Microsoft revealed the Scorpio as the Xbox One X at E3 2017. How do its specs, price, and graphics stack up to the PS4 Pro? Let's break it down!
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  • dtdonni donii

    no xbox one got much better graphics look on youtube because you a ps4 fan thats why you got this comment i got them bought and i like xbox more controller much better ps4 controller are too small graphics is by xbox little bit higher tho you can go to settings put your graphics better. whole america got xbox its like xbox%90 ps4%70. and thats facts. and the newest xbox thats come out. is the strongest console thats ever made they said that. the graphics gonna be much better and all cool stuff ps4 5 gonna be good. but not that good like the newest xbox because they got more new shit on it they got bluetooth so yea ps4 got no win on that tho. and you know what funny is nintendo switch was tha best console and was tha winner in 2017 nintendo switch was going hard tho

  • Elvia Baca

    it doesnt work the same tho

  • Tsuvani a xbox gamer i feel kinda jealous about pc and ps4..theyre having the best games and graphics. I hear and see that the new spider man is only on ps4 and mhw is fucking great in here only able to play my three games, for honor, gta5 and warframe..

  • ᏖᏂᏋ ᒎ〇Ḱᕮᖇ

    Ps4 is better than Xbox because the exclusive grated games


    If sony and microsoft worked together and created a new would be called......the...PlayBoxStation 6. (Or maybe just playbox..)

  • Mandrew Boi

    Fucking console gaming is best fuck pc sure they have more frames but at what prices and you can't play rdr2 or spider man on pc so ps4 has more exlusives

  • Mandrew Boi

    Ps4 pro won I don't care what people think

  • goldtitan 337

    Wheres my xbox and ps4 crossplay

  • Engelito

    I have a 4k tv that my family uses. It would be so nice to game on it but it is curved, so playing shooter games on it, is a nightmare. I think that the xbox x price is so expensive. Probably wait for it to come down a lot. I do want to play halo infinite on a nice xbox like the xbox x.

  • Jade Rabbit

    i still prefer my ps4 pro

  • 4Xeno

    Now work on your exclusives Microsoft.

  • Anton Davis

    I love my Xbox one X and the 4k resolution is great especially on 55 inch tv. Better picture and extra lighting everything is more crystal clear. Plus I can play my Xbox games on my PC as well without having to buy them twice plus it has backwards compatibility with 360 games on Windows shop. Plus the game pass is way better gaming experience in my opinion.

  • Liam Sweeney

    Yes people, the xbox is better (obviously). But what's the point if THERE AREN'T ANY GAMES TO PLAY ON IT.


    Ps4 clearly has more fans bc all the broke boys never owned an Xbox One and can only say "we got better exclusives"

  • Noby Playz

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  • DontTryPls

    When u have that rich friend who has all the games for the xbox "TIME TO BUY AN XBOX LOL"

  • The Clever

    If you own a4k tv 55 inch size then you better be sitting within 4 to 7 feet from the tv or you wont see a difference. HDR is where the true difference lies. Its more about getting a 4k tv with both HDR10 and Dolby Vision and a tv with at least 600 nits of peak HDR brightness or you are wasting your money

  • Slap My Nuts

    What the fucking difference?

  • None of your business

    Im just a gamer, im playing/using anything that can be called a game system or a game(Fortnite not included)

  • Kaushal Nag

    ps4pro is still the king out there

  • Manuel Sanchez

    PS4 because of........... 1. God of War 2. Detroit become Human 3. Uncharted 4 4. The last of us 5. Spider Man 6. Days Gone 7. Just Cause 4 enough said..........😁

  • Gerald Jr

    I agree if ps is for football game.... Also i agree if xbox is for fps game

  • jason day

    But I am playing Spiderman😎

  • Craig Ashfield

    I brought a x box one x back in may it's packed up on me what a load of shit I'm going back to playstaion got a playstaion pro on its way never ever go back to x box again had nothing but trouble with it

  • -_-

    Amazing multiplayer-XboxAmazing single player exclusives-Playstation Top tier graphics-Pc

  • arthur morgan

    I guess xbox is better at graphics But it sucks at everything else

  • Djibriln Zizze

    ps4 popular than xbox

  • Lamvohee Vince

    ps4 always the best has the best exclusive ever😍who agree👍👍👍

  • Nate Simmons

    The Xbox one is the prequel of the 360

  • My name is Not important

    Incoming ps4 players 😂

  • Modler Jeancharles

    So it’s like ford vs Chevy. Lol

  • Salvador Garcia

    Ps4 pro and xbox one x fight for dominance..... while in the meantime Gamecube is ready to come out with a Fully 4k system HDR12 3TB etc. Lol

  • Kaito Playz

    If ps didnt exist xbox wont exist bcz microsoft got its inspiration from ps 2000 first ps console and 2001 is the first xbox console

  • Bobby Soohey

    Ps4 > xbox onePs4 pro > xbox one sPs4 pro < xbox one x

  • SaiyanEspitia 323

    Should I get a ps4 or Xbox one x

  • Hawk Dannyson

    Personal ComputerWIN

  • Jacob Sample

    And the 30th Xbox One iteration coming soon because even with all that power. It still isn’t making enough profit for greedy Microsoft.

  • WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd

    Hello good day Friends support and SUBSCRIBe now ok bye 🙂👍 good 👌🇮🇳 from India

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