Far Cry 5 - Before You Buy

Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) takes the franchise to the United States and adds some new changes that you might not immediately notice. Is it worth it? Let's talk!
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  • docmass15

    Were you playing on Pc? can you change you FOV? they should let you choose FOV in options for consoles they did it with doom 4 and BF1. it actually looks a bit better if you can atleast customize just little. doesnt really bother me to much im just saying id like to to see the sexy gun while im shooting.

  • Question Blockz

    I just fricking got farcry 4 and now farcry 5 and mor i got ps3 and then ps4 out

  • Katie Dye

    I'm playing on ps4 and my least favourite thing is the sprint toggle! Hurt my hand every time I play it!

  • Mas Ter

    Far Cry5 Before You Buy Kiss My MoM's ASS Ok

  • MrBarni

    I have gtx 1050 Oc and i7 870 12Gb ram and it runs on medium 60fps. im happy obout good game optimizion..

  • SoulSlayerFTW 420

    Am I the only one that thinks busy work In far cry is fun

  • Justa carguy

    I'll say I've been pretty loyal to far cry since far cry 2 came out, but honestly, the story is the story is almost the same as the previous two entries with a few details either added or changed. Not to mention all the bullshit tasks that interrupt the flow of gameplay. One minute I'm shooting at a bear that's attacking an outpost and the next I'm somehow teleported into a trippy building where I have to kill all these people in less than 1 minute? What the actual fuck. This will be the last Far Cry game I buy no doubt.

  • Scott Drahos

    I just got this game yesterday the story seems interesting and I wanna like it but it's hard to with the gameplay the A.I. Seems sudical on the hardest mode

  • Kevin Louis

    Bring Pagan Min backPagan Min!,Pagan Min!,Pagan Min!,Pagan Min!

  • Connor C

    How dose it run on a decent pc?

  • Florin Daniel

    Ending of these game sucks . really . even the easter egg from begining . the game is awsome but story line need to be worked a loot . everytime you reach a new level in story line you got pass trough cinematic and moved to another place just like that . when they said he will send everything to get you at that time you will be in the hands of the priest . anyway . like i said game i awsome gameranx told the truth about the cars and the enemies that pass near you that you engage in combat with them the same as when you talk with npc will be distracted about these events . the game need some fixing . but the rest is ok .

  • Alexander Rdzen

    The AI is great! The story.. Not so much. The missions were not that thought out and repetitive. I don't get why you can't run away when you're being hunted. I mean I was flying in a plane, I was hiding in a tower. Nothing could possibly hit me and still.. FC3 was the best, and I do think FC4 was better than FC5. But that doesn't mean FC5 is bad. Just not as good as the other 2.

  • Santanu Dey

    far cry 5 is absolute garbage just like NFS payback...dose not worth the money or the time

  • Laurel Reef

    I still just don't know whether to get this game or not. The things that put me off are...a) The lack of story. I really don't care about a political statement, in fact political statements in games and movies, more time than not irritate me for, more times than not, being forced and preachy. I just want a good plot, with exciting twists and turns and interesting characters.b) I'm not loving the idea of getting immersed in the world, only to be set upon by random enemies. I really value exploration. I like combat and stealth, if the enemies are where they are supposed to be.All this being said, I love the look of the game. I love how there's four different areas to secure, which I've been told all have a different feel to them. I also love how you said sometimes it even feels a bit like Outlast, because I love gore and violence and to be scared in video games.I wish I could make my mind up whether or not to get this game.

  • Z33NY

    what should i buy if i want something similar to this?


    Far cry 5 is boring and annoying as hell

  • Dunjo Dia

    I wanted to get this game until I heard it was going against religion. I'm so sick of these leftwing extremist and their stupidity. Make a dam game without it being about religion or politics! Something everyone can play with.

  • gameranx

    What's your favorite Far Cry? Are you one of those people that secretly worship FC2?

  • Sam Rawlings

    Is Farcry 5 worth buying, currently in two minds

  • ralesh kumar

    Just bought this... The Mute Character is a deal breaker for me. It just isn't what any far cry has been about up until now. It's what immerses me into the story during cut scenes and dialogue.

  • Chintu Dan

    god war or farcry like for farcrycomment for god of war

  • Trap 4 Thr33 #MyNameisDarrell

    Idc what anyone says far cry 5 is IMO one of the best games this year the way you can customize shits it’s lit the story isn’t better than 3 but it’s a deeper story I love this game it’s worth every penny again that’s imo

  • Laurencin

    I agree..the respawn rate of the enemies needs to be patched.

  • Switch Back

    Oh this game is full of glitches. I've seen enemies drop from thin air right in front of me.

  • Michael Olyer

    If I have never played far cry before, is this a game that I can pick up and enjoy and know what's going on? Or do I need to know the previous 4 to understand?

  • Joseph Seed

    Why watch this video instead of buying this amazing game??

  • GLITCH boi

    Should I go for it? I m STILL confused

  • Michael B.

    I thought this game was amazing. I would definitely recommend it.

  • ItsYaBoyWhiteChocolate

    Thinking about buying it but i have never played a far cry gameWould i get the story?Is the story good?Online?


    It isn't worth it. Don't buy this shit full price. Buy it on sale in a few months or a year. It's boring. It's repetitive. It's got the lamest and the least amount of weapons out of all the far cry franchise. Abilities are no where as dope as far cry 3. It's also very unbalanced. Every 5 seconds something is fucking attacking you. Arcade is the best part of the game. I spend most my time playing created maps with friends. Its a disappointment for sure. It looks amazing but it's really just mediocre when you start playing it. I can also say it's probably the most dull most boring world out of all the far cry franchise. Africa was fucking dope, Asia was fucking dope, and 3 was probably the best world to explore and fight on! Far cry 5 is most definitely a step down and it's becoming more and more apparent that it's just a big ass cash grab with all the prestige weapons and ridiculous grinding to get anything. Far cry 5 wasn't made for far cry players. Far Cry always told action packed stories that you were in control of. You are the bad ass. And you control the bad assery! I remember in far cry three I was up against four pirates when my pistol jammed so I grabbed the first pirate and pulled his pistol out and finished off the rest with his gun. You can't do shit like that anymore. No more skinning and healing animations. It's just not the same game. Previous far cry games played like John wick simulators or some shit and far cry 5 just plays stale. Now. Don't twist my words and say I said it was a terrible game. It has its plus sides. I do believe it's a game you should get, just don't get it full price or you will be disappointed.

  • Domzdream

    I was too quick to criticize FC5. It is a brilliant game indeed! Addictive. And best of all, you get to shoot lots of religious people! Yessss!

  • Charlie Nicholson

    God I hate it when gane characters are mute I'm decided not the buy the game when I realised the character was mute it's just makes me not give a fuck about the chatrctir or story I remember seeing ajay and Jason reactions, and viewpoints in the game and I loved that far cry I'll wait a few years until it's like £10 in a sale

  • Black0ps

    Far cry 1 and 2 are the best

  • l.Viper

    I got it for free xd

  • Princesa Villa

    Now I’m getting this 1st far cry game lol

  • Gregoryderpwrld 1

    Get the game it’s fun -a 11 year old

  • Ozytastic

    I bought far cry 5 gold edition and I gotta say it definitely lived up to the hype I had for it I love the story and everything about it aside from a few things, the game feels a lot more arcady and easy as opposed to the other far cry games that felt a lot more serious, far cry 5 at some points even felt like a dream because of how easy and arcady it felt to me, now that's just me I'm sure other people will feel different but aside from that I didn't really have any major issues with the game, it was definitely worth buying And I actually have a great idea for a far cry game that I've thought of for quite a while, and that is a far cry game set up in Canada where you would be up against a militia group. I feel like Canada, more so the rural countryside like in far cry 5 would work great, I love winter and when I see it snowing I just feel very peaceful and happy so to see a far cry game set in a place where it snows would be wonderful for me, and the snow would even work tremendously in multiple ways, for example say you're going to take out an outpost but there's a blizzard, it would make stealth easier but at the same time maybe you'd have to stay close to fire in order to stay warm or instead maybe the snow on the ground is thick and makes it difficult to move around faster and with you moving through the thick snowy ground it makes your movement a little louder because of the crunching you make while moving around in the snow, as well it could work for a story mission. You get captured and have to escape the militia but they took away a lot of your warm clothing so you end up having to stay by fire or even make a fire to stay warm, I just feel like it would be a terrific setting for a far cry game and really make it feel like an authentic survival shooter rather than just like how wolfenstein feels where you're just a one man army, shoot everything you see kind of game, and one final piece I want to add is it also fits in with far cry's style of taking a beautiful place and turning it into a horrific warzone because the snowy countryside is truly beautiful in my opinion, it looks peaceful so take that beautiful peaceful look and make it a warzone

  • Razor XMX

    Should I buy gold edition or standart edition

  • Andretti Agopiian

    the con people say about this game is so stupid

  • MidnightRage

    well ii am only looking this after i bought it

  • nova1173

    this game without most of the hud is 10 times better

  • Space Doggo

    Does any one know if I can get the game free if I already bought it on PS4 and I want to play on PC it looks like shit on ps4

  • Yourboy

    If you can see past the glitches this is a pretty good game

  • Son Gohan

    The game could have been better. There are no guns in the game and the story is weird and the animals are lame. Shame hope they update the game and put more guns in the game and more animals.

  • Elijah Monteaux

    do you have to update far cry 5 first before playing and can you play it offline?

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