Sony PS4 vs XBox One Impressions!

Sony Playstation 4 vs Microsoft XBox One Impressions!

Playstation 4:
XBox One:

4K Video: Explained!

Gameplay footage from:

Seiki 4K TV:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: "Channel 41" by Deadmau5

  • The Reckless Recluse

    Wow....humble beginnings, I see.

  • Nashib Farooqi

    PlayStation has Uncharted. Nuff said.


    I am a Xbox fanboy but the PS4 is much better

  • Yes Its me

    I feel so old watching this from 2018, a console that is still expensive that came out in 13

  • Summer Hedge

    Bought an xbox one all my friends have ps4 so i bought a ps4 its coming tomoz

  • the Blue master

    Ps4 is Better but Xbox is Good too

  • Venomous Gaming

    XBOX ONE X the PS4 PRO killer.

  • Luca Changretta

    I have both Xbox and PS4 the only thing I don't like about Xbox is the controller is just feels weird. Both are good tho but I play PS4 more

  • So Jaehyung

    How much the price for Xbox One... I also want to buy it

  • versace on the floor

    i have playstation 1 then i bought xbox now i will try again ps4

  • marquis 187

    Xbox is where it’s at

  • chey Xoxo

    PS4 is better for shooting games Xbox is for more immature games like apps and online content

  • Yes Its me

    Who compares a ps4 with an overhead light projector.😐

  • Rakshit Sharma

    Why am i watching it today? 😂

  • So Jaehyung

    Xbox one the best and greatest

  • Nicron1557

    People who make these videos are forgetting people's different tastes in a lot of things (also if u can afford it y not have both)

  • Sumedh Sahare

    That power rig is a big thing when it comes to space management 😂🤣

  • So Jaehyung

    Keep it up, this is the best comparison ever

  • fretty

    max payne is on xbox one?

  • Luis Serrano

    PS4 is better but the symmetrical analog sticks are—as the kids say—hot trash.

  • Ender Wolf

    Ps4 is way more better than Xbox one.

  • Boss HD

    Ps4 and all PS is the best

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