Far Cry 5 (Zero Punctuation)

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  • Kubo Edgeworth

    Ubisoft executive: "Is there anything we can blame on the Democrats?"Me: "Everything."

  • Torquosis LivingManPerson

    The funny thing was people saying it was impossible for this kind of situation to happen in America, but...ya'll never been to Montana, have you? America ain't as civilized as it would want you to believe

  • Jay S.

    Such a great game ruined because the devs had no balls.

  • Sai Kaushal

    Where is this dude from exactly? I can't identify the accent but he seems to know alot about american culture.

  • MrRebelliousNerd

    It sorta has the Far Cry 4 effect where it turns out the villain isn't as bad as the alternatives or so called "good guys", I'd even argue in retrospect that Joseph Seed was the hero and you were the douchebag who ended causing the entire county to be destroyed.

  • dragonstormx

    What exactly was Ubisoft's idea with this game's ending? You chose to arrest the villain, the county get nuked thanks to events you had no control over while he rants about how he was right all along. You don't arrest him, you don't know if the county gets nuked by the violent brainwashing you are subject to kicks in and you start murdering people.The game talks about not solving everything with violence, but when it gives you the option to spare the villain your act of mercy backfires.Not to mention the stuff about nuclear war was is learned through exposition that is optional to listen to. You do not set up something that big in details that a player can entirely miss.

  • lady& rest

    Rural America:ayy Yahtzee..sit down a spell

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