5 years + $40M = Mass Effect Andromeda

A mix of masterpieces of animation and technical issues. Andromeda already got a 24% price cut less than a week after release.
------- Commentary -------
Gamespot https://youtu.be/5e9rnYzWrqg
George Moose https://youtu.be/VQNcIfEURrI
Game Informer https://youtu.be/UmavAidUhqg
IGN https://youtu.be/InOcq7N_kYw
NVIDIA https://youtu.be/5d1ZOYU4gpo

------- Gameplay -------
Alf Cruz https://youtu.be/IEut4FrYjgo
Beto Lopes https://youtu.be/HX5G_xZk9wk
Ceaser Notch https://youtu.be/B0tMzU7z6AU
Darryl Johnson https://youtu.be/SQMolNr57ho
David https://youtu.be/KdJyGKmz8tM
Gamespot https://youtu.be/kYvB_iztUAc
Hardcore Gamer https://youtu.be/x-S56ek5rMI
HauntedFolly https://youtu.be/EhOczI2nJ7k
IBeJamz https://youtu.be/T-A1uZW7kyM
Illuminat3d https://youtu.be/H-_2ppThqTU
Jack DC 93 https://youtu.be/pj55ECz0fjg
Johnathan Garlington https://youtu.be/36zTYHIrZs4
MegaBull10 https://youtu.be/82abGvcogVQ
Metalwaffle9000 https://youtu.be/4o35HMIXL5s
Miss Pacheco VS https://youtu.be/V0Kp7VzVSHc
Mrbig https://youtu.be/_8R6mCxlNYg
Nicholas Parker https://youtu.be/np4x5dTiwPY
Outlander https://youtu.be/hYUsuQ4TzX8
piestudios993 https://youtu.be/vvUnUgXHvN0
Robin iversen https://youtu.be/hz66gwHrK_M
ShinyMegaMagikarp https://youtu.be/OxT-BD4uLZ0
sniperdevil123 gaming https://youtu.be/NObUlEGZlXQ
TheBrothersGrim666 https://youtu.be/5t1dCgoGi38
TheBrothersGrim666 https://youtu.be/v41LtNl7q18
Themandj https://youtu.be/64IkU3OoHzY
Tom Sagramola https://youtu.be/fl3pCqrXwEQ
Venomwraith1 https://youtu.be/gc6daPCnFfY
XboxViewTV https://youtu.be/ZDOEcquTAEQ
Xorbius https://youtu.be/Xw458zqXaZU
xTGE https://youtu.be/pB7GU_bA5U0
Zelus https://youtu.be/WgSM3AT-hws
Zoidberg https://youtu.be/xL1WKwu9Reg
Ильдар Каримов https://youtu.be/38f7Jq0y8BE
  • erony

    10:00 Only real niggas remember this in Red Dead Redemption

  • theclubvids

    Last slide with the studio graveyard.. damn EA to hell. I know someone from art college who was hired as level designer. Young women with ok talent but first time working with 3d??? Wtf

  • Supersnow ​​

    And people defend garbage like this? No wonder game devs think we're all dumb cows that deserve to be milked. Can't really blame them when you defend something this bad.

  • henrique azank

    11:00 I really think Mario in N64 had better water effects ......

  • John Doe

    9:21 Only appropriate reaction to the whole game.

  • Matthew C

    Never played Mass Effect, still hugely disappointed in this because I could tell it had good potential. Seems like that $40 million went to some average modelling and textures, and $0 went to animation and voice acting

  • jacob caswell

    These are the faces i think of when people think Hmmm.

  • Viktor Pavlov

    This game in a nutshell: “My face is tired.”

  • JewFroGinger

    15:28 that bitch ded.

  • donvincenzoo

    look really fun game !


    BUG effect andromeda

  • Angie

    Fem Ryder is hideous..I lold so much at this

  • Bryan Cornejo

    The dislikes are the people who somehow find the game good, and while it may be enjoyably bad it is not critically good.

  • galaxydriver32

    It has a lot of flaws and when I played this game the emotionless faces and awkward animations kinda bothered me sometimes. But I did not experience a lot of bugs and glitches overall. Game could've been a lot better for sure, but I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy it. I really liked spending time on this game, I have good memories from it.

  • СʍΔ MK

    it's not mass effect it's mass trollin

  • Fuzzy Dunlop

    I could honestly watch hours of these glitches.

  • Kylo Katarn

    12:49 to 13:00 is a perfect representation of this game’s development.

  • jacob caswell

    Whats that? End of the world you said? Well im ganna smile.

  • Fefnir Eindraer

    this is what SJW equality does. it murders QUALITY...

  • Kylo Katarn

    13:49 That look you get when you realize that No Man’s Sky has greater integrity than this game.

  • Pineapple

    I would buy this game just to play it as the glitchy mess it is

  • iLoveJackingOn

    Mass Effect 1 had better facial animations

  • Counter Striker

    Lol 4:14 body and head shots all day. She has her guard up but isn’t guarding anything...????? Lmao weak af.

  • Jaime Løve Hansen

    I'm so curious as to know what actually happened with this

  • La Le Li Lo Lu

    Mass Defect: Down Syndromeda

  • Zamilovanej Blázen

    what was that funny about the krogan fight? :D 11:41?

  • Nesano

    4:26"See? No reason we can't be civilized."

  • Steven Colada

    9:21 me watching all this...

  • 1lapmagic

    The gay sounding Krogan wtf

  • pakan357

    I regret I supported them by buying ME1 and ME2. Fool me once...

  • Arius Stuttmyndir

    Who thought "this is great, let's put this out as a full release!"

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