9 Things Far Cry 5 Doesn't Tell You

IGN clues you into nine helpful things that Far Cry 5 forgets to mention in its tutorials.

16 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Gameplay - A Dish Served Cold Mission (4K 60fps):

Far Cry 5: Saving Your Comrades Co-Op Gameplay (4K 60fps):

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  • 999alex9991

    arcade required xbox live, so if you don'T have it, well forget that

  • Mr. Ted

    Far Cry 3 was my favourite Far Cry, now it's Far Cry 5

  • Torchmanz

    Anyone else sad that you beat the game? I wanted it to keep on going :(

  • Gatorade Me Bitch

    i just finished the game, and i think i'll play it again straight away. The ending was, well, shitty, but now that it ended, without more spoilers, i must actually start over to know that what im doing is of any purpose, like side-missions. Also, maybe challenge myself to not die ONCE.

  • Qflick

    I have no more sickies left 😄

  • Lenard Roque

    This game is totally litI'm new to FarCry and this is amazing!

  • Randy Smith

    You can change your gender and your hair

  • darren zou

    The special sniper is really good too good infact

  • Corbin Garrett

    If you'd played any previous far cry, you'd already know most of these "tips"

  • Sir_ TopCat

    Or... you could just let the insanely generous auto aim let you get head shots every 1-2 shots, if you know where the center of your screen is.

  • Aiden Bazylinski

    I DONT regret that mullet

  • Balthazar Naylor

    My favorite thing in far cry 5 is that there is actually bullet physics and post penetration damage to enemies in vehicles

  • Blood Red

    Finished this today. And I could quite happily start a new game tomorrow knowing it will be nothing like the first time I play it (barring the plot obviously).

  • J G

    There is a lot in this game that you have to learn yourself. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to someone if it’s their first FC game

  • Justin Perry

    2:30 where can I get those gloves?

  • Joysticks Member

    i know all of these things except for the last one

  • Ready Player Nguyen

    Number 10: it costs $60.

  • Terry Lord

    That looks completely awesome, I loved 2 & 3

  • Corbin Garrett

    If you opt to keep the classic driving controls, your sidearm has an aim assist that is very, very generous. I kept the classic controls for this reason only.

  • Rhys

    my man Chris Ambrose has 61 kills mate

  • Self Righteous Jerk

    If you fly low enough in a copter it reveals the map. At least it did for me.

  • Wort wort what

    So i have a solution for that first problem. Get a pc

  • Puya Rahmanian

    Should I get this? I loved 3, but wasn't a fan of 4 if that tells you anything.

  • Gitali Jetli

    This is the far cry that seems most interesting even though I hate fps games as fps makes me nauseous

  • Jacob Flavell

    In the new update you can change your gender after you select it

  • Alan_ Drawz

    10. The game isn't as good as everyone says

  • Funsyze

    Wait whats the small amount of music at the beginning?

  • Peter Piper

    How are you flying the helicopter so fast? When I fly it’s super slow, not super fly.

  • VroodenTheGreat

    Tip: All mounted guns have unlimited ammo, including the ones on planes and helicopters. So grab a truck with one, or a helicopter or plane to avoid having to constantly purchase costly ammo.

  • Jym E. Changa

    the problem is you can't replay missions or cut scenes. Say you wanted explore some of the prepper stashes in those caves, just to roam around. Nope. The bleeding out is a clear ripoff from sniper elite 4. Another thing, forget using aracde mode if you don't have a PS4 plus or xbox live subscripton. Even on solo mode!

  • John Michael Halbig

    John Seed and Whitehorse have the same exact face, just different hair and facial hair. Found out from the special outfits.

  • InsaneGamer 223

    Oh thank God you can change the controls on shooting while driving thx for the info 👌😎

  • Brayden Pernell

    There was a bit of a mistake is the video. You guys said that if you fast travel in a vehicle, the vehicle will come with, but only if it’s a land vehicle. You can actually bring an aircraft through fast travel with you, you can at least bring a helicopter with you.

  • Liam English

    I also upgraded my perks to get the wingsuit, parachute and grapple and didnt know how to use them properly or if i even had them until like 10hrs into the game. The game really immerses you into it so you have to really learn stuff on the fly.

  • Champloo

    I just want to know what John Seed whispered to Nick Rye in the church before cutting the "greed" scar off his chest.

  • Beth Simionescu

    At least it tells us who drops the bombs

  • Bob Bob

    U and your 2 followers can fly around in 3 different choppers. This creates some epic moments and is also just really powerful

  • TheitaniofRome

    Did anyone play the game with out a mullet?

  • N O T O R I O U S G H O U L

    You can change your charecters gender in game it will just take you to main menu

  • Sphereslip

    9 things everyone knows about Far Cry 5, but we will just make a video anyway.

  • Subhash Chander

    I have far cry 5 its awsome

  • HomeGrown

    I dont find it hard shooting sideways out the cars

  • Denovanligaman ,

    Everyone doesnt play on ps4

  • tigertom58

    why they get rid of healing animations

  • Emily Green

    You said assault rifle you must be a liberal

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