9 Things Far Cry 5 Doesn't Tell You

IGN clues you into nine helpful things that Far Cry 5 forgets to mention in its tutorials.

16 Minutes of Far Cry 5 Gameplay - A Dish Served Cold Mission (4K 60fps):

Far Cry 5: Saving Your Comrades Co-Op Gameplay (4K 60fps):

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  • Randy Smith

    You can change your gender and your hair

  • Justin Perry

    2:30 where can I get those gloves?

  • Subhash Chander

    I have far cry 5 its awsome

  • Joysticks Member

    i know all of these things except for the last one

  • Corbin Garrett

    If you opt to keep the classic driving controls, your sidearm has an aim assist that is very, very generous. I kept the classic controls for this reason only.

  • Dranzer Jetli

    This is the far cry that seems most interesting even though I hate fps games as fps makes me nauseous

  • Champloo

    I just want to know what John Seed whispered to Nick Rye in the church before cutting the "greed" scar off his chest.

  • Matthias Ka

    Taking ur helicopter with you works too in fast travel

  • tigertom58

    why they get rid of healing animations

  • T A

    This game is so damn short ... And I hate there's no random matchmaking ... The arcade is only thing that saves after the fact ..

  • John Michael Halbig

    John Seed and Whitehorse have the same exact face, just different hair and facial hair. Found out from the special outfits.

  • Bob Bob

    U and your 2 followers can fly around in 3 different choppers. This creates some epic moments and is also just really powerful

  • Blood Red

    Finished this today. And I could quite happily start a new game tomorrow knowing it will be nothing like the first time I play it (barring the plot obviously).

  • Alan_ Drawz

    10. The game isn't as good as everyone says

  • Lenard Rivero

    This game is totally litI'm new to FarCry and this is amazing!

  • Sir_ TopCat

    Or... you could just let the insanely generous auto aim let you get head shots every 1-2 shots, if you know where the center of your screen is.

  • darren zou

    The special sniper is really good too good infact

  • Katrina B

    I had a great time watching VoscalVids playthrough of Farcry 5 (FYI)

  • Jacob Persaud

    Who else has completed the game?!

  • dazzaburger

    I'm disappointed with Far Cry 5 the story is linear and the missions are repetitive and the arcade is very boring

  • Wort wort what

    So i have a solution for that first problem. Get a pc

  • 999alex9991

    arcade required xbox live, so if you don'T have it, well forget that

  • Brayden Pernell

    There was a bit of a mistake is the video. You guys said that if you fast travel in a vehicle, the vehicle will come with, but only if it’s a land vehicle. You can actually bring an aircraft through fast travel with you, you can at least bring a helicopter with you.

  • Mike Jones

    What are those gloves?

  • Beth Simionescu

    At least it tells us who drops the bombs

  • Corvus 93

    Should I get this? I loved 3, but wasn't a fan of 4 if that tells you anything.

  • Valarinan

    Psychotic != Psychopathic

  • N O T O R I O U S G H O U L

    You can change your charecters gender in game it will just take you to main menu

  • TheitaniofRome

    Did anyone play the game with out a mullet?

  • Liam English

    I also upgraded my perks to get the wingsuit, parachute and grapple and didnt know how to use them properly or if i even had them until like 10hrs into the game. The game really immerses you into it so you have to really learn stuff on the fly.

  • Sphereslip

    9 things everyone knows about Far Cry 5, but we will just make a video anyway.

  • Gatorade Me Bitch

    i just finished the game, and i think i'll play it again straight away. The ending was, well, shitty, but now that it ended, without more spoilers, i must actually start over to know that what im doing is of any purpose, like side-missions. Also, maybe challenge myself to not die ONCE.

  • Rhys

    my man Chris Ambrose has 61 kills mate

  • J G

    There is a lot in this game that you have to learn yourself. I definitely wouldn’t recommend this to someone if it’s their first FC game

  • Mr. Ted

    Far Cry 3 was my favourite Far Cry, now it's Far Cry 5

  • Qflick

    I have no more sickies left 😄

  • Zion1Llama

    I beat the game in 20 hours and never did the arcade mode or any other thing I just did the real campaign and I’m about to restart

  • avg joe gaming

    In far cry 4 you could drive and shoot with no problems

  • InsaneGamer 223

    Oh thank God you can change the controls on shooting while driving thx for the info 👌😎

  • Peter Piper

    How are you flying the helicopter so fast? When I fly it’s super slow, not super fly.

  • HomeGrown

    I dont find it hard shooting sideways out the cars

  • VroodenTheGreat

    Tip: All mounted guns have unlimited ammo, including the ones on planes and helicopters. So grab a truck with one, or a helicopter or plane to avoid having to constantly purchase costly ammo.

  • Corbin Garrett

    If you'd played any previous far cry, you'd already know most of these "tips"

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