Far Cry 5 GTX 1060 vs. RX 580 (Ryzen 5 2400G) 1080p

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00:01 - low
01:01 - medium
02:01 - high
03:01 - ultra
Driver: 391.35 WHQL/18.3.4
CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G
RAM: 2x8GB DDR4-3200
Mainboard: Asus Prime X370
Recorded with external capture card

TechEpiphany Tech Epiphany
  • Stereo

    Hey man, love your videos. They helped me when I was deciding to buy a Ryzen 2400g. Just wondering, what is the name of the software overlay that you use to see CPU usage and fps?

  • Tea파니

    no over cpu? ram over = 3200 ?

  • Hanson Lim

    Lmao this is an Nvidia supported game, but the RX 580 wins again. Lmao..

  • Prasad Bankar

    I get 75 fps avg on my Rx 580 sapphire nitro underclocked

  • JV Jordão

    Can you do a test with 2400g + 1060 in Battlefield 1?

  • ebol08

    Which rx580 model is that? I've only seen models clocked from 1400MHz up to 1450Mhz.

  • TechEpiphany

    Please like/subscribe or consider to support my work on Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/techepiphany 00:01 - low01:01 - medium02:01 - high 03:01 - ultraDriver: 391.35 WHQL/18.3.4CPU: Ryzen 5 2400GRAM: 2x8GB DDR4-3200Mainboard: Asus Prime X370Recorded with external capture card


    i5 7400 or ryzen 5 2400g ?? (gtx 1060 6gb and 8gb ram)

  • Andy

    I think the GTX 1060 would be better.AMD processor with NVIDIA cards and Intel with AMD cards fit best.


    Je suis agréablement surpris de la performance de la RX 580 8Gb ! Elle gagne le duel contre la gtx 1060! Je pense que la quantité de gddr5 et les 256 bits sont en faveur de AMD sur Far Cry 5.


    i made two right choices:-Buy RX580 8G before Christmas-buy RX580 instead of GTX1060.Btw, ikr that GTX 1060 is better for some games but as a Far cry fan, i'm pretty happy :)

  • Josué TDS

    1:39 high CPU usage in GTX 1060

  • Darryl Ramos

    Right now my dedicated graphics are from the ryzen 5 2400g. I want to get an rx 580 and I wanted to know if there will be a problem since both the APU and GPU are outputting the graphics. Is there anything special I need to do or is it simply plug in the rx580 and play

  • ph am

    I got an r7 1700x and rx 580 pc just for 800 dollars on ebay .lol

  • Christian Nielsen

    I wish that the vega cores could xfire with new lineup of AMD cards. Could have been so awesome for that extra fps


    Amd ryzen 2000 + AMD RX580 = Best performances!

  • Scottish Gamer72

    Intel has other win and still winning every day and forever plus a day

  • warcrab cyber

    i saw in some benchmarks you used 3466mhz ram, can you run the 2400g with an rx 580 and 1060 showing the difference in performance with 3466 ram

  • sid raj

    how do i change my pc graphics from vega to gtx 1060 ?

  • WarHammerPH

    GTX 1060 still wins because of price and watt consumption. Sorry RX580 but thanks to your +2GB GPU RAM! you could almost beat but nope!

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