R9 295x2 vs RX Vega 64 LC | Vesuvius vs Vega

The R9 295x2 may be getting a bit long in the tooth, but how does it stand up against the new (unattainable mind you) RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled? We take a look at a few games and synthetics to see what the shakedown looks like today.


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  • Tech Wiz Master

    Ryzen 1700 ain't ideal for a graphics card test bench...just sayin!

  • Brynden Rivers

    I tell you, the 295x2 was an amazing card, especially considering it was literally half the price of Nvidia's competing Titan Z, and the 295x2 whiped the floor with the Titan Z. Even better, once the 300 series Hawaii's Refreshes were released, 295x2's were available for about $500, and considering everything going on today with what video cards cost, that wasn't a bad deal

  • Thaddeus

    So mad didn't take it for 440euros half a year ago from some random dude..

  • Crypto Psycho

    what is the hashrate?

  • SMGJohn

    Considering that card STILL trolling nVidia 1080, its no surprises there.

  • Sic Semper Beats

    It would be cool if you could compare Vega vs Fiji x2

  • Wet Werd

    the radeon ProDuo is newer, plus it utilized HBM. why not benchmark that? just sayin :)

  • Russian butcher

    Все видео карты раскупили фермеры.

  • Joe Dirt

    If Nvidia cards didn't exist then the Vega 64 being basically 2x as fast as the as TWO of the highest end GPU's (R9 290x)/390X) from the previous generation i'm sure we would have all been impressed.

  • Eduardo Alves

    If AMD decided to go back to this dual gpu BS, they would kick Nvidia ass... Imagine a VEGA 64X2

  • MegaTechGuy

    why didnt you make a review post on wccftech? Also proof AMD ages like fine wine! haha

  • William Ferguson II

    Is there a way to tell if you have enough coolant in those radiator cooling systems.

  • Robert Garnica

    now just add our trusted shitposters (n7 a glass of water john etc etc etc) and its like home

  • Nick Rodrigez

    Titan Z what a joke :D

  • crysisownz

    I felt sorry for those who r just entering the pcgaming scene..lucky i bought the gtx1060 below msrp 1st month after it launched and holding till now,but for my next htpc the 2200G might be a great placeholder before the new ones comes out Widely later this year

  • John Totten

    Solid video Keith. Interesting results, it performed better then I thought it would.

  • Johannes Jacobs

    Wow this classic monster still holds own its respect against the best of today

  • Ramtin Shokri

    Can u do a video with titan z and 295x2 with bega 64 and gtx 1080 that would be really nice;)

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