FAR CRY 5 2018 FPS Test on Intel HD 4000

FarCry 5 2018 Performance Test On Intel Core i5 3230m, 6GB ram, Intel HD 4000

FarCry 5 2018 FPS Test on Lenovo G50-45 (AMD A8 6410, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon R5 M330)

FarCry 5 2018 Gameplay On Intel Core i5 3230m, 6GB ram, Intel HD 4000


1280 x 720p, Lowest Settings: 10-13 FPS.
1280 x 720p; Medium Settings: 3-7 FPS (Not Playable)

Requisitos mínimos para Far Cry 5 (Pc)

Sistema Operativo: Windows 7 (SP1). Windows 8, 8.1
Procesador: AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2Ghz, Intel Core i5-750 2.6Ghz
Memoria Ram: 4 GB de memoria RAM
Tarjeta Gráfica: AMD Radeon HD5850 1Gb, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
DirectX: 11
Espacio en disco: 30 GB de espacio libre

Requisitos recomendados para Far Cry 5 (Pc)

Sistema Operativo: Windows 7 (SP1). Windows 8, 8.1
Procesador: AMD FX-8250 4.0Ghz, Intel Core i5-2400S 2.5Ghz
Memoria Ram: 8 GB de memoria RAM
Tarjeta Gráfica: AMD Radeon R9 290X 2Gb, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
DirectX: 11
Espacio en disco: 30 GB de espacio libre

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far cry 5 r5 m330
far cry 5 r5 m230
far cry 5 r7 240
far cry 5 intel hd 4000
far cry 5 intel hd 3000

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  • Negritoz

    Thank You this helped me a lot!!

  • Yousha bin zahir yousha

    can i run far cry 5 in intel hd 4000 core i3 4gb ram.....plz suggest me.

  • Hood Karl

    800×600 should be playable

  • Grafuroam PL

    This is low settings?

  • KevinEleonard

    22k vistas felicidwdes bro!!

  • ArT DigITAl

    Can I run far cry 5 on i3 7100 3.9ghz , 4 GB DDR4 2400mhz,Intel HD graphics 630

  • Rahul Parihar

    000001 eroor game doesn’t meet system requirements please help

  • griasti BG

    Actually speed it up at 2x and will run on 30 fps 😁

  • Game Breakers

    I don't think he is running in HD 4000..I have HD 620 and I get only 10-14 fps unplayable. HD 620 is about 60% faster than 4000 then how did he managed to get 15-20fps.

  • santiag0 0rtiz

    como quisiera ju8gar ese juego amigo T_T LIKE XD

  • Always Cool

    Can I run this withI3-3220GTX 1050ti4gb ramWin 7The main question is can it run with 4gb ram?

  • d4rkjust1c3

    how did you get it to run I have the same setup Intel Core i5 3230m, 6GB ram, Intel HD 4000 it loads then crashes as new game starts

  • My Ferter

    Intel core i3intel hd 40004GB RamCan I run it?

  • XOmerX 02

    Will it work ?Phenom II x6 1090tRadeon R9 270X6Gb ram

  • God Gamers

    is your intel hd 4000 1.7GB Vram

  • Mandy Singh

    Intel core i5 5200uNvidia GeForce 920m 2 gbRam 6 gbCan I run it?


    LOL como hiciste para que los modelados mantengan su forma y las texturas puedan visualizarse a mas de 5 fps en una grafica intel?

  • an Le Nhat

    Mine is radeon r5 1gb vram but still have the same fps with hd 4000, wtf just happen!!!

  • Moonlight Gaming

    check what he said in description maybe he played it on amd card

  • Kathiravan M

    I have amd A10-4600M, AMD radeon HD7660g+7670m 2gb dual graphics. can i run this ?

  • Not John Cena

    Can this run on a Pentium 5 processor with Intel mobile graphics? No dedicated graphics memory but 2GB ram

  • Rage Tube

    I have Gpu-R7 250Ram-4 GBCpu-I3 4Th genwill it run?

  • Shane Master

    Will it be playable on 4gb of ram?

  • james peden

    can this run on intel 620 hd

  • Jeremy C

    When tienen el juego que deseas jugar :'V

  • Deez nuts

    how did you get past system minimum requirements not 000001 error?

  • 丂尸乇乇刀丫从乇乇丅

    nigga dont put a fps counter

  • Slickquirt INDTM

    Well im gonna play far cry 1

  • Sergey Andreev

    Where FPS, in your FPS test?

  • Lone Calcuttan

    hey lower resolution to 800*600 , you'll get around 30 fps

  • KIllzKunG

    what will happend if i run it on Nvidia GT630 I3 4130GHz RAM 6 GB??

  • Wael Mahfoudh

    i have i5 7400 / GTX 1070TI / 16GB ram. can i run it ? xD

  • Tutor gamer

    4gb ram intel pentium g2020 gtx 1050 ??

  • The Last Noob

    Can it run on a e7500 core 2 duoGtx 750ti 4gb ram?


    I have 24mb vram intel hd4000 4 gb ram and i5 can I able to play?? Plz answer

  • griasti BG

    Will it run on Nvidia GeForce GTX 378293775289293664792027. Wait I will just answer myself. Yes, but in year 3050

  • Josh Dyer

    Does anyone know if you can play this game with 6 gb of ram? I know it uses about 7 gb, but I need to know if it is playable with only 6 gb.

  • DevilKillEvil Tracker Spot

    8 GB RAM INTEL HD 4400 Please tell me will it work ???

  • Kratos

    50gram potatolittle bit muddywill it run?

  • potatoe gamer

    Can i run this?I have i5-7200u 3.1 ghz12gb ddr4 ramand hd 620 graphics

  • Anoj Jeyasatheesd

    Is your intel hd 4000 is 1.7GB VRAM

  • Jurgen Molina

    Ahora la gráfica del i5 8400

  • Manav ananthakumar

    Intel core i5-5200U 2.2ghz , Intel HD 5500 graphic's and 8GB of ram Lenovo laptop. Will it run?

  • Freak gamer

    Bro pls help meI haveGt 1030 2gb gddr54x2=8gb ram1 tb hard diskI5 processor 2300 2.8 ghz300w psuAll drivers are updatedWhy my games shuttering and lag pls help 🙏

  • Ankit Desai

    Will it work on and Radeon 8670m 1 gb vram Intel i5 processor 2.6 GHz 4200u6gb ram

  • Parth jy

    will it run on lenovo ideapad 300??

  • Chris Harris

    doesnt work on my i5-3230m with HD4000 laptop


    Pow. Será que roda Intel HD grapichs 520, Intel i5 4GB de ram

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