FAR CRY 5 COLLECTOR'S EDITION UNBOXING! Limited Hope County MT Case Deer Skull Gameplay

Unboxing Far Cry 5 Hope County, MT Collector's Case deer skull, steelbook, poster / map and soundtrack. When released it includes full game, deluxe pack and season pass. Thanks to Ubisoft for sending this for early unboxing + some exclusive gameplay! Far Cry 5 is coming out March 27th 2018.
Far Cry 5 The Father Edition unboxing https://youtu.be/Ep1bdDzggz4
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  • Mason Ladd

    Gloves on gloves nice work

  • Fisher Rader

    I have game but got in this year

  • MC Collecting

    i feel that everytime i watch one of these videos that eggs suddenly will be thrown violently at the table

  • Andrew Steven Palinkas

    That deer head was Jacob's I'm guessing.

  • Joey Jackson

    Stop being so edgy ya asshat

  • Vivek Sharma

    Completed it. One of Best open world ever 💙💚💛💜💜🖤💝💗

  • pinkiwill

    You're awesome! :D

  • Aisha sethi

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  • tertertr tetrete

    I came for unboxing and now I'm watching some weird ASMR fetish?

  • Tskull 25

    When you just put your deer skull on your wall and you are moving to a new house tomorrow, DAMMIT!!!

  • Charlie Willard

    whats the point of far cry?

  • yoink draven

    Woooooaaaah i really want that so baaaad😭😭

  • Marius Rece

    U can install fortnite on playstationstore

  • Ivari 420

    Weird unboxing video i havee ever seen lol

  • phobia of indian soldier

    Your videos are asmr and very relaxing

  • Hoyo Hoyo

    Roblox collectors edition unboxing when??

  • Graham Kelly

    This guy is creepy as fuck.

  • Mike Sheriff

    Why the f is with the white gloves so stupid

  • Wolfsoul477 477

    I am sure when my mum comes to visit me she is gonna take that off my wall

  • xFreedi EDM

    Quite interesting to see how much the game has changed in the last month before the release. Here were character levels in the game. Wondered how they decided to switch it out for the advantage points.

  • Pek Futuri

    Ou na moral q viadise usa luva minha opinião

  • James Wilson

    One of my New Favourite Games And The Best Far Cry The Villains Such As Joseph Seed & Jacob Seed look badass and the game and the game play is just such perfection and excellence

  • ryan sganzerla

    i am like you therelaxingend

  • Tuna Dalgın

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    Ábrelo rápido paredes pendejo

  • 100px

    dudee i only see this guy videos caz i lilke the content and its so fucking relaxing omgg

  • Steve Brown

    That is perfect. Need one

  • Fear The Reaper

    Had to leave a dislike just because you showed fortnite

  • Braylen Norton


  • Triky Briky

    This video is so funney

  • Mr Highrul

    Dont know why but when you unbox anything it feels fking satisfying

  • Gluberer _

    The idea of the Channel is fucking amazing bro!

  • HeAt CHAOS

    tell me how this dude does not talk but is somehow hilarious

  • RedGorilla •

    I wanna get some flight training only 99

  • okaysoph

    thats so cool! i wanna buy it lol. ive beat the main story of the game and most of the quests. loved it

  • spider nation gaming

    I was gonna get one of the collectors edition but i had it pre ordered and ubisoft stopped making them

  • Courier Six

    Wow, the gameplay really changed.

  • Elijahdoesmine9 2nd channel

    This video was uploaded on my brothers birthday

  • the10 Random Stuff And More

    I really wanted this but it was over 1000,well being Malaysian is crap even when there are no disasters

  • Braxton Woods

    I got far cry 5 today it is lit

  • Monte Carlos

    Call the deer skulley

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