far cry 3 gave you a perfect choice where you can have a normal ending by saving your friends, or if you are a wierdo (joking :) ), you can join Citra and die at the end :D Also, the effect of bliss in Far cry 5 is a little too expressed, so many trippy parts, especially the fight against Faith, pretty unrealistic and hard to understand...That would be my opinion about Far cry 5, thank you if you spent time to read this, I would like to read your opinion in replies, am i wrong or right at some parts, peace!


    2:31 Just showing off at this point

  • The Unpredictable

    Holy shit these people are blind 2:18

  • thatkidando

    I was like "this is pretty good" until I saw 2:34 ... just insane

  • Mubashir Mahi

    Will You Ever Do A Turorial On This?

  • Almir x Eray

    Play plis fortnite plis

  • UV K

    Rabbit's reborn .

  • Squidward

    Play the Batman arkham games

  • rikk pic

    They need a new game plus and I would play this all year

  • KitKat Cookies

    And this is the most sweat I have ever seen go into a game not going to lie :D

  • VanXyTh I Road to 0,1k

    How does he stick remote explosives?

  • The Purple Panther

    You like this game clockner? You seem to be hating alot in the comments about it

  • Gaming Society

    Takes him a average of 1min to take down a outpost undetected takes me a average of 10 min to take down a outpost undetected

  • RomeoAndJulietAlpha

    Yo clockner are u gunna do vids on the new far cry 3 classic edition that’s almost here? Btw it’s released on June 26th

  • Half Life

    Как называется эта техника захватов авампостов

  • Bärliner Förstar

    Hab gehört du bist aus Deutschland?

  • Steveyp1098

    Legendary performance. Some real sick shit there. Love your vids mate.

  • Léon The Professional Procrastinator

    I'm really salty this game doesn't have knife stabbing takedowns. You're telling me not a single one of these rednecks has a godamm knife? Also, where in the dick is my crosbow? RAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHHHHH!!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

  • Yo_Mumz_Cute

    Why does this game lack the forest that far cry 4 had ? Why do enemies die from just one punch to the face? Lol

  • Des tero

    I have seen it, so i can believe it!

  • Dodo Gamer

    Make one for far cry 2

  • Nemat Rezvannasab

    the reason you can do this is because of bad AI in the game the NPCs and enemies do the same thing and just repeat them, that's one of the reasons why ubisoft can't make good games. but another game like red dead redemption 2 is being worked on it's AI since 2010. yeah

  • Cheldon

    You use command for game -GameProfile_IgnorePlayer 1 ?

  • lufus mlg

    hey guy you play dying light and you complete it in 5 seconds

  • PanchotheGamer

    I swear, the way Ubisoft has changed the mechanics in faf cry 5 has made every outpost in the game seemingly unliberatable in stealth. Even if I land next to an enemy whilst crouched, the dude next to me yells "holy crap" and all of a sudden the entire goddamn fortress sized outpost is alerted! Absolute bulldust and both clockner and StealthGamerBR seem to be the ony ones who are able to do it.

  • Vlad Teodor

    how come you can't slice their throats like in the previous games? i mean c'mon, one punch in the face and he's down?

  • Karanvir Singh

    Don't have time to watch a video right now. But just liked it. Because of CLOCKNER! (y)

  • x Raulforlife

    make more far cry 4 plzz

  • RockinGuest

    ........oh boy.......


    hello, @ clockner I want to ask you one question, how are you in far cry 3 after opening the parachute .. quickly lett off it? What buttons are used? Or how did you do it?

  • Ultradoom333

    Got to admit, I was blinded by some sort of rabbid fanboy defensive mentality when this game came out. I though it was the best in the series for no reason other than I just wanted it to be. Mechanically, this game is painfully stripped compared to Farcry 3 and 4, though that map editor is pretty god damn sexy. I won't call FC5 a bad game because it isn't, but it IS a lesser game compared to 3 and 4. I would recommend Far Cry 5 because at the end of the day it IS a fun game and that's what counts, at least for me, but everyone should understand that 3 and 4 are BETTER games.

  • neil evans

    Far Cry 5 - stealth Outpost Liberations 4k/60Fps

  • Vortex Gamer

    He plays like this in far cry, imagine how he will play titanfall

  • Private Guest

    100000000000% You won't like this Comment Clockner

  • Mark The geek

    Your way tooo better than rad brad

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