Alienware Area-51 Threadripper™ Edition, Powered by AMD

Get under the hood with the Alienware Area-51 Threadripper™ Edition! This stunning, powerful new system is here to change the game.

Taking pre-orders starting July 27:


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  • RagingBubuli

    Im not saying those bald guys are Aliens but they are Aliens!

  • Jacques

    The i9 7980XE is faster

  • jax10x

    I have no idea what Dell is selling here except that super cool casing and after sale support ( good for corporate buyers not essential for PC master race ). What they could really sell is a hassle free buying experience followed by a flawless after sells service. Alienware web sucks, their purchasing experience is just bad. Why don't they make it something like Apple's purchasing experience?

  • 周建峰

    I hope to cheer on prorender, which is not a pointless investment. At the same time, do not harm partner Maxon. Is prorender Vega driver on C4d R19 compatible test?

  • Charles Yan

    Robert Hallock I'm holding you to your statement here. I've had terrible results with Alienware reliability on their laptops, my money is stuck with them, and I'm trying to get a desktop as a replacement. Your first statement in this video is about reliability don't let me down...

  • the floor is lava

    but can it run Crysis?

  • geekinasuit

    The specs looks OK, but it maxes out at only 64GB RAM. That's only 4GB per core, or 2GB per thread, which is bewilderingly low considering the power potential that's inside these machines. I'll be building my own Threadripper Personal Edition with a lot more RAM.

  • GLight

    And all this amazing chip and videocard on a "no name"/"don't touch"/"never update" motherboard

  • Vic M

    I might be the only one thats still Salty about Dell and their treatment of AMD but I'm slowly starting to turn around.Intel can go suck a rotten Egg.

  • kosi pauk

    what about AMD Threadripper in Mac. this is the future.

  • R E N Z P E R E Ñ A

    can i be no. 251? hahaha

  • Ayobami Fakunle

    AMD Intelstripper! cough cough killer?

  • Zone ryu

    AMD 😎

  • Abhinand V

    AMD the best 😍Intel , just throw it away 🚽🚽🚽

  • 3D Tutorials In HD

    Then use a fuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!cking vega IN IT!!!!!!not gtshit...

  • Banana

    Hate to be that guy but hopefully AMD doesn't just refresh these chips for the next 10 years. Been the first adopter for their Bulldozer line and having to witness the sheer dominance of Intel made me question AMD's dedication to their loyal customers.

  • Ben Kimim???

    Amd😀😀😀amd ryzen 5 2400g cool!!!


    R5 1600 owner here... just waiting for more ryzen to sell so that optimisation of this architecture increases and intel get backs to work!!

  • Pet Mey

    "As fast as humanly possible", you mean as fast as electronically possible. :)

  • Manu Rightz

    so it cant beat i7 @ sincore CINI

  • Balb Mahal

    Jackfrags did a nice review of this Alienware system.

  • mathew spencer

    as fast as "humanly" possible ?

  • Clint-Excalibur71

    case design doesnt look enthusiastic, threadripper and rx vega, hell yes!

  • Jonne Virta

    Weak AMD, strong intel!

  • Shaikh Ahmed

    AMD has won the world. whose next?


    AMD is back baby. Fight the Intel/Nvidia monopoly and support AMD!

  • Visualbug

    Radeon RX Vega inside too?

  • Konti

    please help me after installing drivers 18.2.1 and started to spin the RELIVE function of my older games let's say COD MW2 and CSGO and a lot of others started to make unpleasant bugs, for example, when running is bumping some part of the screen or there is a strip and when I move the mouse it waves what I did but when I start recording OBS stop it

  • donovanstogner65

    Yeah but Dell won't let AMD include the RX Vega in this PC.

  • Ryan Blankenship

    Pre-builts are like Apples slogan. LESS FOR MORE. the only thing i guess you get is the support and warranty. i guess it's ok but your going to need to prove it to me. Its not like im not an AMD fanboy i have a Ryzen 7 1700 and a GTX 1080 8gb super clocked by EVGA on an x370 mobo. good stuff just not a pre-built fan. keep it up though.

  • The Triple A

    but..... I need my kidney

  • đenan Hajrovic


  • Konti

    please fix crash game wolfenstain the new collosus

  • Kishore Kumar

    Intel's gonna release their Area-52 PC. Buy it cause it costs 1000$ more and performs worse than the Area-51 AND MOST IMPORTANTLY. It's area 52. One number more.

  • k0nslify

    I like AMD a lot, but that Alianware case looks so 'plasticy' and just generally tacky. Who the hell buys that type of crap? Poor souls without taste, that's who!

  • NeoBlue

    "Dell"... huh..

  • Sonu03785

    AMD is for the common man & poor people..Intel is the best 😎

  • 何秋彥

    Nice cable management lol

  • Mr Waffles

    Incredibly arousing. I'm on the verge of cumming already.

  • StaySic4Ever

    Beast machines for some serious megatasking.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    Robert's shirt looks... off

  • Alexis Veron

    Yeah frank when the update for the xps tbt3? Who would order 20 of those pc for a studio?

  • MEGA numsferatus

    Перфомэнс перфомэнс перфомэнс, много ядер много ядер много ядер, говно говно говно, как всегда!

  • Somesh Kharat

    I want that alienware T-shirt

  • •mikasa• •mikasa•

    Alienware be likeCase and lights= $1000Actual hardware= $700

  • Masema

    Hey I've been facing some issues

  • Creamyfeelgood

    I may be wrong... but...I thought Alienware were a gaming PC manufacturer? So why build a professional system?

  • Jay Shank

    i wish one day johny ive lauching the MAD product, like, Weeeeee, Aht AMDeee draaarive for performance, with every pin out of the cpu, the polish of those pins are very precise, which give a sense of leadership.....I believe we have partnered with a company that not only performance driven, but also, highest customer satisfaction rate...:-D

  • Mercury

    The area 51 has the ugliest case I've ever seen

  • Mian Xain

    kindly inform me, how i can switch my app from intel to Amd radeon R7 m445?my laptop model is 5567 i7, i try my best but i failed every time. my game graphic is not clear yet, i install this one Radeon Software EditionCrimson ReLivethe game which im playing is Splinter Cell Blacklist, its graphic is not clear, darkness is there during playing

  • flagpoleeip

    You need to remove the marketing speak. All computers work whenever and wherever you want.

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