Far Cry 5: AMD VEGA Delivers, 50 GPU's Benchmarked!

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Far Cry 5: 50 GPU Benchmark , RX VEGA Delivers!

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  • abhinav gautam

    Thanks for cool video. Was looking for new graphics card which can run Far cry 5.

  • file1man

    I expect its a cpu that limits how much fps, stuttering we get in far cry 5. So the cpu is much more important that a gpu, although I now feel a 1080 gpu is the minimum gaming gpu on a pc to really appreciate games as far cry 5, visuals & action. yes, amd vega delivers, but it falls far below many nvidia offerings. amd delivers poor performance. Nvidia is complacent with few improvements & crazy prices. amd is decidedly inferior performance if your computer is otherwise first rate. Its what cpu & gpu combo we have and isn't it misleading for you to say otherwise to up and coming pc gamers who looks to learn things from you?

  • Jacky Zhu

    Is it normal for my Strix 1070ti (Binned Version) To have 100 MAX with 90 Average?...

  • Hardware Unboxed

    Just testing the new Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 391.35 WHQL with the GTX 1080 Ti, looks to be up to a 3% performance increase.

  • GamersAnonymous4me

    I would have to say something is very wrong with your graph at 9:07 where is shows the gtx 950 doing only 31 fps on normal 1080p while mine does around 41 on normal 1080p, but wait it gets better...you just previously showed ( 7:45) the gtx 950 getting 34 fps on ULTRA 1080p so it somehow got less on normal than ultra (mine also gets between 34 and 35 on ultra 1080p). And how was the gtx560 better than the 960 and the 760? Doesn't make any sense or ...they really built them well in the old days.I am sure it was a monumental task to bench all those cards and I thank you.

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