Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Funny Moments #6 The Last Jedi

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Montage of random moments and funny fails made up of clips that I have recorded while playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and clips sent in by viewers. Jongo Phett Star Wars Battlefront 2 funny moments and fails montage. Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Last Jedi

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  • Crazy kid Gameing51

    2:05 no wonder nobody bought Crait yet.

  • Caleb Fleck

    4:26 was the best one! XDDD

  • Sew Aljanabi

    Why did you do that you too at thing

  • Dr. Oktoberfest


  • Barry Whitfield

    Now wach me wip now wach me naynay

  • Republic of Debonka

    Dairy Queen and jongo fet goes good together

  • GamerGuy705

    4:18 That feeling when you play as Luke skywalker in battlefront 2 LOL

  • Steven Irizarry

    2:39 moments before disaster

  • Shadowgaming35

    Captain Phasma is my favorite Star Wars character, so when she died I was like “THE TOUGHEST STORMTROOPER WITH ARMOUR THAT BLOCKS OUT HARMFUL RADIATION IS KILLED THAT EASILY?!”

  • RCR Movies

    HiThis is 🦊 lilo he has no friends one like = friends

  • Anatolii K

    1:53 I thus killed heroes in 2004

  • Mudflap and Skids Fan

    WTF WAS THAT BLUE THING?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RogerTheDroid

    The Undertaker has arrived!

  • Brock Plush Productions

    Hello There - I SleepHi - REAL SHOOT?Roger Roger - R O G E R E D


    Can you please say the name of the map from video?

  • Zack Nelson

    After seeing The Last Jedi, I always thought it would of bigger impact in the final fight or hit a nostalgia cue if instead of the lame Crait speeders. The Resistance used modified Podracers with a pilot and rear facing co-pilot with a turret much like the Snow speeders on Hoth. They could explain that the podracers were abandoned by professionals racers and used by the Rebellion for scouting and fast hit and run campaigns until the First Order came and scared them away along with the Rebellion manning the secret base at the time. Could of snuck in some Easter egg cameos, example with Anakin’s old Podracer which was sold during the time but miraculously was never scrapped but was passed throughout time between racers. I don’t know sounded way cooler than what we got.

  • Creeper Craft48

    2:11 is why the base on Crait was abandoned

  • JYuvienco 00607

    2:40 OOF he died R.I.P

  • Surrealaryan

    All we had to do was follow the damn falcon kylo!

  • ThreeDogGaming

    I appreciate the Lego Star Wars sounds

  • Banjo Pete

    1:29 Crait ground ship thingies are the new Endor speeder

  • hammerhorde

    Phasma: finally do something in the movie :D. Speeder: nope :v

  • Gerben

    Master code breaker...

  • Jan Ruiz

    3:20 OMG!!!!! XDDDDDDD

  • Shon w

    Speeder bikes too op

  • Brian Tempel

    Get wrecked earth Vader

  • MrThsharp

    What is that song using for that creatureI wanna find it and start using it

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