Sony PS4 vs XBox One Impressions!

Sony Playstation 4 vs Microsoft XBox One Impressions!

Playstation 4:
XBox One:

4K Video: Explained!

Gameplay footage from:

Seiki 4K TV:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: "Channel 41" by Deadmau5

  • iamprateek789

    I have 99 problems But the name is one.

  • Gaming Wolf

    ps4 was better but xbox one x is better than ps4 pro like = agreecomment = disagree

  • waden_wilson

    Who’s here from 2018?

  • Kippenoma

    take a shot everytime he says gamegamergamingor games

  • Hakimy Yusof

    do make a review on the latest consoles!

  • Blu J

    I need a ps4 any giveaways?

  • Leron Dsouza

    Who else is watching this in July 2018?

  • Danny

    You said you like pixels....explains why you chose the Google Pixel over anything else. >.<

  • Remigijus Grajauskas

    Kas geriau ar xbox one ar xbox 360

  • Randy Duquene

    The original Xbox was cheeks the x was nice

  • Akash Thakur

    This video was recommended video 😂

  • T0XIK_ Flanks

    That ps4 looking like a snack

  • Umair Javed

    Ps4 controller looks kinda cheap.

  • Mario

    I swore xbox one was nicer but when I made the switch to PS4 I regretted not picking it up earlier

  • myth's Vcard

    Guys I used to own a Xbox one s and it has so much memories, my ma ma sold it. I have a PS4 now and it's waaayyyy better

  • baby Wayne

    Is the ps4 still working

  • SGSM 65


  • Meena Oej

    I'm picking my switch up


    2K18!!!Still PS4 is the KING!!!


    You can play "Fortnut" for free on ps4

  • Faseeh Ur Rehman

    ps4 is trillion% better than xbox one

  • bobspineable

    Wait, they came out 4 years ago? Damn.

  • Ashwin Nair

    PlayStation owns this generation and it has been the best console till date, not power wise cuz (one x) but platform wise(cuz games)

  • Chris Pacheco

    Both these suk TurboGrafx 16 is da best lol

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