TOP 13 TRICKS for Beginning FAR CRY 5 - How to Play Like a Boss

Let's talk about the best ways to succeed from the start in Far Cry 5 with these top 13 tips. Begin your game already knowing what to do, and be the purely actual actualizer of Hope County, Montana.

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  • Soilder 4576_FPS

    Hey, dark dally emm just saying, just cause3 did it first , but either way great vid.

  • magicmulder

    12:34 Honey badger attack bison. Bison big? Honey badger don't care!

  • Richard Smith

    Easiest way to get perk points is to sit on the side of the road near a gun shop and kill the enemy with every weapon. I sat at Drubman Marina and used every weapon and maxed about in about 1 hour on the weapon kills. To acquire the funds I simply fished for the Rainbow Trout. boring and long but I never had to leave the area. Next is to find the stashes. Christ I was maxed out with everything possible to the point of killing a boss. All that work to get a shitty ending. Far Cry 5 was not a challenged just an annoying inconvenience,

  • purchonempire

    Another tip for money is to have boomer as your companion. As he loots enemy corpses after a fight. It's not much but it saves you time and effort to doing this yourself and the risk of accidentally swapping out your weapons. 😊

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