Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - Has Vega Improved? - 2018 Update

Unboxing and look at Vega 64 in 2018 - Worth another look?
RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg
GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

Are you ok with the RX Vega 64 performance that you see here? Consider a GTX 1070 TI which at the time I filmed this video, was in the $500 price range

GTX 1070 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

The above links take you to the full list of cards with each GPU chip, these links are to the specific cards used in this video:

Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg
Zotac GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

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  • SMGJohn

    Miners should be shot dead so the prices go down a little, China should start with theirs, prices would go down by 40%, then shot all the miners in America, oh wait have to shoot everyone in America in that case, oh well 100% price reduction then.

  • John Henderson

    Not a good video. The RX Vega 64 was never made to compete against the 1080 Ti.

  • NorthernLeigonare

    Sorry but 2 minutes into the video and im pretty bored with the video. I think you take a bit too long explaing everything. Just my opinion but other people seem to have everything explained and set up already and it was just kinda boring hearing you talk about the card for so long.

  • GAnime88

    Its price now is similar to a 1070 Ti / 1080, even the great models such as the Sapphire Nitro+.Maybe a follow up video where you talk about which "high end" card to get for your system, even considering the way too expensive new RTX cards, would be nice!

  • Lawyer4Ever

    I just ordered an open box of one of these cards for $432 shipped from Newegg. It will power my two Freesync monitors, as well as my Oculus Rift.

  • ZedFix

    guys better buy 1080 ti its just $500 now

  • Miguel Barreto

    We're in August and the RX Vega 64 are on the $500's!

  • Marrks R

    at this day, gtx 1070 and rx vega 64 are at the same price in my country, which one should I buy?

  • Gloopl Surpl

    I bought an RX Vega for $425 in 2017

  • Mr11ESSE111

    RX Vega was improved by only higher price !!! it is one of biggest floops this rx Vega shits and then comes mining and prices of those cards go to clouds highs and now they are expensive too but performance for that money are still shitty

  • Brother Dave

    If this card dropped below 500 would you recommend it?

  • matt factor

    i got my nitro+ vega for 600usd and im one happy camper. if you know what are you doing this card give you a lot off power. just need to undervolt it and this is it. my card boost it self to 1700mhz and 1050mhz on HBM2 after oc it. in compare to nVidia cards this vega run more smother and i have batter frame pacing like on my gtx 1080 at the same games and at the same resolution.

  • Devoty

    570€ in France with 4 games in France is that a big deal?

  • needabettername

    Actually power saving mode is approx 40% power savings with 10-15% performace hit

  • BigStef

    ryzen 7+vega 64 can it reach 240fps at 1080p?

  • Dmitriy Jerry

    Gotta remember you'll still have to pay extra $$$ for gsync monitors compared to freesync.. One of the reason I got the Vega 64

  • Strength-Power-Performance Coaching

    Can I buy your 1080 ti lighting ? I could paypal ir any payment you desire and cost

  • Tom Herman

    uhmmm the RX Vega 64 was aimed at the 1080 NON ti... this is a skewed comparison... I have a first gen running on a Ryzen platform and I get better numbers than these Vega numbers...

  • michael morgan

    vegas are 500 on newegg

  • Tech Deals

    Unboxing and look at Vega 64 in 2018 - Worth another look?RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg you ok with the RX Vega 64 performance that you see here? Consider a GTX 1070 TI which at the time I filmed this video, was in the $500 price rangeGTX 1070 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg above links take you to the full list of cards with each GPU chip, these links are to the specific cards used in this video:Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg Tech Deals Video Card Reviews ---

  • Mandy Jonker

    I got the card but Myne is overheating some help please

  • HornyTrolllololololool

    750w power supply? Omg 😨

  • Felipe Campelo

    Better wait for 7nm cards

  • bradley reynolds

    even tho you said "if the amd card was around $500 then you would test it against the 1070" but thats the amd flagship and 1080ti is nvidias flagship card.. and that is the review! lol one question will you be reviewing the new 2080ti card once its released bud?

  • Timothy Isenhart

    All of the titles you tested are Nvidia Game Works Titles. How about some AMD titles like Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus or maybe titles that use True Asynchronous Compute designed by Microsoft and not the Simulated Asynch Compute instruction designed by Nvidia? After all these titles are not using DX12 enhanced features when they implement Nvidia's simulated Asynch Compute instruction.

  • thepro08

    yeah i checked amazon both 1080 and 64 is 480 dolla... same price will always go for ngridia... because they own microsoft...

  • Mitchell M.

    I want a Vega so badly. But, since my FX-8370 would be a huge bottleneck, there’d be no point :(

  • Bazanji

    Very bad review. Honestly didn't expect such derp from Tech Deals tbh. Just because that particular air cooled Vega sucks doesn't mean Vega as a whole is bad. It's common knowledge that Vega 64 works best water cooled. And comparing it to 1080ti is very disingenuous. Vega 64 aims at GTX1080 kind of performance, the MSRP of the reference model was $499 which is what I payed for my 64 LC and it's a great card. You also mentioned nothing of Vega 56 which is supposed to be the better of the two for air cooling.

  • Bomber Harris

    >comparing games that have Nvidia hairworks and are optimised specifically for Nvidia GPUs >comparing the Vega 64 to a GPU that is £150 more expensive than itNvidia shill if I've ever seen one, shite test my man. Not clicking on one of your videos every again.

  • Ich bin ein Pilz

    Vega is only an doom and wolfenstein 2 card xD VULCAN rocks but nvidia is better in price performance... so buy an nvidia... still...

  • Matthew Hensley

    you certainly have a face for radio...... i thought i blocked this channel

  • Jarad C

    Yes I will take a Vega 56 over a 1070 and a Vega 64 over the 1080...1080ti shouldn't even be mentioned in this comparison because there is none, the 1080ti is in a different ball field.

  • StaelTek

    I bought a Strix V56, was way too agressive on the fan curve and undervolting makes it too much work for me just to keep the cooling and noise level in check. So i returned it.

  • Dhanabol Pradipdham

    I am amazed by those comment mentioning MSRP.Market price is always the right price. When you are buying something, you buy it from a market, not from an delusional fantasy dream.When people want to buy a graphic card, they buy it now or later. They cannot travel back in time to buy it when it is cheaper. They have their money and they need to use it. So, they are buy it. If they do not need to use it, they won't buy it at all. You all talk about MSRP. When will the price be cut down to MSRP ? 1 month ? 3 month ? 5 month ? 1 year ? You don't know, right ? No one knows. So, you must stay in the present.Stop being salty and admit that AMD Vega sucks.Just by the fact that this AMD graphic card can crash his computer, it says it all. It sucks by itself.

  • fornox2

    Is the RX Vega 64 worth it at MSRP? I can buy it for 500 euros (MSRP). A GTX 1080 would cost the same or +10 euros.

  • Ezydenias

    I love those ginormous power supply recomendations. Well I once had a pc with 3 gtx 1070s in it and an i7. It never got over 400 watts even when you artifically up the power ussage. But honestly if you can effort such a card might aswell just afford the 700w supply for the heck of it, I mean why not. It is not like you change your power supply every 5 years.

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