16 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Gameplay - A Dish Served Cold Mission (4K 60fps)

We stealth our way through most of this mission where we need to liberate and save helpers of the resistance. Captured on PC at Ultra settings.

Far Cry 5: Saving Your Comrades Co-Op Gameplay in 4K:

8 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Bear Companion Gameplay on PS4 Pro:

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  • Ben Ward

    Pre-ordered this on pc!!! Buzzing!!!

  • Game On

    Do the bows and arrows spell "EVIL" or is it just me?

  • CTMedia

    Farcry 3 still the best in the series.

  • TANTO™

    Am I the only one who thought the bow and arrows spelled out evil in the beginning

  • Earthel

    Its just always the same

  • Danziii

    I didn't know Usain Bolt was the protagonist, wow. I've never seen a game which has the character move so quick

  • LaserGadgets

    I am a bit disappointed. Huge map, no real chopper targets. Let there be tank-trucks, fuel-tanks, whatever...FC4 had more work for you at hand, they kinda went back to FC3, minus crafting -.-

  • Samuel Roberts

    Be good muted I guess, shitty accents...

  • hamidreza saleh

    He runs oddly too fast!

  • NTA Variety

    Can you link a picture to your settings used for this specific run please. inc FOV etc. Many thanks

  • travis stratton

    The AI is sooo bad and the AI skins are the same. He killed the same dude 10times.

  • Mikehit

    wow, what a FOV, i dont think even VR can pull that off. I would like to see the eyes of the person who plays constantly on a FOV like this. It not even wide angel anymore, its just distortion that makes the game/video look horrible...

  • Isaak N'yuton

    заебала со своим "кууук"... СУКА! Ненавижу теперь это слово.

  • Randy Hoffman

    This game is the same as ghost recon wildlands I think this is a cheat copy game

  • MassFragment

    What's the point of stealth? As soon as you're discovered, shift up into full power fantasy mode and kill everyone effortlessly.

  • Majki Majk

    Hmmm, looks the same as Far Cry 4 but now we play in USA.

  • Martyn Robinson

    It's like a Far Cry 4 expansion. Well done, you just made exactly the same game again...

  • one in a zillion

    NPCs are just bullshit

  • Youtuber27

    Is there anyone who can do this stealthy? Ever walkthrough I see people go in loud.

  • Leon Koundouras

    +Michael Hogman +Geo +Jordon General

  • Randy Hoffman

    Got the cages the same driving the sameall the same

  • Randy Hoffman

    And for that reason I haven't naught game

  • Crowded House

    So, is this gonna be a good PC port then? If so, I'll cancel my PS4 copy.

  • dhia othmani

    i just installed this game on pc and i can't hear any voice acting i can hear eveything else though any solutions ?

  • sodaJ3RK

    geez turn down the fov lol I hate increasing it that high to the point where you get that fish eye look.

  • Sache0190

    ragdoll is from 2006....no reaction to bullet impact. UBISHIT

  • Lexe2009

    Your viewangle seems too wide, it's skewing the left and right of your screen and it looks fugly.

  • isaac so

    Pc specs playing this game?

  • Bangbangbrisk

    Did anyone notice in the beginning the bow and arrows spell evil

  • Fabian YouTube

    can i play with AMD Athlon 4x 860k and GTX 1050 Ti?

  • katherine Aubrey

    i love jess, love her backstory if you actually listen to it, you understand why she hates the cult and wants revenge so badly

  • Willi Hansen

    Who remembers the very first trailers looking all amazing? And this is what it's ended up like. Just like your average console game. Disappointing.

  • Erik Kubica

    Okay, the graphics textures got some upgrade. And huge downgrade in everything else compared to FarCry 4, in 5 the trees, grass,... are not reacting to player and to the NPC´s movement, to the wind,... grass, flowers and the trees have lot less details, they seem like a flat texture... All FarCry´s are played mostly in nature/outside... it´s the most important thing to make nature as realistic as possible from player interaction and level of detail viewpoint.... that makes the game feel like a game from 10 yrs ago instead of the successor to FarCry 4. I liked more the UI of FarCry 4, FarCry 3, FarCry 2 even the original first FarCry. I did not even noticed for the first time that she is opening her mouth when she is talking. I really like all the Farcry´s but this no. 5 is really bad.

  • Mike Lentsch

    ... and what are the specs of this computer, rubes?

  • Rayner Rodrigues

    what is that ridiculous movement speed :/ its too fast

  • Taaroa HD

    Clokner and StealthGamerBR, please teach them how to play FC :'(

  • Austin

    this is just a re-skin of farcry 3, 4, and primal. This series hasn't progressed since 2012!

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