TOP 13 TRICKS for Beginning FAR CRY 5 - How to Play Like a Boss

Let's talk about the best ways to succeed from the start in Far Cry 5 with these top 13 tips. Begin your game already knowing what to do, and be the purely actual actualizer of Hope County, Montana.

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  • Froggy 111

    I used Adelaide but she repeatedly flied into the mountains.

  • Samuel Karnbo

    Wait WTF is tip 1 a joke? First of all you unlock that perk by getting any 3 specialists, I got it after 1 animal specialist and 2 human ones, second WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU PREFER HUMANS? all the humans do is starting fights when you try to stealth or taking 10 hours to kill a target or dying, all the animals are always much better

  • Jorge Perez

    I can't liberate the FANG center! Frustrating.

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