Far Cry 5 - Extreme Towing

It seems my towing business is finally taking off..
  • C Olsen

    Perfect flyin' conditions.

  • TheRougeSky

    Nice vid, great timing with Rye's remark. This reminds of something a buddy of mine did with a similar glitch (different vehicles but basically the same result) to reach an otherwise unreachable exit in a player made "go to the exit" type map in the Arcade mode designed solely to troll anyone trying finish it (with out doing something game breaking there was no legit way to get the the exit, so creator was banking on people just rage quitting, I mean the map was called something like "Kill Yourself" or "Just Die" or something like that). It takes a special kind of jerk to invest enough time in making a decent (at least by day 2 or 3 standards) custom map that nobody can legit finish without exploiting game glitches.

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