Liquid metal on a GTX1080! How much did it help? (Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut - Zotac 1080 mini)

Ever wondered how much of an improvement you'd get if you replaced the stock thermal compound on a high end GPU with liquid metal?

I took the cooler off a Zotac 1080 Mini and put some Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut under the hood! What was the result? WATCH AND FIND OUT!


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  • Serj Star

    im wondering if i can just use electric tape

  • Andre Pacheco

    Can this be used with CPU's?

  • houston texas

    So what metals can you use liquid metal?

  • loneventhorizon

    Fuck the warranty, Subbed

  • Mark

    hate saying it but fixing that fan negated your data. the wobble in the fan was present during the prior data collection.

  • Henkenator68NL Team MLG

    Please use a drop of IPA (Isopropanol Alcohol - save to use) on the clean ING cloth and you're done in seconds, cleaning the old paste..

  • outdated TV

    I very much enjoyed the video! Sub granted as it is very informative and I also enjoyed your video and audio quality. Well done. As for liquid metal, my 6700K, currently running @4500MHz all cores goes first. It's gonna be delidded and I am looking forward to it. The Aorus GTX 1080 Ti will have a paste replacement to Conductonaut later on. Thank you for the very enlightening video!

  • Abdul Rehman Mian

    His teeth like beaver

  • Mark Kovalcson

    I just saw another video that stated Intel says they use a paste that holds up much better over many years and that they specifically went with longevity as being of higher importance than absolute conductivity. I suspect the same is true for GPUs. So even though most people see a real improvement in peak temperature values when they delid a chip and use liquid metal, the question is how it will be a few years later. For an enthusiast that replaces their GPU every couple years it may not be as big a deal as for the average Joe who just plugs a card and runs it sometimes for 4-5 years or longer.

  • hellcat1988

    Is it just me or did it look like he trapped a wire under one of those thermal pads when he put it back together?

  • Henkenator68NL Team MLG

    To be compairing temps, any temps you need to use the "scientific approach". The term Delta T (ΔT) is the difference of temperature between two measuring points. Which differ either in time and/or position. So to factor out influence like ambient room temps/Airing of room etc, you use the ΔT. Record the temps = let a hard or software tool autolog them incl time stamp. Record the ambient room temp, preferably in that same log. Then make list : ΔT Component temp (CPU for example) = ambient temp - component temp. Example1 (temps logged for 30 minutes on full system load):Average ambient temp is 32°CAv. cpu temp 59°C, ΔT CPU = 27°CAv. Motherboard temp 50°C, ΔT MOBO = 18°CAv. GPU temp 65°C, ΔT GPU = 40°CExample2 (temps logged for 30 minutes on full system load) for example after applying new paste like in this movie):Average ambient temp is 29°CAv. cpu temp 56°C, ΔT CPU = 27°CAv. Motherboard temp 47°C, ΔT MOBO = 18°CAv. GPU temp 52°C, ΔT GPU = 23°CNow you compare the delta temps (corrected for external factors), these findings are what you want to see.


    His guys aussie accent is too thick..

  • Jake Socks

    its crazy how u say it auto over clocked its self due to lower temps. my evga hybrid gtx 1070. NOT the TI or FTW just standard liquid cooled. breaks 2ghz constantly never drops below 1990mhz and its on stock speeds as well. but also never breaks 40c even at those speeds

  • HesH And MAC Time

    I don't need to silicone lottery has been good to me my 8700k stable 5ghz 1.305 volts and my ti 1080 takes 190 on ram and core


    Wouldn't get you to do my GPU like that. The way you spreaded it on the copper plate as well was stupid. Since Thermal Grizzly is conductive, Just the chip would of been enough as when mashed together it gets on the other side anyway..

  • over00lord Unknown

    I replaced the stock Thermal Paste on the CPU (no lid for some reason) in my 7 year old laptop with Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste, and I also cleaned out all of the dust for once, and the fan got more force behind it, and it got a 9 degree improvement on CPU Core 1, a 12 degree improvement on CPU Core 2, and 9 degree improvement on the CPU Cache.

  • DanielsLPecke

    Nice! Youtube did a great job recommending this Video! I subbed! I want to put grizzly kryonaut on my Zotac GTX 650 TI (Yes its old I know) and my CPU Cooler

  • Serj Star

    your not scared that it might drip down and short your card ?

  • neardood1

    Anyone got much over 2000mhz (on a TI)? My limit seems to be more a silicon lottery one rather than a thermal one

  • ExTaCiii

    Aren't you supposed to insulate the surrounding area?

  • adam

    im guessing actual manufacturers are refusing to use "conductornaught" because of the slight chances of leakage and it pushes binning waaayyyy too far... so its best left to the adventitious or risk takers?

  • Kim Gällros

    Hey, i wonder if you have any GPU left with the conductonaut still on? And how it has been working out with the copper heatplate of the cooler? I wana do this aswell with a AIO /Kraken g12 but atm i’m just using the AS5 thermal paste.. pretty sure Grizzly LM would get me lower in temps thou..! :P but i’m to afraid that there will be some kinda corrosion with the copper...? I’ve heard alot of things about it.. but you could maby give us a video when you take one of the gpus apart and show how the copper plate is looking over time? Thanks in advance! /Kim

  • Pixelbyte

    Amazing video change my 2 980tis in sli zotac amp extreme and temps lowing at 10-c!i have one question metal liquid how long time?thanks

  • MotoK tips

    Great video, a couple of things: You don't need to apply LM to both surfaces, it's stupid not to protect for electrical shorts, you can literally get a spray to protect the components (excluding the die), you applied too much LM, you didn't say anything about fan speeds, and dont apply the LM to the die directly with the syringe, it can shoot out and short components, apply it the the swab first and then to the cpu/gpu.

  • Idtelos

    I did the same thing on my Zotact gtx 1080 mini that I have in my NODE 202 HTPC build. Much better temps and performance.

  • Staniel Petrov

    Gallium and Copper are bad idea! Check the heat spreader plate!

  • Tengo 420 Razones

    you should use laquer to avoid shortcircuit...

  • Aaron Rarang

    great content! u earned a sub

  • infango

    Only GPU @1873 with metal and 55C ? My Asus GTX 1080 Turbo with Areonout and morpheus ii core edition runs @2100 with 54C and low fan speed was thinking on liquid metal but i will skip it

  • 9Mystere9

    I'd really like to see a comparison with properly applied traditional paste. That stock application was way too heavy, creating too large a barrier to heat transfer for sure.

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