The Animals of Far Cry 5: Who's Hunting Whom? - IGN First

The wildlife of Montana plays a pivotal role in Far Cry 5, and if the cult doesn't get you, those animals definitely might.

Far Cry 5: Boomer Is A Good Boy - IGN First

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  • Joshua Enoch

    When he said “deers” I was TRIGGERED

  • Jimmy Evans

    Where's Sasquatch?

  • Päntsdrunk

    Not a game for vegetarians then?


    Dude said "deers"

  • RedStar*Gaming

    I hope there’s no snakes because that’s the reason I stoped playing far cry primal

  • retsirk PS4

    Far Cry isn't Far Cry without honey badgers.

  • Max CAJ

    I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE WOLVERINES IN THIS GAME!I'm going to play this game as soon as I will get it.

  • hardpack187

    They didn't mention the fact that it takes 10-20 shots to the head and chest to kill any animal.

  • jdh22

    Can I please play this now?? :/

  • HarribroGames

    we like the diversity of the animals in this game.

  • Cynthia Drangus Lady

    "There's no food there's no meat!" What do you think food just GROWS ON TREES?!? That would be crazy...

  • Jagdpanzer 1944

    Now im going to shoot my dog

  • O’doyle Rules

    Apparently giraffes are in the game too

  • Manny

    I like how they took research into applying the Montana State fauna

  • Reluctant Millennial 1985

    Wolverines will be the new honey badgers

  • The Great Dovahh Dog

    No Crocodiles? Crocodiles are the reason i dont really swim in far cry 😂

  • MR. Trakinas

    Can't wait to play whit this animals!

  • Travis New

    Wolverine Vs bear it would be an epic fight

  • Xxoreo2_ 0blitzxX

    He said deers😂 the plural form is just deer same way with moose or goose, gosh non montanans have a good water everyone

  • Lone Wolf

    Mediocre game at best

  • Donnie Seeley

    You guys should make a hunting game open world the animals look. So we'll done the turkeys look awsome unlike some of the hunting games out there.

  • Elliott Thorley

    i feel like ive seen this in a game before....oh wait far cry 4

  • The Groenings

    far cry is my favorite series by far. but lets be honest, there is nothing realistic about the way the wildlife acts in these games. specially far cry 4 and primal.... i love being attacked by eagles every time i try walking ANYWHERE! far cry 4 every predator attacks as soon as it sees you and if you're hunting there always seems to be a predator also attacking whatever you are going for and gets SOOOOO annoying!

  • whyguitarguy1

    Ign...must all your videos include ads that you cannot skip? I understand it's money, but gah

  • Enderlet

    Where are the deadly fish and underwater stuff that hurt you...

  • Steve Hinkley

    I hope they perform better than the gators in far cry primal 😂

  • separator94

    Wow IGN has bad grammar.

  • OberfuhrerDalek Ken long as eagles don't act like they do in Far Cry 4.

  • Alex Gomez

    Thank friend for animal :v

  • CrikiGamerBox92


  • xcrfty

    From 0-41 guy giving interview is speaking at a 3rd grade level.

  • Xxoreo2_ 0blitzxX

    I forgot to mention how badly I want this game for 2 reasons. 1 I love the far cry series and 2 I am from Montana😂😂

  • ThatBlueGuy 56

    Am I the only one who saw the cow and bulls humping

  • jay adams

    Anyone wanna play some co-op missions on ps4? Add jayadams198

  • The Awakened

    Sadly I'm gonna waste so much time playing this game.


    I like the appropriate use of whom in the title, but then the splash screen incorrectly uses who... >:[

  • Ravi Pradana

    i didnt know calfreezy made games

  • Jono

    That wolverine is so darn vicious !

  • Coffee

    You know this gonna be good when they use whom instead of who

  • Nevi Darke

    "setting an animal on fire and seeing it run around" the beauty of what farcry is haha wow that part just made me laugh

  • Braveen Mohanathas

    I wonder if there are crocs

  • Wolfo

    I S T H A T A H O N E Y B A D G E R L I K E A N I M A L I N F C 5 P R E O R D E R E D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theswitchy1

    Oh okay so it's like all the other far crys

  • Mikey Morales

    My guy said "deers"

  • Matt Metters

    Now I've got the game its nothing like this... theres no "eco system its just , oh your running through the woods and a mountain lion spawns behind a tree...

  • Master Splinter

    this is probably the best job they've done with the wildlife besides primal. they always do a good job

  • thegamingreapera

    You should have a play as a animal game

  • Feed The Fire

    Why do I get the feeling that the developers are gonna make a Forest of the Sasquatch dlc?

  • NOSTIX Entertainment

    Will there be any type of sharks or crocodiles in far cry 5 and with all this forests at least an Easter egg to a Bigfoot

  • Kyzer4124

    There are crows in the game? I’m sold!!!!

  • Nohucraft Pets Gaming zoology and more

    Far cry 5 add comes before the vid

  • Wings 'o Wax

    Ubisoft wants you to set critters on fire. Don't take that out of context.

  • Sachavaitraison

    Les français !!!!!!!

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