Far Cry 5 (Zero Punctuation)

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  • Archodus Vaxal

    +EscapistTo be fair, 90% of western civilization is up to volume 4.

  • Andrew Austin

    Yeah, but Sierra made FUN games damn it

  • TheUndeadslayer221

    Did Yahtzee just use Ajit Pai's face for dating site example? What person would want to date that lying dick head?

  • 1Way Road

    I really enjoyed assassinating everyone with Remote Explosives. UNDETECTED BONUS!

  • MrClickity

    My main gripe about the game is the way story missions progress. I like the idea of advancing to the next stage of the story based on how much you've disrupted the enemy; that aspect was cool. What I didn't like was that it automatically started the next main story mission as soon as you got to that stage. Just make the mission available, don't railroad me. I'll advance the plot when I'm good and ready, thank you very much.

  • Omar' Commin

    It would be a great change for them to swap the usual scenarios for the next ac and fc game, make ac have a charismatic and interesting villain for once and set fc back a few hundred years

  • FhargaZ

    That stupid laser dart that got me even in a fucking helicopter and being captured and escape like the fucking 20 time already.

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