Horizon Zero Dawn Graphics Comparison: PS4 vs. PS4 Pro

A detailed look at the visual fidelity of Horizon Zero Dawn on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.

Note: Horizon Zero Dawn features dynamic lighting and weather, making exact comparisons nearly impossible.

PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements Patch 1.02:

Favor Performance - "Renders the game with a smoother framerate and with enhanced graphical features"

Favor Resolution - "Renders the game at 2160p Checkerboard resolution. Supersamples to your display resolution if your display does not support 4K."

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  • Mark Anderson

    Pro is a waste, had one and regretted it, some games ran worse, and some would freeze during installation and wouldnt finish. Got rid of that and got the slim, and problem free

  • oussama abdelghani

    If you have a pro congrats but stop trying to make the standard look worst Same gameplay = same gameKeep zooming in the background to find a small difference that make you proud that you bought the pro lol

  • Dreia

    You don't see a difference because you are not using a 4k tv to watch this video

  • omfgwtfbbq90

    The eagle eyed viewers will see difference. Especially in the last shots, the trees in mist in the distance look more realistic.And obviously a YouTube video (even on 4K screen) isn't going to justify you actually playing on a 4K screen.

  • Jesse Turner

    I really don’t see any dramatic differences. I’m starting to get pissed that I bought a pro

  • Rodney Tordai

    Look damn near identical

  • sergio Hernandez

    If you aren’t watching this on a 4K device you won’t see the difference


    Regular or pro it’s the same great game

  • frankyy

    I'm just happy with my new PS4 slim and 1080P HDR :)

  • P J

    ''4k'' upscaled 1080P-

  • Jimmy Recard

    It feels like this is one of those troll videos where it's the exact same video in all the clips. I have a higher end 1080p plasma. I am in middle of finishing HZD now.. It looks amazing. The XBX surprisingly runs Wolfenstein 2 at a pretty high level also. Both look amazing. And I love BF1 which I've nearly finished too. I thought COD WWII was great until I played BF1.. What a difference.

  • FA S

    I can barely tell the difference....


    I don't see a difference (although my eyes aren't really good so that's why)

  • whitefangv

    This is dumb, unless you are watching this on a 4K display you won't be able to tell the difference.

  • Samantha Horne

    Okay you can see the difference but if you have to look at pictures framed side by side it's not worth $400

  • TheLordstrider

    Do i need to see an eye doctor ASAP? or there is no difference what so ever O_O

  • Ben Fletcher

    Everyone is saying they dont see difference but i do, maybe because i am a pc gamer and playon 4k normally

  • js100serch

    I like the colors of the PRO, PRO 4K looks washed out and 4 looks good enough.

  • Revanth

    I'm glad Sony isn't downgrading the graphics on PS4 to force users to go for the Pro.

  • Pekka

    nao tem diferença nao, se pegar o ps4 normal e por em uma tv 4k fica a mesma bosta

  • Explosion Nightmare

    Ps4 pro 4K is better.. too bad I only have ps4

  • Vincent tique

    I haven't Bought a console yet PS4 Or PS4 Pro I have a 1080p TV What should i buy?

  • Samantha Horne

    Okay you can see the difference but if you have to look at pictures framed side by side it's not worth $400

  • CX

    I'm keeping my slim :|

  • Luke Bannon

    Wow, there are definitely some differences. Draw distances are massively increased on pro! glad I own one.

  • VoidWalker

    How hard is it to fcking add 60fps mod?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Turel

    Is that really the size of her head, or some cheat code?

  • Kevin Bolton

    Just by playing fortnite I can tell you the pro runs way better

  • Danny Draws

    both consoles still run this game at 30fps

  • ficha13

    That's literally no difference, at least on a 1080p screen. The only plus is probably performance

  • Samantha Horne

    See any difference no didn't think so

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