Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - Has Vega Improved? - 2018 Update

Unboxing and look at Vega 64 in 2018 - Worth another look?
RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg
GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

Are you ok with the RX Vega 64 performance that you see here? Consider a GTX 1070 TI which at the time I filmed this video, was in the $500 price range

GTX 1070 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

The above links take you to the full list of cards with each GPU chip, these links are to the specific cards used in this video:

Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg
Zotac GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

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  • Thor Odinson

    you should grow a beard

  • JSPlay

    Worth for 600 dollars and with a freesync monitor? The gtx 1080 is same price and the 1080 ti is 250 dollars more

  • jac jac

    I've seen better results recently,, wondering if gyg dont care

  • Sudden Revelations

    GTX 1080 would beat the RX Vega 64

  • anikanbounty97

    that not top end threadripper 1950x is (better for price to)

  • Anon

    Glad to see you return from cancer-hyping back to speaking the truth.

  • Ahmed Yehia

    Make your videos shorter

  • milad hasanzadeh

    Really 650w at least??? I heard some one put it with just 500w psu

  • YourPalHDee

    Wouldn't support Nvidia ever tbh. Obviously the 1080Ti is faster, the Vega is in my opinion a better card, but Nvidia has basically bullied the industry into conforming to their bullshit old tech. It's been proven a NUMBER of times, that AMD produce a better quality image and Nvidia essentially cheat their way through producing higher framerates. They're just a scumbag company and people are finally waking up to that.

  • cr4zyw3ld3r

    This is not easily verifiable. What DX version was used? What were driver versions tested? What settings applied in game and in the GPU software? Just numbers on the screen...meaningless.

  • gwolf1985

    I have a vega of left it alone and it running smooth

  • Tech Deals

    Unboxing and look at Vega 64 in 2018 - Worth another look?RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg you ok with the RX Vega 64 performance that you see here? Consider a GTX 1070 TI which at the time I filmed this video, was in the $500 price rangeGTX 1070 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg above links take you to the full list of cards with each GPU chip, these links are to the specific cards used in this video:Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg Tech Deals Video Card Reviews ---

  • The Computer Guy

    also you're comparing a msrp card of 500 to a msrp card of 750. realisitically comparing it to a gtx 1080 would give a more realistic output.

  • F4KE_ NYEX

    1080ti freesync 2 monitor 700€ or rx vega 64 600€ freesync 2 monitor

  • FlatOut Carey

    I just get the RX 680 in 2019, I hope it will have a lower power draw, better temperatures and hopefully a better price. At the Moment I play with a old GTX 660 OC 3GB edition.

  • w4rr3ncom

    Use windows 10 without any updates, latest adrenaline drivers, I think microsoft may have adversely affected performance with their last update

  • felentus

    I'm so pissed about the current GPU situation. There are so many more freesync monitors that are interesting, but AMD just can't deliver enough GPU performance without killing the power consumption (electricity in Germany is expensive enough to be considered when buying stuff.... sadly). Especially since now some TV's also support freesync I'm starving for a comparable alternativ to nVidia. Currently only the RX Vega 56 looks to be an option for an energy efficient system with enough horsepower for 1440p and UHD gaming, since it seems to be able to be driven down to around 120-140w without loosing to much performance, which is still not that good.I'm currently running a 1070 with 1.8GHz clock at around 100w of power consumption and really want to have a freesync monitor, so I'm really hoping the next generation from AMD will be able to at least match nVidia in performance per watt (and dollar).

  • Jared Morgan

    As an avid AMD user, this is very disappointing, BUT, every bit as helpful. My RX 580 is good, but I can already sense I'll need just a little bit more very soon. I'll see what Q1 next year holds for cards and prices. Hoping AMD can step up the GPU game now that they've got the CPU game up where it needed to be

  • Chocolate Sheep

    absolutely moronic "review".

  • WiseSilverWolf

    Thanks for the benchmarks, I didnt know that the Vega 64 cards lagged so far behind on the 1080 TI's, I was expecting them to be closer in performance.

  • Solar Soul

    It is 2018, Generation Y Kids sit in front of six monitors and talk into a microphone.

  • James Bowerman

    Man am I glad I watched this...I would have made a terrible mistake going with a Vega 64. The Vega performs badly in the tests despite its price point, IMO, as well as the high power draws, heating issues and noise. I'd go 1070 or 1070 Ti over it easily. Thanks for the valuable info. I wish AMD would up their game and develop some viable, GOOD performance/price GPUs to give us more choices, they continue to be late to the party with too little-too late in this regard. The Vega 56 is fairly decent and better than the 64, imo.

  • anikanbounty97

    WHY does no one take into consideration of nividia forcing amd cards to be terrible by forcing devs to use code that makes all nividia cards better then amd by slowing amd ones down.

  • Google Account

    Vega 64 for less than $800 is still very very overpriced.

  • Daniel West

    The most recent reports from ASRock suggest that there won't be any new RX Radeon cards for gaming until Feb 2019 at the earliest. To me, Radeon is pretty much defunct and won't reopen for at least two years, likely three. I banked on AMD and Freesync a few years ago. I bought a R9 Fury and a 1440p Freesync panel midway though 2015 because it was better value than a 980/980Ti setup with a Gsync panel. But Vega took so long to come out and was so laughably behind the competiton, I'm now running a GTX 1080 with the same Freesync monitor. I don't have high hope for Nvidia's new architecture either. Vega really screwed everything up.

  • Chris Harper

    well hello again my friend

  • Larry The Lobster

    But about with games that use vulkan?

  • Mei

    To get better performance than stock settings on Vega video cards, need to undervolt. Also, Gigabyte have released bios update since after this review.

  • Donar W

    I have had a hard time with an ASUS Vega 56 for a month (stability,drivers issues,random short blackouts etc) and I had to RMA it , although having a 38inch Freesynch monitor makes me willing to try once again with a Vega 64 .Have you tested recently with Adrenalin 18.5.1 or 18.6.1 ?

  • Facelord

    Just got a Gigabyte Vega 64 for $540, eBay had a very small quantity of new units. Amazing deal, can't wait until it gets here. Gonna go well with my 3440x1440 80Hz Freesync curved ultrawide monitor.

  • CUT!! GAMES!!

    In uk 1080 ti is £800 and vega 64 is £499 is it worth it then?

  • Ryan Tongs

    thanks for the vid and effort, ignore the people that don't understand you should compare the cards that are similar price, not similar calibre.That's like if a Toyota Camrys price spiked up to $100k due to low supply, but couldn't compete with cars at that $100k price tag and you said it was a bad buy. Of course it would be a bad buy! Some people just don't understand

  • Chris Williams

    Thanks soooooo much tech deals. I was foaming at the mouth at the vega 56/64 cards over my RX 580 and have calmed down a lot after this video. Is the asus vega 56 any better(power wise)? Looking to go freesync 1080p /1440p and i know the 580 struggles at high frames 1440p.

  • User Name

    What about now? $600 for vega 64, $800 for gtx 1080 TI.

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