AMD & NVIDIA Screwing With The Video Card Market?

Are AMD And NVIDIA Actually Creating The VGA Shortages?


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  • Corbin Brown

    You have a point but They could just be helping us by not a having "the middle man" driving up the prices and just selling without there flipin' shity prices from them.

  • javvy156 javvy156

    I know miners buying many many many video cards. It has to be more than a small part of the problem. I go into my local Best buy / computer shop and every vid card is sold out. I went to a Fry's electronics in Arizona a few weeks ago and all they had were some lower end GTX 1060s for alot of money. Hope the problem resolves itself eventually.

  • Tech of Tomorrow

    What do you guys think? Am I crazy or does this sound like a valid thing?

  • djas macco

    Freak you! These are my words mentioned in a comment looong time ago! So right, the perfect true! Great said, nothing more to add!!! Is just a marketing manipulation!

  • Matt S

    well with the diamond argument. I see it like this. Everyone who gets married more often then not buys a diamond ring. add in diamond earrings and diamond necklaces, its easy to see there's a huge fucking supply of diamonds and they have to be worthless.

  • wysetech2000

    Some companies won't be happy until the PC market is completely dead.

  • djas macco

    Mate, I cannot agree more, really!!! Again, right said, balls!

  • Khaltazar

    I think it is miners and people buying low and selling high. Just buy 100 GPU at the normal price of $599 then resell them each for $1199+. You are almost guaranteed to profit. Getting a card is really easy, the problem isn't demand, it is supply. NVIDIA could make more, but these resellers can just snatch them up too.

  • EXTRA ordinary

    I thought of buying 1050 ti but seeing things happening right now I gave up gaming and moved on.😫

  • Tea Tea

    They going to do the same thing the pharmaceutical companies are doing thats why medical bills are so high because of money corruption

  • KMAN C

    That theory is sound... I agree with you.... how else could they make money of the industry.... just cut off the middle-man n screw the buyers directly... m not looking forward to buying another card anytime soon... too bad..

  • MrCorrectify

    If they ramp up production and the miners crash, then the market will be flooded with GPUs. AMD and NVidia will have warehouses piling up while they hemorrhage money as distributors refuse to buy more cards.. They are probably ramping up production, but timidly.

  • David Hartenstine

    I have thought that all along.

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