Who needs this much GPU POWER?!?! MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X

Today I take a look at the MSI GTX 1080Ti GAMING X 11G... this
much GPU horsepower should be illegal!

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  • Jamie O

    evga 1080 ti sc2 hybid owner here ;)

  • Thunder Kat

    Companys still use CD xD...Is time they add some 1GB cheap as fuck USB with the drivers on it.

  • Gaming With Jonathan

    But can it play Pac-Man?

  • Rudal

    honestly, who gives a fuck about if card is black or red? are you 12 year old girls or what?

  • GladiusYTR

    This is planty abuse!!1one1!!1

  • MattacksRC

    i just got one of these cards... well not this one specifically.. I have a gigabyte aorus.. but whoa!! this thing dumps some serious heat while its making all of those pretty graphics.

  • bee boo

    Jay you are the man !!!!! Just do me a huge favor. Keep up the great reviews....THANK YOU for having MORE PERSONALITY then nearly every YouTuber who has tested/unboxed PC equipment. As for the favor I ask, please "Do not explain yourself due to scumbags on YouTube". I got a stalker, who believes they are smarter than me in PC stuff. I shall let them believe that and win the war; in their mind. :)

  • Thunder Kat

    I love MSI, my old motherboard for the AMD Athlon XP never die on me, same as the GTS 250 and the GTX 760 they last for a life time, totally worth paying the extra money.

  • keyable

    video starts at 1:00

  • Kyle Ela

    Personally it really depends, if I can afford the best of the best I'm going to get the best of the best so to speak custom cables for my power supply so on. But I'm more of a practical person so if it works and it's amazing it's enough for me. I do enjoy ascetics but function overrides that for me.


    twin cooler edition to be fair OC1070ti Graphics score time spy 7902 OC time spy system score i5 7600k OC 7268 FTWALSO Jays scores are system score it appears, so CPU will have impact on system scores. Wish they were GPU scores shown or at the very least show system info.

  • MrDelargomatigo

    The carton is almost wider than his shoulder

  • Beershake

    I would buy a 1080 over a 1070Ti just because FE design isn't anymore available for 1070Ti, even if that would break my budget lol. I mean I just like FE design lol

  • Tony Merlot

    I need a 1080ti cuz I want xplane11/Aerofly2 in Virtual Reality and as realistic as possible. The 1080ti delivers☺😊😀😁😂

  • Jack Waller Magic

    I actually payed £50 more for this card because the black & red fit in with my build over the silver look of the evga card

  • Agremen


  • Aux Paddy

    My theme is red and black sooo.....

  • Ozren Zecevic

    Which brand should i buy gtx 1080 ti msi armor msi gaming x or gygabite or gygabite AORUS ,zotac inno3d EVGA palit gainward asus palit ,Manli for temperature :).

  • jutubaeh

    what about thank you and a printed pröd date för case stickeR . . ? then you can see how long you have the card -.- för thöse who buy new card every. . ? two years X D i mean like with evga ^ ^ next instepcktiön @ ^ ^

  • Mike Buck

    Me 1080 ti ftw3 elite sli :D with that 16 core threadripper beast

  • some kid

    Give away free robux

  • Korrupted Gaming

    Not only does this guy do a great job but he is hilarious. "This card is pretty damn.... Beefy!" as he smacks everything off the table to make room for the beef. 😂

  • Luck Xing

    Jay, now there’s a msi 1080 ti trio which has 3 fans and it’s back and gray

  • ElectricBlade

    omfg i wish i would had bought it back then :( man there goes my budget for the graphics card. I like the Red and Black its nice. Goes with the build but the price is outrageous right now. Prices need to plummet down to a more gamer friendly price point not a miners price point. Even then miners want profit i don't think much profit if they are trying to get in it right now. I mean prices are so high you wont see a return of your investment at this time. You need a to build a monster and the time it takes to pay it back the prices will drop and the mining market will crash again. Thats my opinion. So yea manufacturers. Please bring it down.

  • Joe Cortese

    color of a card fan? No...I dont give a shit

  • jutubaeh

    0:30 wow a mobo with 2x län ^^ im intrick´D jays bäshd thröws and... wipes ^

  • jake johansen

    naw bud the cards going in a box in my case best bang for the buck i dont care for the color.

  • scoobtoober29

    That plant is covering your junk. So sexy

  • Alireza Asadi

    Damn u i want this card so bad i have a gigabyte 1060 6gb now

  • McRom3

    yeah not buying this thing, less i hit the LOTTO

  • Hatewine

    i know the question in the title was rhetorical but, who really needs this much gpu power ???

  • Sean Johnson

    Colour be damned. I'm all about the performance.


    Still don't get it, someone buys 4k monitor for higher resolution but then has to set game settings to high to get max 60fps. This still boggles me. Feel free to explain why anyone would do this?

  • bogdan bogdan

    Why would I buy a this expensive gpu, when I can simply download FPS online?

  • Thunder Kat

    Anyone doing 165Hz at 1440p/4k need even more than this 1080ti to run their games at optimal monitor specs.

  • pat plante

    Welcome to canada where this graphics card due to huge markups right now is $1299.00

  • Ranch

    So this is kinda random, i got my MSI 1080 Ti Gaming X and i cant seem to change brightness on the LEDs its set to 60 and i want it to 100 ofc... i can only change the MSI part with different colors but not brightness. Tried msi gaming app, tried mystic light, tried nvidia LED thingy... anyone that can help me or have the same problem as me? I would deeply appreciate it.

  • frumputus

    In needy of a neighborhood white kid for only one-time donation of a gtx 1080 ti.

  • Patrick Reiner

    I prefer a sleeper pc(a non-windowed tower that looks like junk on the outside but has high performance parts on the inside) So the looks don't matter to me.

  • Santissimo

    is this the best built 1080ti? seems like the EVGA is pretty well built aswell.

  • Cherubim666999

    if i could get it for 700 bucks..i wouldnt give a damn if it was baby shit green and and band-aid color

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