Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - Has Vega Improved? - 2018 Update

Unboxing and look at Vega 64 in 2018 - Worth another look?
RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg
GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

Are you ok with the RX Vega 64 performance that you see here? Consider a GTX 1070 TI which at the time I filmed this video, was in the $500 price range

GTX 1070 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

The above links take you to the full list of cards with each GPU chip, these links are to the specific cards used in this video:

Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg
Zotac GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg

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  • Jarad C

    Yes I will take a Vega 56 over a 1070 and a Vega 64 over the 1080...1080ti shouldn't even be mentioned in this comparison because there is none, the 1080ti is in a different ball field.

  • ZedFix

    guys better buy 1080 ti its just $500 now

  • Nathan Thompson

    Sad to see AMD still struggle in graphic card speed against GeForce. It hasn't improved yet at all.

  • IT CCC

    HI Tech Deals in my country RX VEGA 64 price is $353 if i were to buy it what wattage of PSU would you recommend?i have a 450 watt PSU from my previous build and i think this PSU will not be efficient for an RX VEGA card

  • michael morgan

    vegas are 500 on newegg

  • Dhanabol Pradipdham

    I am amazed by those comment mentioning MSRP.Market price is always the right price. When you are buying something, you buy it from a market, not from an delusional fantasy dream.When people want to buy a graphic card, they buy it now or later. They cannot travel back in time to buy it when it is cheaper. They have their money and they need to use it. So, they are buy it. If they do not need to use it, they won't buy it at all. You all talk about MSRP. When will the price be cut down to MSRP ? 1 month ? 3 month ? 5 month ? 1 year ? You don't know, right ? No one knows. So, you must stay in the present.Stop being salty and admit that AMD Vega sucks.Just by the fact that this AMD graphic card can crash his computer, it says it all. It sucks by itself.

  • Escape3000

    I just buy a use MSI Vega 64 Air Boost for only 170$ USD!!!

  • BigStef

    ryzen 7+vega 64 can it reach 240fps at 1080p?

  • Vitalii Kozlovskyi

    How about the same tests on Linux? (There was a Windows issue with Threadripper tests, so...).

  • Dark Revelations

    I always like your reviews and i am writing this at a later time. I have had two Vega 64 cards and i have been very happy with them both. First one looked like a 100% AMD reference AMD card, but with MSI written in small text. It was a great card and still is, i sold it to a friend of mine and bought the Power Color Red Devil version of the Vega 64 and this is a great card, but running pretty similar as the MSI, maybe a little faster. They both has good temp. They are not noisy at all, but i also got a good old tower from Corsair with plenty of airflow. But i would for buy one more Vega card if i got a reasonable price offer, so i could Crossfire them. I do look forward to see what comes next, we are close to a release of the new AMD series, so i hope the prices does not go CRAZY like in summer 2017 OMG!!! Thanks for running a great channel! All the best from Denmark

  • Mitchell M.

    I want a Vega so badly. But, since my FX-8370 would be a huge bottleneck, there’d be no point :(

  • Bomber Harris

    >comparing games that have Nvidia hairworks and are optimised specifically for Nvidia GPUs >comparing the Vega 64 to a GPU that is £150 more expensive than itNvidia shill if I've ever seen one, shite test my man. Not clicking on one of your videos every again.

  • jizm

    Picking up a sapphire vega 64 and freesync monitor for $509 and $450 soon. Can't imagine giving Nvidia anymore market share!

  • Ezydenias

    I love those ginormous power supply recomendations. Well I once had a pc with 3 gtx 1070s in it and an i7. It never got over 400 watts even when you artifically up the power ussage. But honestly if you can effort such a card might aswell just afford the 700w supply for the heck of it, I mean why not. It is not like you change your power supply every 5 years.

  • Brother Dave

    If this card dropped below 500 would you recommend it?

  • bradley reynolds

    even tho you said "if the amd card was around $500 then you would test it against the 1070" but thats the amd flagship and 1080ti is nvidias flagship card.. and that is the review! lol one question will you be reviewing the new 2080ti card once its released bud?

  • CrazyDice

    vega is still almost the price of a 1080ti ... fck, come on amd

  • Matthew Hensley

    you certainly have a face for radio...... i thought i blocked this channel

  • Tom Herman

    uhmmm the RX Vega 64 was aimed at the 1080 NON ti... this is a skewed comparison... I have a first gen running on a Ryzen platform and I get better numbers than these Vega numbers...

  • brendin heard

    had to dislike because you called it a rog instead of an R.O.G

  • Marrks R

    at this day, gtx 1070 and rx vega 64 are at the same price in my country, which one should I buy?

  • yeahthatsright33

    This would have been more telling if you compared to a 1080 since they’re similarly priced

  • mechaart

    I might get the Vega 56 or Vega 64 soon for my new cube build that will be AM4.

  • Lawyer4Ever

    I just ordered an open box of one of these cards for $432 shipped from Newegg. It will power my two Freesync monitors, as well as my Oculus Rift.

  • John Henderson

    Not a good video. The RX Vega 64 was never made to compete against the 1080 Ti.

  • thepro08

    yeah i checked amazon both 1080 and 64 is 480 dolla... same price will always go for ngridia... because they own microsoft...

  • tree fiddy

    The Vega 64 is definitely worth it. Beats or matches a 1080, freesync, sub $500 for some models and AMD always has good bundle deals. I was going to buy a 56 and oc/uv but the 64 isn't much more and there's no worry of getting Hynix ram

  • Mandy Jonker

    I got the card but Myne is overheating some help please

  • Dale C

    Is it okay to buy these now? I have a VIEWSONIC XG2401 and this costs $490

  • paul gwilt

    No end off 2018 and vaga 64 is £449 and 1080ti £599 if in stock. Thats here in uk. Thats gigabyte cards for both

  • Skyrux

    You can now get it for $500~ in EU

  • Tech Deals

    Unboxing and look at Vega 64 in 2018 - Worth another look?RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg you ok with the RX Vega 64 performance that you see here? Consider a GTX 1070 TI which at the time I filmed this video, was in the $500 price rangeGTX 1070 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg above links take you to the full list of cards with each GPU chip, these links are to the specific cards used in this video:Gigabyte RX Vega 64 - @Amazon - @NewEgg GTX 1080 TI - @Amazon - @NewEgg Tech Deals Video Card Reviews ---

  • GAnime88

    Its price now is similar to a 1070 Ti / 1080, even the great models such as the Sapphire Nitro+.Maybe a follow up video where you talk about which "high end" card to get for your system, even considering the way too expensive new RTX cards, would be nice!

  • Billy Joe Biado

    I bought a brand new asus strix rx vega 64 8gb oc for $350, while gtx 1070ti is around $420 - $440 in my country. Is it a bang for the buck?

  • PjotrII

    Would have been nice to see vega (old drivers) vs VEGA new drivers to see what has happened since release. Everyone can make a channel about anything they want, but for me comparing VEGA 64 and the 1080 TI model isn´t fun or fair… if you had a 1080 there, it could be interesting to see even the TI model, but this was "orchesdtrated" to make VEGA look bad.

  • John Henderson

    This card was designed to compete against the 1080. Not the ti. So yeah it's not a fair comparison.

  • - Immortalian -

    lets compare an oldtimer and a sportscar because they are at the same price point. oh the sportscar wins the race, surprise..Wtf dude, you cant compare a 500€ card with a 700€ card because they are sold at the same price, how biased do you need to be to do this. btw I like it how you like every comment that is like "amds shit vega sucks lol get rekt by 1080ti" and comments that add value to the comment section are ignored or you try to piss them off with your "BuT VeGA coStS mOrE aT ThE mOmenT sorY..."

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