Far Cry 5: Clutch Nixon Stunt Mission Gameplay - IGN First

We run through the 'Spray and Pray' side mission in Far Cry 5, reliving the exploits of the greatest daredevil to ever live, Hope County's own Clutch Nixon.

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  • DizzyJoker Dr J

    When is the game coming out???

  • Alex Carlson

    Well this looks boring. But planes in general will be fun.

  • nicko198718

    I hate when games that have planes don't have flaps and just have pitch bloody console limiting controls!

  • GeoNeo Hill

    Ive never played a Far Cry game but I feel this could be the first

  • Terry Smith

    Why don't you let the video finish before adding video links, I can't see what I wanted to look at closer!!

  • AnobayanTeam Gonzales

    It took me one hour to finish this. Frustrating but fun :)

  • Dallas Bagley

    Is that Doug Masters flying?

  • Shisha CEO

    These Superman 64 races in triple A titles need to stop, the most boring, unoriginal thing you can put in your game. Can't wait to avoid these.

  • Torpedex

    is no one disturbed that the far cry 5 UI is the exact same as the AC Origins one??

  • Jacob Bender

    That was the single most boring time trial I have ever witnessed

  • Alex McCabe

    I... can’t bare to watch this. Was this fun to do? Because it looks super boring. And the music...

  • Scroobydoo

    Ubisoft, truly masters of innovation.

  • Nathan Mitchell

    Wheres the PC gameplay? This looks so bland.

  • Blue Shell

    Please tell me they are going to be doing Spiderman videos next.

  • TotallyToonsTV

    Hey, the music is pretty good in Far Cry 5

  • Baltoslavic Pagan

    common its far cry and not arma. if i want a challenged fly i get acemod of arma 3 with a joystick and take my squad under fire in and out... BUT this is for me to relax on the couch and enjoy the satiric made off

  • fahmi hinad

    Guys don't pre order it...just wait till March last and then pre order it...I bet it will flop

  • Brad Hoover

    I thought these missions were flashbacks to the stunt driver performing. Not the character performing them. Not a big deal but the flashback gameplay would have been better in my opinion.

  • Geurt Gras

    cant wait for fc5, this video looked really boring tho

  • Gamer Gaming

    Man this looks hard AF but fun

  • Two words

    Far cry plane simulator 2018

  • Romick Vieira

    I get bioshock infinite vibes from the narator

  • Crixus

    No more Ahjeeeeyyy is a good Far Cry game 👍🏼

  • Jon Idoncair

    this side quest is so "american" a fuckin bald eagle flies through with explosions and gun shots lol

  • Robert Gardner

    Before his beer went cold???

  • Shot Through Karl

    Stop trying to spoil this game Jesus. You've been posting for weeks and are gonna continue to do so until the game comes out which isn't for ages yet. Why??? Stop already.

  • Brock Hollinger

    Before the beer went cold??? Why was it hot??

  • Giovanni Betti

    Hve you guys noticed there are not a single Xbox One gameplay video so far? The game ships this month.

  • ghostgaming YT

    Hey can we have all country flag camos for the guns and some cars not all but some its a idea so pls can you repli soon as possible

  • god

    ive played them all, far cry 4 is my favorite hopefully far cry 5 will take that title

  • GoWFAN

    That texture popping? dayum

  • DJProfound

    "I Cant Bare To Watch This" is right...

  • Karate Nipples

    "I can't bear to watch this."When the game roasts itself

  • Incredible World

    Great video! Continue creating good content and you'll increase quickly! Subscribe to our channel and then we are going to subscribe to you!

  • OmarStar89

    I really hate airplane missions. the ones in gta5 were the worst

  • aditya ch

    I remember gta sa mission learn to fly...

  • Dryvlyne

    Came expecting to see some killing, stayed for the epic music. Clutch Nixon FTW 🤘

  • Jack Carr

    they kind of hyped the challenge up a bitmusic is good though a change sounds like Dio or Judas Priest

  • NotSo Handso

    BAHAHA, this is very similar to Watch Dogs 2's racing side missions

  • LaputianPrince

    Don't try to challenge me to drink while playing this game, FarCrywe'll both loose

  • Noah x3

    Wow thanks for blocking the finale with your thumbnails

  • Aaron Spurlock

    i don't even know what to say anymore, please stop putting these in AAA games, nobody likes superman 64 why would they like it here.

  • Greg Heir

    That's great. Now what about the multiplayer and map editor? (The only things I care about)

  • Lynn Moorhead

    I'm apparently just not agile enough to get through this damn challenge... I've tried it about 50 times already, and can't seem to make that turn at the dock in time to get the counter bonus, and there aren't many seconds to spare.

  • Ben

    most easy thing i have seen unless you making it look easy lol

  • M Destroyer

    Can someone please help me find out what is going on,the one where you get the car is not showing up on my map it’s is very annoying

  • Dejde hiuhnkl

    Its 2018 and this game looks like it could have been released in 2014

  • Ionut DU

    This in coop?? omfg hypeee

  • Chris Johannsen

    I have enjoyed every Far Cry (except 2) and this one just looks so bland. Like this is literally just Steep. Give me something to get excited about.

  • TonyDuran18HD

    Whoever is playing is flicking the analog stick instead of pushing it. Is it a old lady playing it or something

  • Natan Korkut

    Hype Hype Hype !!! 😍❤

  • Klinsk

    Far Cry meets Mario Party


    I'm glad IGN is here to advertise games to us on behalf of the publisher!

  • Micheł!

    I can't wait for new pc and card graphics

  • warriorgt7 Gr

    I wish it is like far cry 2 .Very realistic,no x-ray,no minimap(only real map you have to pull out),no infinity heals,no radio towers,no fast travel where you want(you actualy have to take the bus to go to a bus station which might be far away from the mission),you have to collect diamonds through the radio-thing,enemies were blocking the road and the follow you with cars,you have to unlock weapons and more!!!.Also weapon jam and malaria!

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