Far Cry 5 Trailer (Fan Made)

Game used for the fan made trailer:
Robinson the Journey: http://www.robinsonthegame.com/

Social Media:

Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/bulkergamer
Twitter - https://twitter.com/BulkerGamer
Instagram - https://instagram.com/arkham.knight.batman/
  • göt father

    Fuck You !!!. VR GAMES

  • Davood Abbasi

    who cares this far cry 5 its a vr game thats not far cry 5

  • Maylon Ednei

    Na da haver com ó far cry 5 já têm ó jogo

  • Charmeleon 101

    Now since thatFar cry 5 is out. This is not real. But a much less complex game that would be easier.

  • Master LP

    who cares its fake its still a cool idea for a farcry game

  • Koman Games

    Написано же фан майд

  • Brunohmc

    Kkkk this is farcry primal2 the pricoQ bosta kk só mostra uns dinossauros ali e aki dps coisas futurística?wtf

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