Far Cry 5 on Intel HD 4400

CORE I5 4210U 2.4GHZ - 8GB RAM DDR3 - INTEL HD 4400
  • ahmed kmail

    intel hd 5500 run or not run ??

  • Tamás Kormos

    I'm going and I buy one ... I'm leaving now: D

  • Jack sparrow

    Bro run far cry 5 in intel i3 5005u with 4gb ddr3 ram


    Very Playable hahaha

  • jr gameplay

    Esse jogo vai ser muito top

  • DatGuyFromEast

    which toll are you using to see fps?

  • Dimuthu Munaweera

    im getting playable fps but i am facing alot of graphic bugs like missing water black boxes around peopleintel hd 530help me out

  • The_Scricles

    its a job for low spec gamer

  • asif rakin

    can i run on hd 5500

  • tomburg2

    What fps will be on ultra settings?

  • asif rakin

    i think ur vedio is fake because it doesnt run on hd 5500

  • Mg Jishen

    i have few problems snowshoe-3fa3981f,9e42873b my intel corei3 graphics card 4400 how can I solved this

  • Sis Atan İnsan

    dud plshelp can i run this stpd game with my hd 4000 intel i3 and 4gb

  • vijai anil

    Bro how did u record

  • DragoN 3 PG

    Wow, almost a slide show. Beautiful.

  • Gravestone

    make a gamplay video

  • Reza Primadi

    this game is not recommended for Intel Fckin HD *Lol

  • Mr. Happy

    yesssss i have been waiting for 2 days

  • asif rakin

    hey gameplay on hd 5500

  • panos rialas

    you can't play it.. like me :)

  • Haytem Ouadaa

    The game is super slow with me, why is that?

  • Žygimantas Tručinskas

    lol, my radeon r5 a7410 with same capabilities runs far cry with 20+ fps

  • Head OF Ghost

    plz try intel hd 610

  • asif rakin

    bro plse need solution for hd 5500

  • Azharul Islam

    I tried in core i3 5th gen,8 gb ram, intel hd 5500 when i clicked new game then it loaded then few minutes later it went back to desktop! Any solution?

  • asif rakin

    i am using a hd 5500 core i3-5005uram8 gb it doesnt run ,says display driver has stopped workingand succesfully recoverd

  • AJ Puzon

    This game is just not optimized, even lowspecgamer had problems dealing with it

  • asif rakin

    a new update came 5/4/2018 for 5500 can i run fc 5 now ?

  • Gaming with Aks

    I have same specs as yours except for ram(I have 12 GB ddr4)And recommended ram for the game is 8 GBSo do think will my ram make a difference?

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