FAR CRY 5 - 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Walkthrough (Gamescom 2017)

FAR CRY 5 - 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Walkthrough 2017

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    Do you play this game in pc??.. what's you computer configuration??

  • Vignesh P

    No Offence Guys !!!But this game looks like a complete blender to meWeapon swap style - GTA 5Dog Companion - Fallout 4Hit indicator - Crysis 3Binocular - Ghost Recon Wildland.Fishing?? Where is the FARCRY trademark of being alone and anger character?

  • frank Bensley


  • Eyy BB

    So, since the dog appears to be bulletproof, could you effectively just hang back and let the dog do all the work? That’s a bit of a hole, no?

  • Corvo Legend

    1:23 a quick slow escape

  • Montana Deese

    i really wish they game didnt make the m4 sound like rattling chains

  • Alain f

    I wish i never found this video.

  • trinta

    dude this is not a game in Idaho. This is tomorrows headline.

  • Muneeb Ur Rehman


  • Moderator Central

    0:26 should have said “Just don’t get to attached to the next gen graphics, we will probably downgrade them in the final cut”

  • Steven Desprez

    looks fun, people need to lighten the fuck up

  • mike p

    can't wait to play it, get bored and send it back to Amazon within 30 days for a full refund...

  • puckoSRB

    the graphics are nice, beautiful. But the gameplay, it is like it is made by a 5 year old. Plane exploding in air like that ? for real, first off, no plane has that "armor" , once you hit it with even 5.56 ammo, you will shred it, those are light planes. Second, u hit his wings, it will never explode, it will explode by rockets not canons. Also, the take off distance is hilarious. Good graphics will never win against retarded physics. Even war thunder has better destruction physics then this thing.

  • jesus is King

    They are trying to make God out to be the devil. God's spirit is pure love. An he's righteous. Every action he takes is Just. He's not evil. He's the opposite of evil. He's a good father to us.

  • ®ioT

    I'm getting farcry 5 just for boomer. Good Doggo ❤

  • SkyRim LuvR

    ..caution gamers, im not a christian but i dont hate christians & we have family that are christians, so i do know that God is awesome.. now we are fans of farcry games, and were looking forward to playing this new game farcry5, my husband played it first & altho a representative from farcry5 creators assured us that they had designed the cultists using many different religions, it was a lie.. their main religious target is Jesus and those of the christian faith.. it sickened me and I told my husband that I will never play this garbage.. and I have decided to avoid their garbage games in the future.. farcry5 was an ultimate disappointment for me :-( ..ill stick with Grand Theft Auto5 & Skyrim ♥ :-D peace & love my friends ;-)♥

  • pulle88

    fuck this...... make it about camel fuckers and garlic warriors instead

  • Die PooPie

    Is their an option to shoot yourself in the head?

  • elias borsov

    this looks boring as fuck ,we want the old style Far cry

  • Marek Futo

    far cry fucked up, looks like some kind of farm simulator ...

  • Justin Wilson

    She sounds like Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney, Portlandia)

  • G4 orce

    forget the walk through check this - https://youtu.be/DwuYwi6f52M

  • Frank Simmons

    So many haters here, it's like you make better games hahaFarCry 5 has all the amazing bits of previous FarCry releases, nothing but love for this amazing piece of work!Can't wait to get my hands on a copy :)

  • Benjamin Farrington

    what's everyone bitching about?? the games looks fun what's the problem?


    hey bro can i use ur gameplay in my video as i dont have far cry 5 pls

  • Corky St.Clair

    90 seconds in and this looks terrible. Loved the part where they drove up and grinded up the "cult" member with a tractor. Apparently joining a cult costs you both your hearing and peripheral vision, as the member doesn't even flinch as the tractor "sneaks up on him" to chops him up. His partner then responds (again with the diminished response time that's a trademark of all cult members) to just stand there until you reach for your gun and shoot him. This thing makes Roadhouse look plausible and and Shakespearian.

  • Muneeb Ur Rehman


  • Paul Savang

    Ubisoft always does a higher quality “gameplay” trailer, but on release the game is always of lower quality.

  • Georgia Llewellyn

    Not even at the 5-min mark and I'm already bored to tears by these cringe inducing commentators and the 'totally-not-scripted' gameplay...

  • Roy Snow

    Tell me how much illuminati paid you to promote their agenda ?

  • Tony Smith

    OMFG this game is going to be fucking SICK!!!

  • Mike Gassman

    He sounds like he narrates retail safety videos as a side job

  • Nep Nop


  • An Than Van Man Tan

    Maybe in the next trailer they'll actually play on a difficulty that makes the game fun.

  • Muneeb Ur Rehman


  • Barbatio

    Framerate looked a little choppy

  • CodingMoose

    This guy can't aim for shit

  • L L

    it must be some feeling to see the game grow on a computer image then to finally play the game fully made

  • James Kilpatrick

    game looks good but the people talking sound so fake and embarrassing. could only watch 5 min

  • Glenn Bartol

    Sounds like this is a propaganda movie made by hipsters.

  • Alex Unkerskov


  • Béla Lukovszki

    illuminati game...symbols..sun...

  • Dr. Drake

    Next time dont read everything from a piece of paper, make it sound a bit natural..

  • Jack Sheet

    Worst game i have ever played, (and uuuh, been playing since pong was invented!!) functioning is a total departure from original franchise, interaction sticks, weapons suck, too many targets, not enough success and uuuuh who gives a fuck about the controversy, besides it can't be controversial unless it true, dumbass!!

  • Samuel Wyatt

    All these kids commenting like they were born when FC1 came out.

  • Andi Harahap

    Banyak Bacot mirip teroris lo !


    by the way love ur channel and u got 1 sub


    You killed the hostage

  • Jaunathang

    Far Theft Auto or Grand Theft Cry?

  • Callum620

    Hello...just show the demo and shut up....where are subtitles when u need them?

  • Tony Smith

    This is the turning point for me. Time to go buy a ps4 and retire the ole ps3 :P

  • ryan ramey

    You guys clones, or Vulcan, or something....no emotion whatsoever. Literaly feels like this is a game targeted toward sociopaths....noooo damn emotion. The commentators sound like house-broken zombies, Fraank-en-steinn, Huh-Huh. Way to go jackass...es!!!

  • Justin Wilson

    Cool, a forced baptism you can't save. wtf

  • Joeyjg

    Good video, I just thought the narration and talking was very drab. They sound like they don't have very much energy.

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