Far Cry 5: Strange Man

Started playing Far Cry 5, seems to be a horror game.
  • Jason Tan

    Dormammu, I've come to bargain.

  • TheHaddockbanker

    Fool, that was only my shadow clone.

  • Mr.Dude __

    Is that a bug or a feature?

  • Aleksandar Delic

    The video description killed me.

  • Mr_Pepper

    More into the breach. You are litterraly the best player on Youtube and your video are amezing

  • Campent

    The exact same thing happened to me! Same enemy, same place, except not even bullets killed him

  • Christopher Lune

    The illusion is shattered with a glitchy bullet

  • Flipper McFlipperson

    It's creepy watson all over again

  • Fernface

    He's not the only one hearing things...

  • C Trouble

    How's the gunplay compared to farcry 3/4. Did they spice it up or is it still soft and boring?

  • TheExpiated

    Upgrades since Far Cry 2... Quite amazing.

  • 00blaat00

    That's the Holy Spirit.

  • Rege

    Will you ever update heat signature?

  • Patrick Star wearing a gasmask

    Bullets?!My only weakness!

  • Last Name First Name

    Teleports behind youNothing personnel, kid

  • exploitativity

    I bet the enemy spawn rate is so high that this shit begins to happen with a single respawning enemy.

  • Grand Tostada 132

    This happened to me three times

  • C Trouble

    Hahaha. Punched him to the shadow realm for a second there

  • IRS_Agent

    Wow, that almost seems intentional. Spooky bug, or super obscure easter egg?

  • shinobody

    That's why you don't try to ambush a teleporter!

  • Okto der Zahnlose

    That's Dr strange

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