RX Vega 64 CrossFire - Threadripper 1950x - Dirt 4 - 3840x2160 Ultra Quality +x2 MSAA

Dirt 4 - DX11
3840x2160P @100Hz
Ultra Preset + x2 MSAA
Threadripper 1950x @4.025Ghz
RX Vega 64 AIO @1752/1075Mhz
4x8GB GSkill DDR4 3200Mhz 14-14-14-34-1 GD
Crimson 17.9.2
Relive @ 40Mbps
  • Glish

    you should try turning before you are half way into a corner

  • Paladin Origins

    did u use all the threads of the cpu ? i canot tell cause i dont know the program u are using. u use all the 32 threads?

  • wtfskilz

    One thing I do love about AMD is their Cross Fire, or now called MGPU. That is amazingly smooth at 4k


    Where can i buy an RX Vega 64 in the UK? Please help mate i subbed and liked

  • Bret B

    Massive fan here, love these crisp graphics thought I was watching it live on tv. All the best from Larkman 🖒

  • đenan Hajrovic

    the driver is out???

  • D Flannigan

    sheesh man throw a pornography warning on this footage.... holy cow.

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