Far Cry 5 - PS4 Gameplay | PlayStation Underground


Let's play Far Cry 5 on PS4! We face a dangerous cult and even more dangerous wolverines in Ubisoft's upcoming open world. Enjoy the show!
  • Look Haandrikman

    Is this game running at 60fps on ps4?

  • Wreethee Faaangs

    This game looks so much fun. Can't wait to play co op with my buddies ;)

  • RegTarg011

    Is this really look like this on PS4(not PS4 Pro)?

  • McGhostly

    The dials on the ATV don't work :\

  • Vinuki.Shenuka Fernando

    Ps4 is the world's best gaming console and playing far cry 5 on it is awesome

  • retarted weeaboo

    is this recorded on regular ps4 or ps4 pro?

  • Paoby Obounou

    Video game should give us more. In 4 months I would forget about this game. We need better experience

  • Asad Rehman

    atleast get a better player to showcase your game ubihipfire ?in a FPS ?Really ?

  • Jordan Dolosais

    "The game is fun...... if its not fun then why bother??".-Reggie

  • John Smith

    Where is the minimap?

  • Darrell Bullock

    I can’t wait I’m ready to play

  • Knut Kniffte

    Typical Ubisoft copy and paste trash.

  • Zoado Plays

    Playstation quero hello neighbor

  • Vault-Boy Dan

    Can't believe they managed to squeeze those graphics out of that crappy apu, well done.

  • Carnage Toxin

    So many other games are better...

  • It'sAlexForShort

    Take a shot everytime he says organic

  • light819

    Why are you recording this "PlayStation 4" gameplay at 60fps when the game only runs at 30

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