FarCry 5 Benchmark - Ryzen 7 1700 / RX 580 / Ultrawide

FarCry 5 unlocked Early.... quick dash through the benchmark on the Ryzen 7 1700 system with the RX 580.
  • N N

    This is awesome man,thanks! Those non gaming 580's sure do a great job

  • Hal Fi

    non-gaming GPUs these days are pretty good(for those who don't know, see Nvidia GPP scandal)

  • Sukhman Sandhu

    So I've got similar rig with regular 1080p monitor I'm good to go ... and btw what's the temp and usage bro ?

  • titanwolf119

    wow this is great, even though it went a little bit under 60 fps its way better than consoles because they only get 30 fps. Also this preformed amazing for something maxed all the way out.

  • Drift_kingXO

    How much FPS you think I could get with a amd 5 1400 with rx 580

  • Mark Davenport Jr

    Awesome! unpacking now on my steam cant wait to play! :D

  • Zamblot

    Just what i was looking for, thanks :)

  • B00tman

    What kind of CPU-usage? And thanks for da vid!

  • Chris Bullock

    The full 1080p performance is far better.

  • Squating Slav

    Nice! Can't wait to play it on my similar rig, with just a normal 1080p monitor.

  • Cristian Franco Salazar

    hace tiempo que tengo el juego farcry 5 pero ahora solo llega a 25fps a 31fps y a pesar de q lo tengo actualizado a la ultima version de adrenaline , specs radeon rx580 8g gddr5, ram ddr4 8gb, intel i5 6ta gen . ojo solo me sucede con este juego

  • Mer-One Ralph Jr. Bolinto

    is this ultra settings?

  • º ºº

    ultra settings? maxed out?

  • Detmer

    For once Ubisoft did some proper optimisation for the end user instead of taking Nvidia's money and allowing them to sabotage the game performance with Nvidia's JunkWorks.AMAZING, took them multiple decades but they finally done it for once.

  • guille river

    I3 8100 + GTX 1060 3GB STOCK -> MIN = 55 ; AVG = 65; MAX = 75. ALL configurations in ultra

  • GamesTechno

    Awesome video bro! I wanted to ask you, if i can use this footage in my video that will have a voiceover on it. I'm talking about the game's graphics??

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