Far Cry 5 | ONE X vs PS4 Pro vs PS4 vs ONE | GRAPHICS COMPARISON

"Far Cry 5 | ONE X vs PS4 Pro vs PS4 vs ONE | GRAPHICS COMPARISON" no description available.
  • Alexander Johansen

    This is my order from best to worst; PS4 Pro, Xbone X, PS4, Xbone. But when it comes to distance quality, Xbone X wins by a tiny bit imo

  • Birchcen Gaming

    I love how they put a 30FPS Frame Cap on the game, It makes the experience so immersive!

  • Pauchek :3

    1:xonex 2:ps4pro 3:ps4 :x1 soooo. bad

  • Allan Esswein

    Ps4 pro and Xbox one x are the same shit

  • Mikail Iqbal

    1:10 till 1:30Ps4 frame rate went from 60 to alittle lowerXbox one samePs4 pro and xbox one x retained 60

  • marvin drake

    One X looks the best

  • JimmyHolster

    This test would have been better if you had left the island area. It's just fog - not a real test if you can't see distant objects.

  • Ujjwal5

    1:01 i thought G O W Started 😂

  • Charles Guerrero

    todos son iguales...!

  • Leonel Pittau :D

    Ps4 pro y Ps4 slim las mejores sin dudas

  • darkness slender

    Es la misma mierda sólo que ps4 gana por exclusivos sus 4k no valen como excusa Xbox perdió esta guerra

  • klepiebiedepodupie

    PS4 looks like XBOX ONE X. PS4 PRO is the best

  • Simon Ballarin

    For me the ps4 pro looks the best in this viedeo im not a fan boy but i say what i see and its much cheaper than the xbox x

  • eder gilberto

    ptm no me kiero engañar pero la ps4 pro se ve mejor

  • David Constantine

    Hilarious, made the Xbox one version look like a 360 game, how can it be so diabolically worse than the PS4?

  • Tuon Vichet

    Xbox One is Xbox 360 XDDDDD

  • Juan Ferreyra

    Nose en sombras gana PS4 PRO y en visibilidad de objetos,cosas,personas,etc lejanos gana XBOX ONE X para mi yo me quedaria con las DOS :D

  • eder gilberto

    la verda viendolo vien la ps4 normal no esta nada mal.;)

  • Austin C

    wow xbox 1X looks surprisingly good

  • Chaos

    You guys are high ps4 and all except Xbox one original are the same

  • GurU77

    en youtube., un gameplay., 1_XXX, 2_PC., 3_PS4 PRO., dentro de los 1080p y 60fps., en todos los vídeo juegos.



  • RivalPlayzGames

    The order graphics:Xbox one XPS4 PROXbox one SPS4 SlimPS4Xbox OnePS3 SlimPS3Xbox 360 newXbox 360 OldPS2Xbox ClassicPS1 SlimPS1

  • Wolf82696

    When you have all 4 side by side look like xbox one and the x have a extremely light gray filter, feels less vibrant. Tho still all good. My opinion (1st ps4pro) (2nd xbox one x tied with ps4) (3rd xbox one)

  • Naif Alsaeedan

    clear win for ps4 pro

  • Diego Maia

    Bullshit, manipulated images... I got Far Cry 5 on Ps4 and xOne, and the graphics are exactly the same. I don´t know why some ppl hate so much xbox one to the point of manipulating this shit... The same happened to some comparissons of Gt Sport and Forza 7... If u watch a video like this, forza looks like a ps3 game, but when u watch some gameplay, u see all that hate that im talking about.

  • Emri Tooo

    Xbox one doesnt fit in this generation

  • just another account

    pc gamer opinion: ps4 pro wins, completely unbiased

  • Marolus Games

    Xbox suck sick ps4 pro and ps4 best

  • Anthony Jacome

    veo la misma mierda en ps pro y en xbox x creo que la cagada son sus televisores ;/

  • The Ari

    xbox one x is the best powerful games console, honestly, I didn’t not have xbox but i like the way they made the graphics looks realistic than the ps4 pro

  • Alexred1ce

    I think that the xone graphics looks like shit. (bfr u h8 im a xone and pc owner lol)

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