How Fortnite is performing in April 2018 on Nvidia 920m | 920mx Benchmark Test

How Fortnite is performing in April 2018 on Nvidia 920m | 920mx Benchmarks Test

🏁Similar GPUs are Nvidia 920MX , 930M and 740M
💾Recorded with Game DVR and Benchmarked with MSI Afterburner

💻PC Specs:
-Dell 5558
-Intel i5-5200U 2.2 GHz
-GeForce GT 920M 4GB DDR3
-Windows 10 Home 64 bits

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    can u do gta online freeroam test?

  • Dubstep House

    Can i run at high settings intel i3 5005u gt 920m 2gb 4gb ram

  • GameWorld 123

    I was able to play fortnite on high settings at 30 fps locked but sonetimes fps drops occured 5 to 6 second and comes back to normal how to fix fps drops


    5:22 as aspected noooooobb

  • Azy Plays

    Is 920mx better or 150mx?

  • Umut Dinçer

    There is difference between 2GB and 4GB video cards. Can you test PUBG with 920M 2GB ?


    I have Intel core i5 7200U 2.5 ghz8gb ram ddr4Nvidia geforce 920mx 2gbHow much fps can i get in médium settings guys ?

  • Yatin

    please help me outlaptop specs:i3-5005u8gb ram920m 2gbwindows 10 i play at low settings with 1366x768 resolutioni get lag spikes during combat and randomly during running on map, this is making it unplayableI get no lag when i run in the lobby thoughis there any problem in my laptopor any settingsits used to work fine before

  • Jesse Music

    Wow thanks! I run it on almost all high settings except resolution and and I get 35-40, if I run it on low resolution I can’t get 60-70. Really helpful

  • Itachi Uchiha

    Nyc video mate... Plz tell me how many frames u'll get with everything set to high??

  • A ya Tashbaev007

    omg dude..I have 920m in Notebook and i have 30 fps + falling to 1 fps...+ I've updated everything I can.Still lagging.Why?

  • Pratik

    i have i7 5 gen , 4gb ram,gt 920m how much fps do i will get

  • Lumino_S

    Watch is your logiciel of record

  • Hearjini Tlity

    Heh, norm video, but u play like noob (sor guy). In fornite not same mechanic as in pubg or csgo. But like

  • Darknest_YT

    What about i3 and 930m

  • FamBoy

    I have overclocked 920m but I get 30fps in low quality. Why? I have same specs as yours but a lenovo yoga and 4gb ddr3l, and i5 5500.

  • Hearjini Tlity

    I think fortnite is more dynamic that pubg

  • Rogues from Youtube

    Hey what should I do my CPU is getting heated while playing far cry 3 please give me suggestions what to do to prevent overheating

  • Aman Trivedi

    Hey I have the same lappy for a reason sometimes my fps drops every 5 Mins and comes back up to normal are u getting that issue

  • John Doe

    How many fps without recording

  • Um3sk

    i have a:intel core i5-4210U 1.7GHz turbo boost to 2.7GHzNVIDIA GeForce 920M 2GB dedicated VRAM6GB RAMand i have 60 fps but sometimes go to 20 fps and lags a lot , WHY???? something wrong with my laptop or just i dont have the recomended specs for play without lag?GAME SETTINGS:all in low

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