5 years + $40M = Mass Effect Andromeda

A mix of masterpieces of animation and technical issues. Andromeda already got a 24% price cut less than a week after release.
------- Commentary -------
Gamespot https://youtu.be/5e9rnYzWrqg
George Moose https://youtu.be/VQNcIfEURrI
Game Informer https://youtu.be/UmavAidUhqg
IGN https://youtu.be/InOcq7N_kYw
NVIDIA https://youtu.be/5d1ZOYU4gpo

------- Gameplay -------
Alf Cruz https://youtu.be/IEut4FrYjgo
Beto Lopes https://youtu.be/HX5G_xZk9wk
Ceaser Notch https://youtu.be/B0tMzU7z6AU
Darryl Johnson https://youtu.be/SQMolNr57ho
David https://youtu.be/KdJyGKmz8tM
Gamespot https://youtu.be/kYvB_iztUAc
Hardcore Gamer https://youtu.be/x-S56ek5rMI
HauntedFolly https://youtu.be/EhOczI2nJ7k
IBeJamz https://youtu.be/T-A1uZW7kyM
Illuminat3d https://youtu.be/H-_2ppThqTU
Jack DC 93 https://youtu.be/pj55ECz0fjg
Johnathan Garlington https://youtu.be/36zTYHIrZs4
MegaBull10 https://youtu.be/82abGvcogVQ
Metalwaffle9000 https://youtu.be/4o35HMIXL5s
Miss Pacheco VS https://youtu.be/V0Kp7VzVSHc
Mrbig https://youtu.be/_8R6mCxlNYg
Nicholas Parker https://youtu.be/np4x5dTiwPY
Outlander https://youtu.be/hYUsuQ4TzX8
piestudios993 https://youtu.be/vvUnUgXHvN0
Robin iversen https://youtu.be/hz66gwHrK_M
ShinyMegaMagikarp https://youtu.be/OxT-BD4uLZ0
sniperdevil123 gaming https://youtu.be/NObUlEGZlXQ
TheBrothersGrim666 https://youtu.be/5t1dCgoGi38
TheBrothersGrim666 https://youtu.be/v41LtNl7q18
Themandj https://youtu.be/64IkU3OoHzY
Tom Sagramola https://youtu.be/fl3pCqrXwEQ
Venomwraith1 https://youtu.be/gc6daPCnFfY
XboxViewTV https://youtu.be/ZDOEcquTAEQ
Xorbius https://youtu.be/Xw458zqXaZU
xTGE https://youtu.be/pB7GU_bA5U0
Zelus https://youtu.be/WgSM3AT-hws
Zoidberg https://youtu.be/xL1WKwu9Reg
Ильдар Каримов https://youtu.be/38f7Jq0y8BE
  • Land


  • VenomZ

    7:31 That creature made this scene 100 tines better

  • Asai

    11:42 I can't believe it with my very own eyes 😂. They've released a game that even the fighting scenes are a joke

  • Sy Orellana

    But did it had a downgrade?

  • Defalt 619

    I am commander shepherd and this is the worst game i have seen on the citadel

  • Asai

    Its just straight up disturbing to look at these faces. I'm laughing at them, but I'm also getting a rapey vibe from them as well

  • sorar1kukira

    2:05 Haven't laughed that hard in a while.

  • VFXNinja

    If I can't be gay with garrus then they basically fucked up at stage onewait what actually happenedpaper shuffling noisesOH NO

  • Random Jurassic_Goat

    13:25"Are things back to normal?"

  • Mysterious Cat

    4:15 Where ya going?

  • Nerd Nation

    20:02 the walking gets me everytime

  • Valeris Dragari

    Welcome to Mass Effect Memedromeda.

  • Denis Chudaev

    RIP, Bioware....((((((

  • Walt Sanders

    It’s amazing how good your content is

  • Tarr Gaming

    4:27 WTF IS THAT POSE!?!

  • Svyatoy Dzhiub

    я не играл в Mass Efect, но это чертовски весело, так держаьть!

  • William Pierre

    Mass Effect Andromeda is actually a great game. awesome action and if you actually follow the story you get into it. FUck all these fanboy haters!

  • Pad 33

    Why is everyone in it gay?I'm gay and its just not necessary.

  • RaveTheDayAway

    I'm playing through the original trilogy right now, and for a second I was thinking about buying this game. I know it's a lot better now, but even if this wasn't bugged shit, this does not look like a fun game.

  • Gray Jedi

    "We didn't want to make it feel like it was Mass Effect 4"Well, it didn't. Good job.

  • martinpat94

    Lmao this makes me happy that I didn’t waste money on this

  • Pande

    4:25 help me guys, can't.. stop... laughing...

  • Zael Garviel

    I'm dead inside like these characters

  • QineC:

    5:00Omg look at her fucking tits I'm ded XD

  • Proctor Productions

    Games without face animation convey better emotionlike lisa lol

  • Immagonko

    2018 and it still hurtsIt will hurt me forever

  • CreatorNite

    I was very surprised at this game....$40mil....and they couldn't put out decent graphics. That money could have went to other things..shame they wasted it.

  • gexon_pane

    14:37 subtitles "dick need"

  • CyphaBorg

    Wait... they called this a ' BRO " shooter?LOL what game did you play?

  • Dumpling

    I mean, if you want face-animations, just go to Detroit: Become Human.

  • Greta Wolf

    7:19 what is that?!! secret hand sex? XD

  • Jay Gunter

    What is the reason they look so bad is because EA created real living people inside of the game think about it what reason would they have for not making contact when they punch each other it's like the movies and I really hitting each other because I would hurt and they don't want to hurt each other cuz they're real see we all need to play this game again

  • Uncle Anon

    Simply the best example that you should have way less females in game development. You have to love the irony. Just like the Mother that wanted to prove that vegans are capable of anything by climbing a mountain only to die at the attempt.

  • TastyZombie64

    This comedic gold is the silver lining of EA's existence lol

  • Nil Vilas

    Well, it really was like never before so... They didn't lie

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