Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Best Chase In Gaming History

The craziest chase scene in a game.

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  • sxkjknjw2

    The last time we got a chase like this was in Uncharted 2, right?

  • Pratik Narayane

    Which company tires are use in this game?

  • Mayuresh Pednekar

    Enjoyed a lot thx bro

  • Visha Mulchan

    I'm lucky to have a PS4 and this game. Raelly Lucky

  • guccinder singh

    My only fav part of the game! Enjoy this part alot !

  • damian pupets

    Its cool that. The old guy does not die

  • عبد الرحمن سماعيلي

    ان احب العاب بلاي ستيشن٤ والعاب اسبوعين

  • Teksy Man

    Indeed the best chase. No one can argue with that. <3

  • sahithi k

    Wow!!!! Amazing superb👏👏👏👌👌👌👌😲😲


    This game is the reason why i bought a ps4 and this is litterally the first game i bought and i don't regret anything

  • Gerald Buenaventura

    This is epic...this is how a videogame should be made...my all time favorite videogame

  • Sulaymaan Ahmad

    A highly ambitious cutscene, except it's all playable.

  • usman hameed

    is uncharted 4 on xbox 360

  • Akshay Nishad

    IDK why, I don' find any con in this game.

  • althaf ma

    Not a good game. Shit. Fuck

  • Kalingz Perme

    Was it really a game or animated movie🤔

  • Bibhudatta Mishra

    Please give the dowlode link

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