Far Cry 5 | ONE X vs PS4 Pro vs PS4 vs ONE | GRAPHICS COMPARISON

"Far Cry 5 | ONE X vs PS4 Pro vs PS4 vs ONE | GRAPHICS COMPARISON" no description available.
  • Raccom valisimo

    los ganadores microsoft y sony $$$$$ n_n winner

  • Charles Guerrero

    todos son iguales...!

  • Austin C

    wow xbox 1X looks surprisingly good

  • Naif Alsaeedan

    clear win for ps4 pro

  • Marolus Games

    Xbox suck sick ps4 pro and ps4 best

  • marvin drake

    One X looks the best

  • eder gilberto

    la verda viendolo vien la ps4 normal no esta nada mal.;)

  • baddog3211

    And this is why the $100 difference between the X and Pro is not worth it! When playing the actual game the naked eye will not tell the difference. And the slight difference does NOT alter the gameplay or enjoyment of the gameplay

  • Diego Maia

    Bullshit, manipulated images... I got Far Cry 5 on Ps4 and xOne, and the graphics are exactly the same. I don´t know why some ppl hate so much xbox one to the point of manipulating this shit... The same happened to some comparissons of Gt Sport and Forza 7... If u watch a video like this, forza looks like a ps3 game, but when u watch some gameplay, u see all that hate that im talking about.

  • eder gilberto

    ptm no me kiero engañar pero la ps4 pro se ve mejor

  • Mikail Iqbal

    1:10 till 1:30Ps4 frame rate went from 60 to alittle lowerXbox one samePs4 pro and xbox one x retained 60

  • Leonel Pittau :D

    Ps4 pro y Ps4 slim las mejores sin dudas

  • just another account

    pc gamer opinion: ps4 pro wins, completely unbiased

  • Criança Moderna

    Jesus !!! xbox one é muito ruim mesmo!!! Fiz bem vender o meu 2 anos atrás...

  • Dániel A.

    PS4 PS4 Pro best ones

  • Tuon Vichet

    Xbox One is Xbox 360 XDDDDD

  • Simon Ballarin

    For me the ps4 pro looks the best in this viedeo im not a fan boy but i say what i see and its much cheaper than the xbox x

  • Anthony Jacome

    veo la misma mierda en ps pro y en xbox x creo que la cagada son sus televisores ;/



  • cervantespkt

    El port que han hecho en la One normal no tiene nombre, que puta mierda, no entiendo si es por la potencia de la máquina o por el desarrollo.

  • sou fenix

    Ps4 pro and Xbox one x are the same shit

  • tracedepas nash

    ps4 better than xbox

  • TheGame4Life

    To me it seems like the PS4 Pro is just a bit sharper.

  • klepiebiedepodupie

    PS4 looks like XBOX ONE X. PS4 PRO is the best

  • Juan Ferreyra

    Nose en sombras gana PS4 PRO y en visibilidad de objetos,cosas,personas,etc lejanos gana XBOX ONE X para mi yo me quedaria con las DOS :D

  • Darryl Santmayor

    Gameboy still Wins ;p

  • David Constantine

    Hilarious, made the Xbox one version look like a 360 game, how can it be so diabolically worse than the PS4?

  • Mikail Iqbal

    I dont find any difference between ps4 pro and xbox one x

  • darkness slender

    Es la misma mierda sólo que ps4 gana por exclusivos sus 4k no valen como excusa Xbox perdió esta guerra

  • tourette77

    en youtube., un gameplay., 1_XXX, 2_PC., 3_PS4 PRO., dentro de los 1080p y 60fps., en todos los vídeo juegos.

  • RivalPlayzGames

    The order graphics:Xbox one XPS4 PROXbox one SPS4 SlimPS4Xbox OnePS3 SlimPS3Xbox 360 newXbox 360 OldPS2Xbox ClassicPS1 SlimPS1

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