NEW Far Cry 5 Trainer +28 Cheats


This Far Cry 5 trainer features 24 cheats and mods including:
Unlimited Health
One-Hit Kills
Unlimited Ammo
No Reload
Unlimited Grenades
Unlimited Throwables
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Perk Points
No Recoil
Super Accuracy
Ghost Mode
Unlimited Items

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  • fox xof

    Чит для Far Cry 5 trainer +21 1 Inf. Health БессмертиеNumpad 2 Inf. Stamina Беск. ВыносливостьNumpad 3 Inf. Oxygen Беск. КислородNumpad 4 Inf. Ammo Беск. ПатроныNumpad 5 Inf. Throwables Беск. Брос. ПредметыNumpad 6 No Reload Без ПерезарядкиNumpad 7 No Recoil Без ОтдачиNumpad 8 Enemy Not Shoot Враги не СтреляютNumpad 9 Inf. Drug Duration Беск. Прод. НаркотиковNumpad 0 No Materials Req. Без Требований по Матер.Numpad . Stealth НевидимостьNumpad + Unlock All Store Items Разбл. Все Предм. в Магаз.Numpad - No Overheat Без ПерегреваCtrl+Num 1 Inf. Money Беск. ДеньгиCtrl+Num 2 Inf. SP Беск. Очки ПрокачкиCtrl+Num 3 Inf. Parts & Comp. Беск. Запчасти и Комп.Ctrl+Num 4 Inf. Meds Беск. АптечкиCtrl+Num 5 Fish. Line Not Break Леска не РветсяCtrl+Num 6 +30 Sec. on Timer Добавить Время на ТаймерPage Up Super Speed Супер СкоростьPage Down Bullet Time Замедлить ВремяHome Disable All Отменить ВсёИнструкция по использованию:Скопировать все файлы из архива в корень установленной игры.Запустить сначала трейнер, потом игру.Во время игры нажимайте на клавиши указанные в трейнере.~~~Возможна ложная тревога ваших антивирусов на трейнер, перед игрой не забудьте отключить AV во избежание конфликтных ситуаций с ним.Трейнер предназначен только для цифровой лицензии, работа на пиратских версиях не гарантируется!

  • Daniel Stanescu

    PATCH ERROR :Far cry 5 requires special file patching to use cheats, but we were unable to patch your game . Please close the game if you have it open. Otherwiese you may be running an unsupported version ! Please Help my .... I do not know what to do . :( :(

  • Nicolas Theret

    Hi ! When I put unlimited perk or money, can I Return to 0 ?

  • kumar kn

    Does it work for pirated version

  • Tubby Custard

    I keep getting a patch error ever since i updated infinity

  • Generic channel



    after playing with those cheats alot... it tells me that i need a special patch to make it work again. how can i get this patch??? PLZ HELP

  • Color Maxs

    no funciona, me dice pacht error :(

  • RoyaltyWafflesYT

    Pls help It says ''Failed to Start Game : We're Having Trouble Starting or Finding your game''

  • YeYe Gaming

    Does this support steam

  • Justin Samuels

    This is my first PC game because my friend just bought me a PC for my birthday. So after I download it I'm a bit confused do I open my game and it is automatically there or is there another step I have to do?

  • Darude Sandstorm

    Cool, it even works for torrented far cry 5 :3 Thanks


    How about adding super run and jump?


    for the ones their game doesn't start after fire up the trainer , it deletes the FarcryLauncer.exe file and remaining Farcry .exe file is useless if you have only pirated version.

  • Thicc African Man

    Only one i'd use is unlimited ammo it dosen't destroy the gameplay like god more or rapid fire would

  • BlackBeard

    Hello WeMod i Have buyed Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon Wildlands and before i saw it on infinity as i buyed it it was away i wish you add it again to infinity :-)

  • CourZe

    can you get ban with this?

  • Jeferson Fermino

    not work cpy version. shit

  • Nathan Vosburgh

    the infinity thing does not work it shows the games i have installed and supported but when i click on the game to show its options and click play it will say fail to start game i bet you any money you have to upgrade to PRO in other words you HAVE TO PAY for a freaking trainer and thats kinda stupid and low

  • GeneralChari

    Skill points show me that i have 999 points but whenever i hit enter on a skill point that i want it doesnt do anything and

  • Truls martin ravnanger

    is this for ps4 or pc

  • Harlan Li

    Please make a version for uplay

  • Whipped Cream

    Game wont open after trying this having to re-download. Its the cracked skidrow game i have

  • Tela Ko

    go here for free PC games :) u can use infinity on the free games :

  • Chandra Chur Roy

    Hey I download it on my laptop but when I run it. It was showing please wait a second then download failed

  • Ryuu CZ

    make cheat to unlock locked weapons

  • M.K

    Virüs!!!!! l scan virus total

  • Aniduban

    only steam or Uplay?

  • Nathan Vosburgh

    so I get this after running the game and try to play the trainer Patch Note Error Far Cry 5 requires special file patching to use cheats, but we were unable to patch your game. Please close the game if you have it open. Otherwise you may be running an unsupported version

  • sonu singh

    my game is not working after using this trainer help me out ?

  • Vadi Raj

    It's not working

  • Kunlambo

    love it so ez install ♥

  • Scottish Person

    could you please do the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series?

  • Peter Ong

    Is there a way to reset the perk points? I've gotten all the perks but I dislike having 900 perk points left

  • Phillip Marsan

    the perk point cheat doesn't work with the uplay version of the game

  • Moon Man

    well shit it actually worked lol thanks, I killed Faith Seed once and for all smh


    When u add money can u remove it again???

  • Richard Hardman

    Will it be updated anytime soon, will not work with latest version

  • Jordan ArSenix

    Hello, thank you ! But why the trainer is dont work to Brawhlalla ?

  • protools fanatic

    works for every game i use except cod ww2..just crashes viruses or add ons on this download very impressed..very fun jumping over mountains far cry 5 just yeh if anyone has any idea why cod ww2 keeps crashing on start up please comment.

  • LORD Tollheit

    doesnt work at all after the last infinity update... i dont even see the options, far cry 5 is just blank.

  • Lionel Silvent

    une arnaque faut payer 60€ pour être au mode gold et encore 60€ pour être en mode diamond et c'est a ce niveau qu'ont peut accéder au mode triche....une vrai arnaque

  • Nukeyduh Plays

    What does this work on?

  • Nathan Vosburgh

    i think the infinity program is out of date it don't work with my supported game

  • Rainbotic

    Do you have to disable eac?

  • christy mathew

    ive been using your trainer for a while , recently downloded farcry 5 it worked perfect but the second time i try to play the trainer cant launch the game why??

  • theactualist

    Does it work on consoles?

  • Thích Chơi Games

    make cheat Dishonored The Knife of Dunwall pls

  • J K

    Excellent trainer; some suggestions:Changing the jump modifier and the run modifier, both of them are too much even at 2. The jumping hurts you and the running causes the game to not load fast enough. If you can change those to decimal increments it would be a lot better.Additionally; something I would like to see is a fire rate modifier if that is possible.

  • enkrypt3d

    Can you make that intro any fucking louder?

  • Kanishka Nayanajith

    Is this steam game play ??

  • CallSighn IKE

    No matter what I do it always says failed to load cheats

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