8 Things You Can Do in The First Hour of Far Cry 5 - New Far Cry 5 Gameplay

New Far Cry 5 Gameplay! We recently went hands-on with the first couple of hours of Far Cry 5, and we had a lot of fun tooling around in its huge open world of Hope County, Montana. Turns out, there's a lot you can get up to within Far Cry 5's first hour, including befriending bears, checking in with old Far Cry pals, tripping balls, and doing some wicked sweet ultra patriotic stunts.

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  • Chris Kackley

    The whitetailed what?

  • M.F.H

    I don’t like climbing the tire

  • David Johnson

    Is the woman talking over this from Belfast? Has a strong accent like it :O

  • Hayden128

    Ironically I got an ad for Montana’s BBQ and bar on this video...

  • RedNekki

    I would recommend Johns Region Holland Valley first it's the easiest out of the three and it's basic.

  • Battle Cats

    The first guy I did was John seed

  • lewisner

    The landscape just looks like Kyrat without snow.

  • Deepak Gulrajani

    How to collect the bonuses you get in gold edition? Where do you collect the goodies?

  • Andrew Burnes

    So yeah just the game though it so much fun

  • JarJay Binks

    Cheeseburger will be my lifelong companion.

  • TWG7

    Do you have to give Cheeseburger his shots? lol

  • Crazy Colin

    Guess ill try that out in a few minutes :)))

  • Kroc 42

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals.#1: Police Operator Nancy

  • Shining Darkness

    what? whitetail mountains are not even technically the first area! The game very clearly directs you towards John's area first.

  • winconfig

    Like you voice, lady -- sound like an Irish pirate!

  • Cameron Payne

    Sharky is also hurks cousin

  • Lel

    Is it sad I already finished the story

  • TheTimeBoy

    well you CAN do that BUT thats not where you start in the game SOOOOOOO.....................

  • Random Third World Dude

    I did John region first lol.

  • WhoInitedLag 67

    Who doesn’t like tripping balls

  • Rabid Raider

    So this is the first hour if you go to Jacobs region first

  • Rick Sanchez

    I cant decide over this or a way out


    Soiler please tell before

  • TheDutchGuy110

    you can choose to not arrest the father and be done with the game in 15 minutes

  • Raymond258 RJ

    See hurk is my forth weapon that never run out of rockets

  • Infected Slayer0

    Fortnite's way better than this game

  • aazaranis6

    Saoirse Ronan plays Far Cry 5.

  • Jeff Dubbz

    Cheeseburger is the shit!!

  • Smooth Steve

    Flipping love this game! It's like the best elements of Ghost Recon meets the best elements of classic Far Cry...with plenty of new, fresh and exciting things added. Ubisoft has been killing it with their last few titles. Origins removed the monotony and mundane repetiveness of the Assassin's Creed Franchise and this game has done the same for the Far Cry franchise. If you liked the new life that was breathed into the former...you'll like the new life and freshness of the latter. Now, I must get back to blowing stuff up and causing chaos.

  • TheShuggie7

    Love the Northern Irish accent ❤️

  • João Veludo

    i miss climbing the towers...

  • Andy Talpas

    Am i the only person who didnt go to whitetail mountains

  • David Richardson

    Whitetail Mountains isn't really the first region. In fact there isn't really a "first" at all. However, the easiest is Johns region, which debatably makes it the best choice for newcomers to the game. Dutch even suggests this to you via radio at the end of his island section at the beginning of the game.For newcomers to FC5 I would recommend Holland Valley first, then Henbane River, and lastly Whitetail Mountains.

  • Kevin Darby

    I liked the radio towers.

  • MATTY LIKE TO PLAY no more

    I thought the woman was american

  • mikz9

    I didn't care for the Clutch Nixon or fishing segments much. I like the main story line and prefer immersion rather than diversion . If I am on a mission to fight a cult and save my buddy's lives, I don't think I would take a break to enter a fishing contest or run a road race. But that is a continuing thread in the Far Cry Games.

  • Mike Graham

    Airdrop is a perk though😓

  • Lucas Gimenez

    spring alternative rid future guard radical day viewer killing fifteen slight.

  • nVWayy

    Does anybody know if they can still play solo campaign after beating the game


    “Everyone get to the tarr!!” Jk I love your accent. Great game also.


    I can't fucking drive!

  • Chase Keilman

    The mountains is not the first region it's a lot easier if you just head toward the bottom left of the map

  • clayton dorland

    Bought itt and went straight to fishing lol

  • I barely like anyone

    "Whitail mitains"

  • 0Eddiejames55

    No Fck that Tower part is was WAY over used and become nothing but padding it was OLD 5 games ago it was fucking kill it with fire 2 games ago the TOWER will not be missed

  • Jeffrey Samuels

    Ugh. I keep watching videos trying to figure out if I should get it. I know I probably won't though, now that I'm 17 I actually have responsibilities like buying food and maintaining a car. I wanna go back to when I could drop $60 on a game reeeinb4 get job loser

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