Far Cry 5 (Zero Punctuation)

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  • Devoldo

    I came back here wondering why I unsubbed. I watched this video and found out why again.

  • Sonic10R

    Some of your best work sir. Bravo 👏🏻

  • keller blair

    Hey guys what about a Far cry in Siberia

  • bob boring name

    oy play the dlc ya noby git its banger! or ill keep butchering yer language

  • Justin H

    My favorite part of first playing this game in co-op mode for the first time: Going half a mile out to a river, hopping water plane, and seeing a large 'jesus' statue out in the distance.. then saying "Do we just fly over to it.. can we? I guess it is a sand box game", crashed into some people while landing and taking over the whole damn thing in the first 10 minutes of co-op mode. It only went up from there, somehow. Fun game, without a doubt.

  • DatCameraMON

    Far Cry 2 is still the best for me.

  • righteousfury1

    I'm sorry dipshit but if you're looking for mindless followers look no further than Clinton supporters, and liberals in general. One of the worst aspects about many of the ones I've dealt with is they really seem to believe they are so enlightened and righteous about things they have no actual clue about, once you open a discussion. They then proceed to block and ban you. Every time. Like fucking children with too much of the very privilege they wail on about

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