Resident Evil 7 | Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro | Graphics Comparison

"Resident Evil 7 | Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro | Graphics Comparison" no description available.
  • Quase Nada


  • Sydney Losstarot

    Me alegro que hayas vuelto con las comparativas, se agradecen y siempre tan bien hechas, un saludo

  • Ali Golzar

    who the hell care about more pixel?when u can play toooooooooooo many nice exclusives games like GOD OF WAR LAST OF US 2 SPIDER MAN & .... on pro or ps4 slimits funny when ppl was playing games 720p on xbox one & they didnt speak about graphic lol

  • Sir Funk lord


  • Carlos Mendoza


  • cesar soto

    xboxasi corra a 20k no arrasara en ventas ala ps4 la ps4 es calidad en juegos y xbox es en graficos pero igual no es un salto avismal

  • Rf Mgm_t

    OMG they look exactly the same!! 😲 btw... I'm currently playing this on the fat ps4 and it looks the SAME. There will be a clear difference if they release a remake on PlayStation 5 in 2019 or 2020, for now only definition.

  • Flavio GO


  • Tech Hybrid

    You guys were so retarded the difference is micro...... I'm getting awesome graphics either way!!!!! But PlayStation has better games, no debate.

  • Belen Tejedor

    Yo tengo la play 4 x pero en el vídeo veo que se ve mejor en la xbox

  • Ivan Iñiguez

    God of war just smash on microshit shitbox x lmfao

  • sey 30 Spyderco


  • Emmanuel Marrero

    es que odio los fanaticos de sony y el ps4, cuando el ps4 regular ganaba en pixeles al xbox regular yo no escuchaba uno tan siquiera decir!! son dos o tres pixeles no hay mucha diferencia!!! ahora el Xbox X le saca la mierda al ps4 pro y andan diciendo,no hay mucha diferencia!!! #rianseahora morones #paratodotienenunaexcusa 😂😂😂

  • King Diamond

    Could depents, what kinda machines is? i see differences.

  • CoDinks

    That framerate drop though.


    Yo tengo la ps4 normal y veo que en algunas escenas gana el ps4 pro y en otRas el xboxx

  • Manuel Antonio

    Nada mejor que leer a gente peleandose por dos cajas de plástico

  • mrx2039

    Jajaja en Vandal los sonyers ya están diciendo que manipulas los análisis. Con el tema de MH decían que eras un analista muy serio y ahora dicen que manipulas todo jajaja. No les des bola son unas ratas piperos.

  • James Somogyi

    Tbh I was disappointed with the patch I didn't get that wow factor I've had with other games on the x.

  • Renan Pereira

    its so notable,but i prefer a ps4 pro

  • xX1N5ertC01nXx

    Xbox one X killing it again!!! Pro is a marketing gimmick!!!

  • Azules88

    xbox one x wins. PS4 PRO is shit

  • mistersurrealist

    This is inverted. The "X" version here is the PRO version, actually. How do I know it? The Pro is sharper, even though the resolution is slightly lower. The color temperature on the Pro is also cooler than on the X. Check the Digital Foundry videos and compare them with this one.

  • jason garcia

    Para que siguen haciendo comparaciones de One x, con la freidora pro,Si la X le patea en culo

  • Marco Troxler

    i think an instant switch to the other picture would be better

  • Loneliness Zone

    La Xbox one x es superior, la diferencia es muy clara

  • XpenANDpaperX

    I think we all know that Xbox one x looks better. I have a PS4 (the regular one) and I have been always a Sony fan. But facts are facts. Sony launched the PS4 pro too soon. And when Xbox one x came one it was superior. Almost pc graphics. Better quality, picture and textures. And better shadow and lighting.

  • King Diamond

    This video is fake. What i compare my ps4 pro picture.

  • Cesar Toledo

    I want this game on my switch outlast 1 and 2 run pretty good on switch capcom make it happen

  • Esteban Batista

    Baja los fps en la ps4 pro desde el 00:44 a 00:57 miren lo.

  • Jeremy Freeman

    I played it on the X just to see the differences, it's enh. Also still just the same one time play through game (for me). Looks slightly better, I just have no desire to go back through hit again. I want the 3rd person RE back!! ;o)

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