Far Cry 5 All Animals & Fish Locations (Been There, Done That Trophy / Achievement Guide)

Far Cry 5 has 16 Animals and 12 Fishes required for Been There, Done That trophy / achievement. This guide shows all Animal Locations and Fish Locations and where to find their best Hunting Spots / Fishing Spots.

Before you Start:
- Progress the story in John's region to unlock the dog "Boomer". He will sniff out nearby animals and mark them for you. This is extremely helpful and saves a ton of time.
- Complete the trophy "Hope County Master Angler": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc0-zmZLl84
For it you must catch all the types of fish in the game so half of the trophy/achievement requirement will be done already.

For the "Been There, Done That" trophy / achievement you must complete each hunting challenge.
You can track those by pressing Touchpad -- Challenges -- press D-Pad Right to scroll to the tab on right side -- scroll down to the “Hunting” section. You must complete all of the challenges listed in that menu. Some require you to catch multiple animals of one type.

The animal spawns are slightly random. The hunting spots just mark the general spawn area. The animals usually spawn within a 200 meter radius around that area so just walk around with Boomer for a minute. If nothing spawns, air drop to the nearest fast travel point and check again. Some of them (such as hares) can be pretty rare.

TIMELINE (same order as in-game challenge list):


#1 - Deer - 0:05
#2 - Pronghorn - 0:37
#3 - Elk - 1:01
#4 - Caribou - 1:38
#5 - Bison - 2:11
#6 - Moose - 2:35
#7 - Hare - 3:03
#8 - Boar - 3:29
#9 - Skunk - 3:57
#10 - Wolverine - 4:34
#11 - Wolf - 4:54
#12 - Cougar - 5:31
#13 - Black Bear - 5:55
#14 - Grizzly Bear - 6:16
#15 - Turkey - 6:52
#16 - Eagle - 7:22


#17 - Kokanee - 7:51
#18 - Arctic Grayling - 8:06
#19 - Golden Trout - 8:23
#20 - Rock Bass - 8:38
#21 - Smallmouth - 8:54
#22 - Largemouth - 9:09
#23 - Bull Trout - 9:26
#24 - Lake Trout - 9:42
#25 - Rainbow Trout - 9:56
#26 - Chinook - 10:11
#27 - Pallid Sturgeon - 10:27
#28 - Paddlefish - 10:42

Do note that only the ones listed above (as seen in the Challenges tracker) count. Some other animals such as Bulls, Cows, Dogs, Ducks, Birds, Goats, Pigs, Snakes etc. aren’t needed.

Far Cry 5 Trophy Guide & Roadmap:

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  • David Fiore

    Why are there Wild Boars in Montana? They an invasive species?

  • Ron the bird

    I'm sorry but did the turkey just attack him? Instead of flying off

  • KILLERpeanutz

    Ive been searching for hares in the area you showed for 20 fucking minutes and have only found skunks and deer fuck this fucking game i want to die

  • Tasker_ 133

    Hares aren’t spawning for me

  • Vlad T

    this last grizzly wont spawn.... been using bait and fast travel at it for hours fkin nothing this is dumb

  • Clorox Bleach

    I prefer FarCry 4 animals...they were kind of diversed more than FarCry 5 animals!!!there were monkeys...Crocs....bees...snakes....big ass fish(lol i forgot their name maybe catfish)...japaluras..rats....badgers...farm animals...and ofcourse we must not forget rare animal they were a true challenge for most of the players...They ruin it by adding some fucking stupid fishs!!!hope they fix that problem soon because animals are one of the reasons that make FarCry different from other open world games!!!

  • Jay Hill

    The eagle is the last one I need and of course theyre not popping up at all

  • Why Am I Here 13

    Alligators, sharks, and catfish would be great adds

  • PiovrA

    I do not know how it is translated into Italian, but the "Persian Fish" can not be found. Who helps me?

  • booce bung

    Should've done this with boomer and (i think this is her name) Jess Black, she makes you invisible to ALL animals and if you use a bow and miss an arrow, you can always get one of the arrows from jess that hit the animal. It's the perfect hunting combo

  • da wae

    Pretty boring cast of animals other than the Bear.Far Cry 4 easily had the best animals.

  • rshcry24

    The caribou are ridiculous. Never spawn.

  • The Phenomenal One

    It's sad that there's no elephants in far cry 5 Far cry 4 had elephants that were so cool....... But I freaking love the soundtracks in far cry 5

  • Big O

    I go to the caribou and deer spawn in....ok

  • David Fiore

    You know they should have added horses in this game. That way you can either ride one from a farm area, or hunt wild mustangs.

  • Mac Vincent

    Anybody for the co-op trophy?

  • cdopossum

    Shoot in eagle in real life-jail, In game, Reward!

  • Lance Storm

    they should have put in more animals in the game, also why the did they take out the skinning and injury animations, so stupid

  • SuuzieQ

    I'm in Faith's region now and i have to get 3 grizzly skins, but why are they only in Jacob's region it's so far xD

  • Allison B

    hmm, not big fan of killing animals...

  • Math Bay

    so no aquatic predators?


    FARCRY 5 HAVE snake ?

  • Crimson Vixen

    None of the animals will spawn for me ><

  • FireSpider

    Hunting and fishing in this game is TRASH

  • Lynxify

    Instead of using boomer use the ultimate hunter drug that marks everything around you

  • aqds white

    this far cry hunt is the worst

  • Aron Ingi

    Wait could you kill all the animals in some ares or do they jus respawn forever when you die or go far away?

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