[4K] God of War on PS4/ PS4 Pro: A Stunning Tech Showcase!

John presents a Digital Foundry deep-dive into the phenomenal visual technology delivered by Sony Santa Monica in the new God of War, with a complete breakdown of how the game looks and runs on both PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro.

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  • Pao Chongloi

    The Game is so GOoOooooood... Damn!!! Sony!!! I feel really worth it by buying PS4 , this Year.

  • Doctor Claw

    Did we, dare I say, reached graphical perfection finally?

  • Rakeem SW

    This game looks good as fuck, hopefully xbox puts on a show at e3... I think Xbox should just do away with the first console & start making games optimized for the x & the s ... you're on the clock now phil

  • Elite GamingWolf

    this just made me want to get the game. i'll red box it and buy it when its on discount

  • Matt

    Great video. I had to wait till I made it further in the game till I watched it, but it was worth it. Keep up the good work... but I still prefer the performance mode.

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