10 SECRETS Gamestop Doesn't Want You To Know

DARK SECRETS. For a long time now, Gamestop has been the laughing stock of the gaming community for their shady and downright horrible practices. However, there are some things about Gamestop that the company wants to keep under wraps.

This is TheGamer’s list of 10 secrets Gamestop doesn’t want you to know.

Do you have any stories dealing with Gamestop?
What is the worst thing Gamestop has done as a company?

Let us know in the comments section below!


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Gamestop, the shop that never stops. We have all been at the receiving end of Gamestop’s shady and downright dirty business dealings. Bring in a host of brand new games you didn’t want. Best they can do is 5 dollars or 6 dollars if you want in-store credit. It’s hard to believe their entire business model began with selling used games at a huge mark up. Of course, they did not stop at selling a used game for 30 bucks, no not Gamestop. They would go on to push their bogus Power Up Rewards card, which, unless you bought brand new games from Gamestop and honestly why would you in today’s digital market, it would cost more to get the card than any benefit you would get from it.

So how has Gamestop continued to stay in business? Well, aside from buying or running out of any and all competition, they are the only place for uninformed casual gamers to buy video games. Recently, they have pushed more merch than games, but the tactics are all the same.

They have everything from Pop Funko figures to gamer T-shirts, and while yes some of the designs are not bad, the expanded merch just seems generic and insincere. So how low do these guys go? Well, let’s take a quick peek at the secrets Gamestop doesn’t want you to know. Have you been ripped off or cheated by Gamestop? Let us know in the comments down below and don’t forget to follow TheGamer on Facebook for more exciting gaming content!


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Voice Over by: Michael Neeb

Edited by: Marc-Antoine Kelertas

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  • Tyler Cooper

    These "things you never knew" videos are just Crap and retarded...

  • That random guy looking at the Comments

    Why I live in Canada 🇨🇦 boii

  • Justin Ledo

    gamestop advertises on their websites all these low prices and in stock everywhere but they dont have it in any store and none online. Stop advertising what you aint got. Buy from local business FUKK CORPORATE

  • Garrett's Studio

    I've never bought anything there I only buy online through eBay or else ware if I have too. I would never buy anything there ever!

  • orlando colon

    I know this by experience I worked for GameStop they literally tell employees to pressure the customer in buying that trash pro card I never did sold them if you don’t you get in trouble worst company I’ve worked for only good thing about it was you can borrow games for free

  • Balta Bueno

    The only reason I have a Powerup card now is for the physical magazines lol

  • Baltimore Patriot

    That isnt entirely true that the power up rewards is useless, i actually used it several times and got several knick nacks for it. For example i got a mine craft wallet back in 2012 that i am still using today

  • Leonel moya

    Is there another videogame store i should check out aside from Gamestop? I... Feel like they're kinda expensive, even for older games.

  • Jimblue

    Yall really trynna defend gamestop? Lol

  • Daniel Cadenas

    Don't sell your games if you don't like the price! The rewards I've racked up I've gotten a good amount of 20 dollar gift cards. Don't like them dont go.

  • Joshua Dejean

    But i had people say I'll go look in the back and brings me the game that i asked for

  • Eric Bywaters

    I got 2 uesd games I have unthing to caplain, about you are being a pussey

  • MegaWolf4187

    but i love shopping at gamestop

  • Zelos Wilder

    Thanks for making this

  • Diane Collazo

    This is nonsense. I took all the DS stuff, Wii and misc electrionics. I had the rewards card I got over $600 dollars credit. I waited until it was triple points rewards. I have $100 dollar credit on rewards card and $100 rewards in points. I bought him a ps4, the yearly online card, a gift card and a game. If the consumer is dumb and does do research, that is their fault not GameStop. Stores are in it to make money. I compared to best buy and game stop was the best deal.

  • TheGamer

    Want to know MORE Secrets GameStop Doesn't Want You To Know? Check out Part 2 over here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5tlKWKuTdI

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