Far Cry 4 All Easter Eggs And Secrets 1080p HD

All Easter Eggs, Secrets and Best References found in FAR CRY 4

It includes Season Pass and all DLC content

The List:
01. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
02. Dab Hand Sign
03. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
04. Gladiator
05. Honey Badgers Don't Give...
06. BioShock
07. Papers Please
08. Warning Sign (Herp Derp)
09. HS77 Gun (Hans Solo 1977)
10. Robocop Gun (A.J.M.)
11. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (That Escalated Quickly)
12. Walter White (Breaking Bad), Tony Montana (Scarface), Obama, Kim Jong Un
13. Games Of Thrones (Picture of a Dwarf)
14. Nuke Bomb
15. Speed
16. Pagan Min's Pen
17. References To Previous FAR CRY Games: Definition of Insanity, Locator, Diamonds, Malaria, Rook Islands
18. Jack Sparrow Rum
19. Smoking Golden Pipe
20. Alternative Ending (Finish the game under 15 minutes)

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs!
  • pts gaming and vlogz

    Ray himself is a possible reference to three dog from fallout 3

  • Deathly Smile

    OH mannn.. I'm french and i'm used to hear rabi ray rana whit a voice whitout any accent, any other character is pretty fine to me but this boii is... WAI

  • Woffle #POLSKA

    i have seen and heard all of them

  • Tigger Tiger t idiot

    The nazi symbol is also in budism as a sight of something

  • Channel 355

    The Badger,I actually felt weird reading those I experienced that

  • Super British Cheese

    No the bucket on the head is a reference to Skyrim where u could put buckets on peoples heads and then steal from them

  • JeremyFromJersey

    i was just playing this and dozed off, when i woke up 2 random golden trail mercenaries were talking about heroin! it went something like this( i thought i was dreaming!):man: how much does heroin even cost?woman: why? are you looking to start a new habit?!man: i like Roxi, i think ill stick with that.Roxicet is hillbilly heroin. its considered the newer version of oxycontin!i couldnt believe my ears, anyone else catch that??? no way it was coincidence!

  • Jaxon Loveless

    There is also Hurk bringing up Michael Bay, who directed films like the Transformers film series, and he said in a German accent "Get to da chopper!" which is Arnold Schwarzenegger's line in the 1980s film Predator.

  • Risma Ilham

    I don't wanna give it a sh*t

  • Hornes CZ

    10:29 Far Cry primal

  • Lil Kek

    Its called Hitlergrußand it looks more like a dab

  • Emily Robinson

    The A.J.M 9 is also in far cry 3 blood dragon


    5:24 indians hear closely he says kuttay kamine


    It's called a swastika (Nazi sign ) 😕


    Its not nazi dud its swastican on hindu you dumb

  • Pheonixmann111

    On one of the tall pillars on the giant bridge in-between the 2 parts. There is a killer chicken and a dead body

  • Icee Ultra

    Dropped this game for the longest time because of performance, Glad I picked it up again

  • Cameron Marsh

    I loved this game but always thought the ending was disappointing. You become king and the start or end but it means nothing as you can't do anything after that and it doesn't feel like it.

  • NimbleNeh

    HS77 actually looks like Hitlers luger

  • Kristine Smiltena

    8:04 Terroriser will be prowed

  • Danilo Spagnol

    Rush is a horrible place go die🖕🏻

  • MrJoker982

    Fun fact: Swastika is an ancient Hindu word mean “Maker of goodness” or “Marker of goodness”.

  • Desmond Harrington


  • Gun Nation

    That’s not a nuke bomb, that’s a air strike missile, way different son

  • Larry David

    5:18 you are kinda right and you also forgot to mention that this A.J.M. 9 is the signature weapon of the other Far Cry game “Omega”.

  • Bálint Ujvári

    These arent real easter eggs you idiot

  • irachii_ 54

    In the pagan pen we can find he corpse in there house

  • Matthew Chandler

    These r not Easter eggs

  • Wizard X

    Now I need to get back in this game and find these

  • shuvam banerjee

    All Hindus use Swastikas. Nazis copied from us.

  • Boris Stachenkov

    Its not a nazi sign its a dab

  • Play Jay

    Surprise, Motherf**ker!!! 5:05

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