Far Cry 5 GTX 1080 TI Vs GTX 1080 Vs AMD RX Vega 64 8700K Frame Rate Comparison

Frame time graph now included as requested!

I increased frame scaling a little as the 1080 ti's usage was dropping below 99%.

Cards Used -

Sapphire AMD RX Vega 64 Limited Edition
Nvidia Asus GTX 1080 TI Founders Edition
Nvidia Asus GTX 1080 Founders Edition

CPU - Coffee Lake 8700K

CPU Cooler - Corsair H115i

Motherboard - ASUS ROG Intel Z370 MAXIMUS X HERO

RAM - 16GB 3200MHz

Far Cry 5 Pc GTX 1080 TI Vs GTX 1080 Vs AMD RX 64 8700k Frame Rate Comparison Benchmark

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  • Lasse

    I need some help pls. I'm playing the game at 1080p 75hz With my gtx 1080 and a 7700k. I only get around 65 fps all the time while my components only have about 70% usage. Is there a way to get them to run faster?

  • wtfskilz

    This is why the game plays so well on NVidia/AMD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkM70XFhs10

  • Michael De Santa

    Why am I going below 60FPS in this scene with a GTX1080 and 4690k?

  • Joshua Minke

    i expect the vega 64 to be better than the 1080, considering its price

  • Damian Kowalski

    DudeRandom84 test ryzen 1700 oc vs 8700k oc in 720p gtx 1080ti

  • Ausar

    With undervolt and overclock in RX Vega 64 you can reach the GTX 1080 ti

  • Salamy Trompleton

    Yall need to shut up

  • alex gag

    how it calls the program in the left for fps,etc.?

  • TheHope12322

    Does Vega crash to desktop like every other game?

  • Qin Zhao

    so this is under1080p ?

  • Flash_760

    If I have V-sync 2k monitor should I go with a gtx 1080 or get a amd, buying a card next month

  • Francois Vanheerden

    Why the anti aliasing though?

  • Jacob

    Pretty conservative clocks on those gtx cards. How about a balls to the wall video.

  • Nathaniel Smith

    Vega 64 using more power then 1080 ti.

  • Jon R. Pejtersen

    The Vega 64 LC (with a little undervolt) is actually able to hit boost clocks to lick the neck of the 1080 Ti in this title ;)

  • Picasso Pablo

    Vega 64 should be even faster than this, I mean only like 3% over GTX 1080 is nothing

  • Predatorrr 696

    That moment when you see gtx 1080 dropping below 60 fps on 1440p 💔I thought it would take few more years for that to happen as i bought gtx 1080 xtreme gaming 1 month after release and it wasn't cheap. :/

  • Ben R.

    Vega's clock speed is far lower than Nvidia's 10 series. Imagine if it were the same.

  • Olliers Gaming channel

    Why does my 1080 get much better performance than this average 80 fps alday long

  • britishempires

    good stuff.. what software is that you having running in the top left to monitor your computer stats.. cheers.

  • Juho Petrell

    Why are all of you licking Nvidias ass? Nvidia makes good products yes, but the company itself is horseshit. Look at GPP (GeForce Partner Program) for example. They are trying to get AMD out of the market and that is very bad thing for us, customers. How would it feel if there would be no AMD and GTX 1060 would cost 600$, because of lack of competition? Or how would it feel if they wouldnt innovate or make better products, because of lack of competition? That would mean that new graphics cards for gaming wouldnt be any better than old ones. Competition is very important, that keeps companys innovating and making their products better. And competition keeps prices reasonable. Stop the pathetic and stupid fanboyism. Personally i will not support Nvidia from now on. Its against my morals, nothing else. Im not AMD fanboy. I just dont want to support company that does things like that. Shitting on us, consumers. Why admire something like this? Nvidia doesnt care of you, all it cares about is money. Some say its business. Its not. Its "Abuse of dominant position". And that is simply illegal. Previously i would buy a graphics card that had better price/performance ratio but not anymore. Id rather get little bit hotter and power hungry AMD card and support competition with the same price than get better Nvidia card and piss to other consumers face while supporting a corporation tha is almost an monopoly.

  • Vagabundo

    how are the numbers so lol on a gtx 1080 running the same settings and i am getting 80+ almost 90% of the time

  • Ba Aditrex

    thats not true even vega 56 is faster then 1080 fake benchmarks again how much did nvidia pay this time duderendom

  • Zsolt Császár

    make a test with Hunt Showdown

  • Patrik Miskovic

    vega 64 again wins agains 1080 ,better frame time and fps ,but real winner is vega 56 ,game runs great on it

  • Bran Tse Mallory

    Vega 64 - Oh how you continue to save me money over those poor nvidia owning fools.

  • nomnom moon

    Rx vega 64 is sooooo overpriced right now

  • 淺井長政

    you should overclock your vega to 1600mhz.

  • Tomasz

    Dear @DudeRandom84 Why do you test all games in ULTRA? This is not how the games are designed and optimized - developers say that often. Ultra exists only because there is no reason to remove it from the game. Ultra chokes the top notch PC rigs - WatchDogs2 is best example. Compare High Settings vs Ultra in Visual and performance. Visually it's very small diference but in performance Ultra kills even 1080Ti. I know it's up to you but it woulde be very lovely if you do more testing in High settings without features like Hairworks which also kill all fps in games.No offence and Cheers!

  • John Doe

    Hmm...I find the argument that Nvidia is King is simply stupid. So what if it gives more fps? You can't even tell the difference in most cases when fps exceed 55. A bunch of idiots in here. Uhhh, no thanks. Going for the better cheaper fine wine - Vega56.

  • StralE

    Gtx 1080 TI is slowly becoming 1440p card...I asume if this was a 4k it would run at 50 or 60

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